Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 614

Volume 1 Chapter 614 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 3

Kouha and Korosensei flew in the sky and continued to defeat all of the flying monsters which were about to land on the ground.

Kouha was using his scythe to slash and kill those monsters easily. He didn't use his gravity manipulation to drop down a meteor since it would also affect his allies in this battle. He remembered that Haru had told him that there was something known as a black hole and he could use it using the power of his gravity manipulation. He couldn't use it right now, and the only thing he could do was to squeeze or suppress his opponent using his gravity manipulation.

Korosensei turned himself into flat, using the "quirk" which he had gotten from the quest before. His shape was similar to a needle which was both thin and sharp. Activating his Haki, he rotated his body drilling into the enemies killing them from inside destroying their innards.

Korosensei had bought an Armament Haki from the Group Chat to make his body harder. It would also make his attack stronger and enhance his defense. He felt that he really needed to use his point wisely and it was better to buy an ability or strengthen himself rather than buying a p.o.r.n magazine from the various worlds. Suddenly he started to cry about how much p.o.r.n magazines he needed to sacrifice to buy the ability from Group Chat.


Crying in sadness, he let out all of his frustration on all of the enemies in front of him.

Korosensei's outburst caused everyone curious wondering whether Gourmet Corp. had killed Korosensei's parents in the past.

If they knew the real reason, then they might not know how to react.


Cursing along the way, Korosensei really wanted to end this battle as soon as possible so he could get 2000 points to his account so he could get one or two p.o.r.n magazines.


The battle between them had turned into a maelstrom that caught everyone on it.

Some monsters which were brought by Gourmet Corp. started to catch the chefs around the event putting them inside their bodies turning them into prisoners.


"I don't want to be eaten!"

"Someone, help us!"

Screaming, asking for help, the group of chefs was scared, but everyone was busy fighting against their own enemies. When they were about to give up suddenly...

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

A group of monsters who had caught a group of chefs was cut by something and released all of the chefs inside either their mouth or stomach.

The group of chefs was confused, but they saw a familiar figure.

"Hurry up and go," Haru said before continuing to save all of the chefs caught by the Gourmet Corp. Whether they would be caught again or not, it was depending on their luck. He looked at Sunny who fought against Tommyrod, Coco who fought against Grinpacht, and Toriko who fought against Starjun.

Haru didn't intend to bother their fight since it was better to let them fight on their own since they were the protagonists in this world. He was about to go, but he felt a familiar presence that was about to arrive beside him.


Esdeath landed on Haru's side.

"You're alright?" Haru asked in concern.

"I'm very happy, but we have a guest here," Esdeath said while looking at two people right in front of them.

Haru also turned and looked at both a man and a woman in front of them.

"You're the one who killed Alfaro?" The man asked while looking at Haru.

The appearance of this man was quite weird since he had an upper-body of humans, but a lower body of four legs beast making him similar to a centaur.

"Alfaro?" Haru raised his eyebrow then remembered the one that almost killed him on the previous quest. "The one with a plate?"

The man nodded and said, "It seems that you're the one who has killed him."

Esdeath leaped toward the man and swung her sword, but suddenly the woman beside the man blocking Esdeath's attack with her own body.

Wounded, a lot of blood gushed out from the woman's body, but her face was smiling.

"Damage Tasting."

Esdeath suddenly felt bad forbearing and jumped back while creating a shield of ice in front of herself.


Suddenly an invisible slash grazed Esdeath's ice shield. Looking at the slash on her shield, Esdeath once again charged toward the woman. She knew instantly the power of the woman was to return her own attack back to her, but that was easy for her to resolve.

Looking at Esdeath, who charged toward her once again, the woman smirked and said, "You're too hasty, you should wait for the time to mature before start to fight." Her body, which was wounded in Esdeath's attack, had started to recover. "My name is Lomon, what is yours?" It was quite rare to see a female who had a very strong potential as Esdaeth and made her curious. She had never thought that Esdeath was able to kill her and the thought of losing this battle had never crossed her mind.

Esdeath ignored the woman's question. "I'll handle this woman myself."

Looking at Esdeath's back, Haru nodded and said, "Be careful."

"Yes," Esdeath said and started her clash once again with the woman.

Haru looked at the man with the legs of the beast and asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Elg, and I'll kill you now," Elg said and leaped using his four legs while aiming his front legs toward Haru.

Haru easily dodged him and punched Elg's chest. "Sticky Zipper!" He created a zipper on Elg's chest and grabbed his heart, pulling it outside destroyed it in one movement. His movement was very smooth and very fast as if he had done it a million times.


Blood gushed out from Elg's chest after his chest was opened by a zipper. But Elg didn't fall down and struck Haru once again.

Haru was a bit surprised, but he who had mastered Observation Haki could easily dodge Elg's attack. Jumping back while looking at Elg's condition which made him frown since he could see that the heart which he had taken out had regrown once again.

However, Elg was unable to close the zipper on his chest and the blood kept gushing out for a moment before stopping.

"Well...." Haru was quite surprised.

"It is impossible to kill me," Elg said calmly. He controlled his body and stopped his bleeding.

"It is also impossible for you to kill me," Haru said.

Elg, whose face was wrapped in bandages, asked, "Do you know that I've lived here for the past 200 years?"

"Well, Grandpa, what do you want to tell me?" Haru asked.

"Part of my body is Phantom Beast Herac, and with this beast as half of my body, I have gained an ability to regeneration that grants immunity to aging and almost any form of damage, so do you understand what it means?" Elg asked.

"No," Haru said.

Elg sighed and said, "You sure are stupid."

Then suddenly a hand came out from the ground and wanted to grab Haru's legs.

But Haru jumped to avoid being grabbed.

At that very moment, Elg jumped and moved toward Haru, sending out both of his front legs at Haru.

"Herac Kick!"

However, suddenly Elg was stopped in midair and his body dismembered by an invisible thread which had been laid by Haru before.


Haru shook his head when he saw Elg had become a piece of meat, but suddenly he frowned when he saw that Elg had regenerated once again.

But that wasn't over since the body of Elg which was dismembered by Haru started to regrow and duplicated itself. He stood on his four legs as if nothing happened and created tens of copies of himself.

Haru knew that it wasn't an illusion, but rather a real living body. 'Clone?'

"Didn't I tell you that it is impossible to kill me," Elg said and attacked Haru once again together with his clones.

Haru took out Murasame which he had gotten from Akame then slashed it down toward Elg.

*Slash!* *Slash!* *Slash!*

The clones of Elg screamed painfully squirming on the ground holding their body which turned black and purple in a second because of Murasame's poison.

Haru's speed was very fast and it didn't take him a long time to slash them with Murasame.


"W - What is this?!" Elg saw that his body was covered in strange words that caused him pain.

"This is One-Cut Killer: Murasame, it is a cursed blade that can kill a person with a single cut." Haru looked at Elg and said, "Let's see which one is stronger, the curse of this blade or your immortality."


Even though Elg could regenerate himself, the curse within his body melted his body continuously causing him to grieve in pain.

Haru looked at Elg and thought that he lacked an attack that could end the life of his opponent without leaving any trace since it was really troublesome to fight against an enemy which able to regenerate themselves in an instant.

Haru looked at Elg who didn't give up and sighed before sending out a ghost using the power of Horo-Horo no Mi to lower Elg's moral gave him a will to end his life.

Elg which was hit by a ghost from "Horo-Horo no Mi" started to feel depressed and lost his will to live in this world. The poison of Murasame started to eat him and killed him without mercy, rotting his body and melting it into a disgusting liquid.

"Done?" Haru looked at Esdeath who was walking toward him.

"Yes," Esdeath said.

Haru looked back and saw Limon who had turned into an ice block before it was broken into pieces.


"Let's hunt again."