Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 618

Volume 1 Chapter 618 Go Back Soon

The city was in ruin and a lot of people were crying when they saw their home was destroyed by this catastrophe.

The destruction of the human world.

It was what happened after the meteor had hit the entire human world. (In Toriko's world, the world of humans and gourmets is different).

However, even though this catastrophe had destroyed almost everything, the sacrifice of human lives was kept to a minimum.

Yet demonically destructive "meteor spice" (the technique that is used to destroy the human world) caused serious drama in the human world.

There are 25 billion victims worldwide. More than 80% of the total world population. More than 100 countries faced the collapse of a critical system.

The land fell to run and caused an economic loss that could not even be expressed in numbers.

Worst of all was the fear of food supplies being exhausted.

It led to something people hadn't had to fear before.

And so, the bountiful platter called the "age of gourmet" silently shattered.


Everyone in the Group Chat rested together on the ruined building with a quite depressed mood when they could do nothing in this quest. They would come back to their original world in three days. Though they were successful in their quest, no one was happy with the result of the quest since everything was destroyed.

After that catastrophe, food was very scarce since a lot of foods in the human world were being destroyed by the meteors.

But, Haru had some ingredients which he kept within his zipper storage and prepared a meal for everyone to raise their mood.

Nothing can be gained with an empty stomach.

Haru decided to think later and ate first. He cooked in a quiet place with only the members of Group Chat around since he didn't want to attract a lot of people with his food. He might have a lot of ingredients, but it wasn't enough to be shared with 25 billion people in this world.

The food was ready, and he prepared it for everyone.

Everyone ate the food with bliss and thought that it might be the only enjoyment that they could get in this world.

"Luffy, don't eat too much!"

Haru slapped Luffy's head.

Luffy ignored Haru and kept munching on the food.

Haru gave up since he knew that it was impossible to stop Luffy and they would go back soon to their own world later.

"Korosensei, are you going to stay here?"

"Well, this place is quite comfortable," Korosensei said. He thought for a while and said, "I have been invited by Brunch before to visit his home. I might come with him later."


They thought for a while and remembered the Tengu Chef who ranked 3rd on the entire world and lived in the Gourmet World.

"You're going to Gourmet World, huh?" Kouha said.

"Gourmet World and Human World, what is the difference between these two worlds?" Esdeath asked.

"The difference is pretty simple." Haru continued to cook since the food had almost been devoured by Luffy. "The Human World is the location where humans are living and the Gourmet World is where a lot of monsters are living."

"How strong is this monster? And you can eat it right?" Esdeath asked.

"If you want to go to the Gourmet World, then you need to be as strong as Nitro," Haru said.


Esdeath nodded and said, "The only thing that I regret is that there isn't any monster left in this Human World."

After the catastrophe, almost everything had been destroyed and there were no animals, beasts, etc which they could eat in this place.

If possible Esdeath wanted to stay in this world to train herself or enter directly into the Gourmet World, but she knew that her power wasn't enough to face the monster in Gourmet World.

"You don't need to worry since the reward from the Group Chat can make you stronger," Haru said.

"This reward right?"

Esdeath looked at the "group chat" and opened her reward right away.


"You open it right away?" Shinobu was surprised.

"Why not?"

Esdeath suddenly took a katana out of nowhere and swung it around. "Good sword."


"What sword is that?" Haru asked.

"Sode no Shirayuki. That is the name of this sword," Esdeath said.

"Uh? What sword is that?" Luffy asked while eating.

"Haru, do you know anything?" Esdeath asked.

Haru twitched his lips since he didn't expect Esdeath's luck to be very good for the first time.

"It's a sword from Bleach."

Gintoki also twitched his lips and felt jealous when he heard that Esdeath's sword came from "Bleach" since he also wanted to have a Zanpakuto.

"Bleach?!" Kuroneko was surprised.

"What is Bleach?" Yajima asked calmly.

"Kuroneko, can you upload the story of "bleach" later after we have gone back?" Haru asked.


Kuroneko nodded and said, "With that sword, you can become one of the powerhouses in Group Chat."

"Who is this powerhouse group that you've talked about?" Esdeath asked.

"It should be Haru, Teppei, Korosensei, Kouha, and Luffy," Kuroneko said.

They nodded in agreement that the five of them would be the strongest members of Group Chat.

"Well, I'll become the strongest after this," Esdeath said while looking at her new sword. She knew that this sword had another ability and she could learn it slowly after she had gone back to her original world.


They wanted to refute it, but no words came from their mouths.

"Ehem, how about we go back soon?" Gintoki asked.

Gintoki didn't want to spend a day in this depressed mood. His young boy's mind was also scared when he remembered that he almost died before.

They nodded in agreement since the atmosphere in this world was very depressing for all of them. They thought it was better to go back early since there was nothing they could do staying in this world.

It was better to train and get stronger first.

They were curious about Gourmet World, but they were too weak to enter that world with their power now.

Haru might be able to go and play around the Gourmet World, but if he was told to be a babysitter for everyone then it was something different. He knew that his "astral mode" wasn't indivisible in this world after Jiro could even knock him before. He didn't want to gamble his life for an adventure since he hadn't married his girlfriends or even made a descendant.

Haru thought it wasn't too late to train first before challenging that dangerous world. He remembered that he almost died in this world and he didn't want to feel the same feeling again.

They said goodbye to each other and their acquaintance before leaving this world quietly without causing a lot of attention.