Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 617

Volume 1 Chapter 617 Gourmet Corp. Invansion 6

"That technique is quite dangerous, boy," Jiro said.

"Ummm." Setsuno also nodded several times. She felt after being affected by Haru's technique, she felt hundreds of years younger.


Haru felt a bit awkward by their reaction.

"Go back. I'll handle this," Jiro said.

"Please save Teppei," Haru said and went back together with his group.


Jiro suddenly felt that his feet were being wrapped by something and turned before he saw his grandson was trying to trap him.


Jiro's roar caused pressure on everyone in the surrounding area.

"This is?!"

Esdeath's eyes were full of wariness looking at Jiro.

"He is one of the three strongest people in the world," Haru said beside Esdeath.

"So there are two more people like him?" Esdeath asked.

"Yes, see for yourselves how powerful the people in this world are," Haru said.

Esdeath looked at the battlefield and nodded. She knew that her power was too weak to join in the battle of a powerhouse in this world.

Jiro was full of anger then suddenly he remembered Haru's words and knew that Teppei's condition was strange. He looked at Joie and said, "So you're the one who has done something to my Grandson, huh?" He cracked his fists ready for battle.

Joie ignored Jiro's question. He started to blabber "bla, bla, bla..." about his power and told him that it was so powerful. He was confident of defeating Jiro and told everyone that Jiro was nothing.

Jiro ignored him directly and asked, "Who the hell are you?"

Joie kept saying "bla, bla, bla..."

Jiro had enough and his body suddenly enlarged for a bit. He took a deep breath and knocked on the ground with his fist.

"Grand Knocking!"

*Krrrr!!!* *Krrrr!!!* *Krrrr!!!*


Everyone could feel that they had stopped, no, the entire world had stopped.

"What's happening?"

Even Luffy, who was an idiot, was also surprised that he couldn't move his body.

"It... It can't be... The entire island... And everything in it... even the tiniest movement has been knocked out?!"

"Not just... this one little island... In one moment the entire planet stopped moving!"

Then everyone saw a huge tsunami on the side of the island stopped as if being held by something.

Haru also couldn't move, but he felt strange that some people could comment on Jiro's power when they were being knocked by Jiro.

Jiro's power was very strange since it was able to knock and stop the earth itself for a moment.

'Can this grandpa even knock a soul?'

Haru who had seen Jiro for the first time realized that this guy was a monster.

"You're a monster," Joie said.

Jiro didn't say anything and moved directly in front of Joie. He only moved his hand and destroyed Joie's mask showing his face under that black-clad face, but his face was filled with shock when he saw the face under that mask.


Jiro and Setsuno were shocked when they saw Joie was Froese or the God Chef.

Joie used his knife technique to recover back his body from Jiro's technique. He jumped back and avoided Jiro not expecting Jiro's power to be stronger than he had thought.

But Jiro didn't stop his attack on Joie. He could ask Joie later, but first he needed to beat Joie first. It had always been his motto, 'Beat someone first, and ask questions later.'

The surrounding area of this island had turned into a mess together with a tsunami and huge tornado gathered together moving closer toward Froese.

"God's Cooking! Air Slash!"

Joie, who wasn't affected by Jiro's technique, jumped in midair before slashing down the tsunami and tornado destroying it in an instant.

Jiro and Setsuno knew that they needed to get serious or else they might let this guy escape. They decided to use a combination attack to defeat Joie.

Setsuno used her personal knife again and transformed it into a different form.

"Drool Waterfall! Morph!"

The zig-zag knife turned into a sharp and straight knife with a hook on the top of it.

"Cook Road!"

Setsuno waved her knife and created a path using a knife slash toward the sky.

Jiro took out a strange gauntlet which was known as "Wolf King Fang".

"Go on up and take a bit out of the stars."

Jiro punched out his fist to the sky following the path which was being created by Setsuno.

"Rising Wolf! Guinness Punch!"

Wolf-like energy produced by Jiro punched moving very fast toward Joie intending to bite her out.

Joie's face turned devilish then swung her knife in a single movement.

"Satanic Mince!"



Everyone was blown away once again because of the shockwaves of this attack.

Setsuno and Jiro knew at that moment that their attack was ineffective.

Haru stayed with everyone to protect them. He could at least help them to escape with his astral mode. But looking at the battle in front of him, he knew that it was almost over, however, the climax would appear soon.

Haru looked at the sky and looked at a large dragon monster. Looking at the two people on the top of that dragon, he knew that Toriko had lost, and Komatsu had been caught by Starjun.

Then there was the confrontation between Starjun, Froese, Setsuno, and Jiro. Their confrontation wasn't that long, only a few seconds, but it caused very disastrous damage to the surrounding area.

Joie knew that he couldn't stay in this place anymore since there was one person who had been waiting for a chance to catch her. That person was Haru and Hau made him quite worried since he remembered Haru's technique.

Setsuno and Jiro also kept attacking Joie trying to defeat Joie.

Joie knew that his position was at a disadvantage. He couldn't take Komatsu from Starjun and he also couldn't defeat Jiro and Setsuno. He didn't hesitate and made his decision right away to escape from this place.

The eel-like creature which brought Teppei and Joei to this place, appeared once again and enveloped all of Joei's allies before escaping from this place.

Starjun was about to run away too, but he needed to reprimand them.

"Jiro! Withdraw your knocking! It's going to rain spice! Everyone will die!"

Starjun shouted before running away from this location using the dragon beast-like monster and brought Komatsu away with him.

"Hmm, guess there isn't any choice," Jiro said and undone the knocking on everyone.

Kouha, who had been freed, couldn't help but be cursed. "Dammit!" He felt very weak in front of Jiro. He was about to curse Jiro but noticed something in the sky moving in his direction.

Everyone also looked toward the sky since it suddenly turned bright.


No one could say anything. They saw hundreds, thousands, no, millions of meteors dropped from the sky toward the entire human world ready to destroy the world with everyone on it.

But in front of this catastrophe, they could only do one thing and that was to fight back.

Haru and Kouha were using their gravity manipulation to create a wall of gravity to stop these millions of meteors.

Esdeath created a shield of ice blocking some of the meteors.

"Guinness Punch!"

"Wall of Pressure!"

Jiro and Setsuno also worked together to block those meteors.

The beast on the surrounding island also shot out a blast of energy toward those meteors.

Even though it was possible to stop one or two meteors, it was impossible to stop millions of meteors.


The whole world was caught in the destruction and no one could stop this destruction.