Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 615

Volume 1 Chapter 615 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 4

Esdeath smiled sadistically, killing the monster one by one.

The group of chefs, Gourmet Hunter, Monsters, and Gourmet Corp. shuddered when they saw Esdeath.

Haru was by Esdeath's side supporting her since he knew that this woman was quite reckless. It would be good if she met someone who was weaker than her. If she met someone who was stronger than her, it would be too late for him to act after she met that kind of opponent.

Haru didn't want her to be hurt and could only stay with her since he understood how excited she was after being able to teleport to another world.

But suddenly there was a group of strange beasts that appeared on the battlefield.


Haru frowned thinking that it might be a bit too much for Esdeath.

In front of that group of Nitros, there was one person who smiled manically and shouted,

"Go wild, Nitro!"

Nitro, or the beast in birdman shape, roared loudly and started to create more chaos in the battle.

Esdeath charged fearlessly toward Nitro and swung her sword at Nitro's head, but her sword was caught in Nitro's mouth and being bitten down destroyed into a metal scrap.

Even if Nitro's size is smaller than "The Tyrant" in the world of Akame Ga Kill, but its power is higher than it, especially it can grow stronger after eating.

Her sword was destroyed, Esdeath was ready to shoot Nitro down with a million icicles, but Nitro merely glanced at Esdeath with its drooling mouth. It was a different intent that she had never felt before. She felt that she was being eaten by this beast to the bone which caused her judgment to slow down for a few seconds because of that.

Nitro didn't give Esdeath mercy and was ready to chomp her down.

Esdeath broke forcefully from that crisis and jumped back to escape from this predicament. Sweat dripping from her forehead, but she knew that she would be alright when she heard his voice.

"Why didn't you listen to me?"

Haru hugged Esdaeth's waist while looking at Nitro who wanted to eat her.

"Astral Mode."

Nitro, about to chomp them down together, suddenly realized that its attack had passed through their body.


Nitro wasn't sure what had happened, but Nitro was surprised and confused at the same time.

Haru had his forehead popped with veins and calmly said,

"Beast, you dare touch my woman? Let me tell you the reason why your race has gone extinct in this world."

As if teleportation, Haru appeared right in front of Nitro.

"Sticky Fingers!"

*Srrt!* *Srrt!* *Srrt!*

Pancreas, kidneys, innards, eyes, etc were taken out from Nitro's body by Haru.

Nitro was too stunned to scream, but suddenly its body was being separated by a zipper.

Looking at Nitro who had dropped to the ground without being able to move, Haru calmed his anger

Nitro hadn't lost its breath, but it couldn't even scream when its beak had gone, couldn't even cry when its eyes were gone, and couldn't even move when its hands and feet were separated from its body.

Haru hit Nitro's head and took out its brain, throwing it into the sky far away, killing it in an instant.


Looking at Haru's action, the other Nitro also wasn't going to be silent. It roared loudly ready to kill Haru. It had never had a fear in its eyes rather it was full of ferocity and wanted to eat such a delicious human such as Haru.

Haru frowned and said, "Your mouth is very stinky."

Reading the future beforehand, Haru moved his head slightly, dodged their attack, grabbed their heads, and opened it with a zipper. He took out a knife and turned their brain into a dice cube.

Another Nitro was killed by Haru.

Haru took out a handkerchief and cleaned his hands. He walked toward Esdeath and asked in concern, "You're alright?"


Esdeath blushed when she watched his action, who got angry because she almost got hurt. She also reflected on her battle since she almost endangered herself earlier. She knew that in this world she wasn't the strongest and there were a lot of people, beasts, creations, etc. which was stronger than her.

"Your strength isn't invincible in this world. That Nitro almost killed you before couldn't be called a powerhouse in this world," Haru said.

Esdeath nodded and said, "This world is very interesting."

Haru sighed looking at Esdeath's reaction and said, "Well, you need to become stronger. If you want to move freely."

"Of course, I'll become stronger," Esdeath said confidently.

"If I'm not wrong then there should be a random reward after we have done this quest, right?"

"Yes, you'll get a reward, but it is random, you might not get what you want," Haru said.

"It doesn't really matter." Esdeath created a sword of ice and said, "Let's hunt again.

"Don't attack Nitro since they're too powerful for you," Haru said.


Haru knew that Esdeath wasn't dumb and reckless. If that was the case, then she wouldn't be a general in the Empire.

"Wait, let me give you something."


Kissing his cheek, Esdeath was a bit shy and said, "Thank you for saving me, Husband."


At that very moment, Haru swore that he would protect her no matter what.

"Don't mind."

Esdeath nodded and asked, "But can we eat that Nitro?"

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "I didn't eat humanoid monsters, it feels creepy for some reason."

"Well, that's true."

Esdeath didn't have the hobby of eating a humanoid monster. She looked around to see whether there was a monster that could be cooked by Haru.

"I feel that we might get a stomachache when we eat those monsters."

Haru only laughed and said, "Let's continue the hunt."

Esdeath smiled in response and leaped toward the monsters.


The fight continued and the entire stadium had turned into ruin because of the fight between two groups.

In the first clash, the Gourmet Corp. had the upper hand, but the appearance of Korosensei, Kouha, Haru, Esdeath, Tsunade, and Luffy had become a great boost in this war since they had defeated a lot of people and monsters while also saving a lot of chefs which was almost taken away by Gourmet Corp.

Haru and his group knew that there was another organization in this battle, but they didn't intend to do anything since for now, those groups might be a bit too much for them. They had also promised to protect Teppei's grandma in this war which they thought was quite a strange request when Setsuno was stronger than any of them.


Setsuno faced her old rival suddenly being ganged by four people before being grabbed by a huge man.

It was the moment when the four people were ready to kill Setsuno that Haru, Korosensei, Kouha, and Luffy appeared to help her.

Haru punched the hand of the man who grabbed Setsuno using Sticky Zippers causing the hand of the man to drop on the ground.

Luffy was in 2nd gear facing the elderly man.

Kouha faced an old lady using gravity to put pressure on her.

Korosensei was even more merciless, grabbing the man's head, and pulling him to the sky very quickly released an anti-matter explosion on the man in just a second.


But, the four enemies weren't just small fries, the four of them were able to stand up once again even after being sneak attacked by Haru, Korosensei, Luffy, and Kouha.

Setsuno who had been saved was surprised and said, "You guys..."

"Teppei has told us to protect you," Haru said.

Setsuno smiled and said, "You didn't need to do this since they're too weak to do anything to me."


The four of them along with the enemies who had faced Setsuno were speechless at the same time.

"You guys move back a bit since I'm going to show my power."

Setsuno stretched her shoulders and said, "It is a bit shameful to be worried by a younger generation, but I feel very happy right now when I'm being protected by four young handsome men."

"Hey! I'm also handsome!" Korosensei seemed very happy when he was praised.


Haru and Kouha only rolled their eyes before retreating and grabbing Luffy since this guy was about to do something stupid.

Moving quite far from Setsuno, they could feel pressure coming from her which could engulf the entire stadium, no, the entire island which was telling them how big the power difference between them.

"Damn, this is crazy!!!!"

Korosensei hurriedly ran away from Setsuno while cursing, but they also understood his feeling since in their opinion, the power of the people in this world was crazy.