Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 616

Volume 1 Chapter 616 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 5

The fight intensified, leaving only the powerhouse within the stadium since a lot of people and monsters decided either to run away had run away or were killed on the battlefield.

Haru, Kouha, Korosensei, Tsunade, Esdeath, and Luffy kept fighting against the monsters decreasing the number of enemies. But there were some enemies who had run away during the battle after kidnapping a number of chefs in this event.

Even if they wanted to stop them, they could do nothing since the number of the enemy was just too much.

If the enemy was just small fries then it was alright, but each of the enemies could become a powerhouse in Esdeath's world turning them into very hard opponents to fight.

But it didn't take long before Gourmet Corp. decided to retreat after some of its objections had been completed.

"It's good that it's over," Tsunade said. Her back was quite sore and she felt a bit tired moving around the battlefield earlier.

"Well, not yet."

Haru looked at the sky since he saw another enemy appeared.

Everyone looked at the sky and saw something similar to a large eel floating in the sky with two people on the top of this creature. They could feel a dangerous feeling coming from the man who was black-clad which made their bodies scream to run away.

But Setsuno, who was by their side, eased the pressure which they received which gave them a feeling of relief.

On the top of the head of that floating eel, they also saw a familiar figure who they knew very well.


They shouted his name, but Teppei didn't react or whatever as if he had turned into a robot or a doll who was being controlled by the man beside him.


They knew that Teppei was just acting, but it hurt them a bit when they were being ignored by him.

Setsuno frowned and looked at the person beside Teppei. Her pupil widened when she noticed the knife in that man's hand.

"T - That knife...!!!"

Teppei and the other man landed on the ground. The large eel monster entered their shadow and disappeared leaving only both Teppei and the man facing Setsuno, Haru, and everyone.

Zebra didn't hesitate to shoot them out with "Voice Missile", but Teppei had created a plant to block that attack easily. He was about to send out another attack, but he was being apprehended by Teppei using a plant.


Nitros inside the stadium felt there was a crisis, but decided to attack the man who had come with Teppei.

The black-clad man only waved his knife before the two Nitros stood up obediently beside him


Setsuno lost her composure when she saw that knife and asked, "Where did you get that knife!"

'Joie, huh?'

Haru looked at the black-clad man in front of him.

"As for the knife, is there any problem?" Joie asked calmly.

"Don't play dumb with me! Show your true form, Joei! That knife is the legendary kitchen knife "Cinderella"! The one who used to wield it was the God of Chef, Froese!"

Setsuno couldn't believe the knife of one of the important people in her life was being held by an enemy which made her agitated.

"That's right. That's why I have told you..."

"It's mine right," Joie said and was about to swing his knife toward them.


Everyone shuddered.

Esdeath didn't realize that her back was full of sweat. The pressure which came from Joie was so strong that it stunned her, but her character wasn't easy to give up and was about to step up to taunt him. However, her hand was grabbed.


Haru shook his head and said, "It's too dangerous." He read the future and knew how strong Joei's attack was.

"Hundred Million-Piece Fillet!"

Waving his knife in a serpentine pattern, Joie created a slash made out of either pressurized air or Appetite Energy.


Screaming, Setsuno took our her special knife and used her secret technique.

Everyone also ducked down hearing Setsuno's words believed that this grandma would protect them.

"Secret Technique Flavor Flow!"

The slash which was being released by Joie moved toward everyone and suddenly changed its direction.


Everyone was in shock, and that slash that moved in a different direction suddenly exploded everything around the surrounding area.


A large explosion and shockwave happened, they were being thrown away by the aftereffect of Joei's attack.


Kouha, Korosensei, Tsunade, Esdeath, and Luffy were also blown away by their confrontation.

However, Haru who had read the future entered the ground using an astral mode to save himself. He knew that everyone would be alright and stayed beside Setsuno since she would be in danger if he left her.

"Ha... Ha... Ha...."

Setsuno breathed heavily while holding "Drool Waterfall" which was known as her personal kitchen knife.

"So... you took my attack head-on? I thought such a feat could only be performed by one of Acacia's three disciples," Joie said.

"Save it. I'm not unscathed from that attack."

Suddenly there were a lot of cut wounds that appeared on Setsuno's body.

"Let's see if you can handle it again," Joie said, ready for her second attack.

But suddenly someone appeared in front of Setsuno.

"Haru? What are you doing here? Get out!"

Setsuno was in shock when this young man appeared right in front of her. She knew very well how strong Joie was and she didn't want such a promising young man to die because of her. er.

"Calm down, Setsuno-san, I have a secret technique."

Looking at Joei who didn't stop his attack, Haru hurriedly used his special magic to stop him from using that dangerous technique once again.

"Pleasure Magic!"

Suddenly a pink aura was released from Haru's body and enveloped the entire stadium quickly.

Some people dropped on the ground, but some people didn't even understand what was happening.

They only knew that there was some strange phenomenon which they didn't know appeared in this stadium.

"T - This is?!"

Esdeath who had tasted the forbidden fruit from Haru also felt that her body was very hot. She looked at Haru and felt a bit complex for him since she wasn't sure whether she could win against him when he used this technique.

Setsuno also blushed and dropped to the ground. "H - Haru...?!" She felt that her old body was starting to become younger hundreds of years after feeling such pleasure in her body.

"Sorry, I can't control this technique." Haru apologized, but he also felt strange to use this technique on a grandma. He really wanted to cry when he thought that he had used this technique on his friend's grandma.

Joie also stopped and dropped on the ground while breathing heavily since he didn't expect for someone to have such a perverted technique.

"What is happening?"

The people who didn't drop on the ground felt confused when they saw some people were m.o.a.ning and dropped on the ground weakly.

Joie, who was smart, understood the weakness of this technique. "I understand so this technique only works for non-v.i.r.g.i.n people, huh?"

Haru twitched his lips in response.


Everyone who heard Joei's words was speechless.

Joie saw Nitro, who died around him stabbing his knife to the ground and used his technique to revive them.

"Freshness Up! Revival Cut!"

The group of Nitro who died suddenly got up and their bodies were stronger than before.

Joei stared at Haru and said in a heavy voice, "Kill him."

Haru was about to fight, but suddenly someone appeared right in front of him. He saw this man flick the head of Nitro and explode it in an instant.


"Boy, can you turn off this technique? Since I'm also affected by your technique."


Haru nodded and turned off his "Pleasure Magic" without hesitation since he knew that everyone was alright after this man had come.

Everyone could feel that the pleasure started to disappear from their bodies and felt both happy and disappointed. Feeling happy that they weren't trapped by his technique and disappointed since they had lost that pleasure since it felt very good.

Haru didn't care about everyone's thoughts about him since he was more cornered about the man who appeared in front of him - one of the three strongest people in this world who was also Teppei's Grandpa.

Knocking Master Jiro.