Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 619

Volume 1 Chapter 619 Uh What The Heck?

Haru, who had come back to his original world, felt that the tension of his body had disappeared. He took a deep breath. and relaxed his body stretching it before he went out of his room. He grabbed a bottle of mineral water and went to the balcony to watch the night sky.

Sora was sleeping and Megumi didn't stay in their house.

It was a very quiet night.

Haru could see the GT robot who stayed as a guard at the entrance of his house.

Those GT robots were brought by Ritsu from the world of Toriko before which he felt that it was a bargain considering the condition of the human world in the world of Toriko after that catastrophe.

Haru thought that it was better to use a GT Robot rather than a human bodyguard.

Kirari had recommended a bodyguard company for him before, but he didn't have any intention to use it since he had GT Robots on his house.

Haru felt that it was hard to trust someone when he didn't know them, considering his house was different from normal rich people's houses. It was better to use a robot rather than a human in his house.

"What's wrong, Haru?" Ritsu asked from his smartphone. Looking at his expression, she felt that something must have happened. She felt quite worried and decided to ask him right away.

"Nothing." Haru massaged his temple and said, "I'm just tired."

"What happens to Toriko's world? Why is it being destroyed?" Ritsu asked. She could go from one world to another world as long as it had been connected with her network. She didn't know what had happened, but in just a moment suddenly the human world in the world of Toriko had been destroyed which made her confused.

Haru felt a bit surprised when Ritsu found out about the matter of the world of Toriko in just an instant. He felt that "Ritsu Network" was more powerful than he had imagined.

"Well, I'll tell you, what's happening in that world," Haru said.

Ritsu nodded and listened to Haru's story quietly.

Haru's story wasn't that long and it was over in half an hour.

But for Ritsu who heard Haru's story, she felt that it was very long and it shocked her when she knew what had happened to that world.


Looking at Ritsu who had shown various expressions, Haru thought that Ritsu had grown and started to become more human than before. In the future, she might be able to fall in love with someone, he thought.

"I, I'm not sure how to react after hearing that...." Ritsu said in a downcast.

"Don't worry. In one year, that world will become better," Haru said. He remembered from the plot in the manga that after a year the human world in the world of Toriko would turn better.

"Yeah, huh? That's quite long."

Ritsu thought for a while and asked, "What about Korosensei?" Is he still in that world?"

"Yep, he is going to go to Gourmet World," Haru said.

"Gourmet World, huh? I'm quite curious about the difference between the Human World and Gourmet World," Ritsu said.

"I'll bring you there next time," Haru said. He also would bring Esdeath later since that woman had wanted to fight strong opponents and eat delicious food. He also wondered when Esdeath was going to be able to use "Bankai".

"You promise, right?" Ritsu asked.

"I promise."

Haru nodded and said, "That's right, I want to open the reward that I have gotten from the quest. Let's check it with me."


Ritsu also felt curious about what Haru would get from the quest.

Haru went to the courtyard of his house. He had bought the entire apartment building which was why this place was quite quiet.

The shape of this building was a square with a hollow in the middle. The middle hollow part was also square and that part was used for a courtyard with a cheery blossom tree in the middle.

The cherry blossom tree in the middle was very beautiful, especially when it bloomed after the end of winter or the beginning of spring.

Haru also loved this tree which was also part of his memory with his parents and thought it was really great decision for him to buy this entire building for his house.

Haru was about to open the quest reward and thought to open it on that courtyard. Walking out from his room, he walked downstairs while talking with Ritsu.

"I have contacted the renovation company to renovate this building," Ritsu said.

"Thank you."

Haru nodded and said, "What about the railway company?"

"There is no problem since the money is ready. The negotiations are complete and we can make the announcement of this to the public right away," Ritsu said.

"An announcement, huh? Is it necessary?" Haru asked since he didn't want to appear on the media that often.

"You can leave it to Seri then," Ritsu said.

"Okay, just leave it to Seri," Haru said without any burden.



Inside her apartment, Seri felt that her boss would cause her some trouble again.


Walking together, they had a lot of topics to talk to each other about.

"You're not asking Seri to live here? This place is huge enough to allow a lot of people to live," Ritsu said.

"Let's talk about that problem later," Haru said.


Ritsu nodded and said, "Oh, right, don't forget about tomorrow that we're going to meet the representative of Penguin House to sign a contract for Utaha's book."

"I remember," Haru said.

"But I'm surprised for Utaha to write that kind of book."

Ritsu looked at Haru and asked, "Did you have done the thing that is written in that book?"


Haru was speechless and said, "No, the things which happen in her book are only her imagination."

"Don't you have an interest in that kind of thing?"

Ritsu thought for a while and said, "What is it? Umm... S&M? Right, that's the one, right?"

"Me? An interest?"

"Yeah, from the information that I've gotten on the internet. S&M is an activity that is related to domination and submission, using a whip, candle, or rope....." Ritsu explained.

"Stop! Stop! I don't have an interest in that kind of thing! S&M is impossible for me. I don't want to become a masochist or submissive thing," Haru said.

"But is it alright for the S part of S&M?" Ritsu asked.


Haru didn't answer her question, but from his expression Ritsu could tell that the answer was a default.

"Alright, you have an interest in domination. I need to make a note of it."

Haru thought that he really needed to stop Ritsu as soon as possible.

"Oh, there is also something else," Ritsu said.

"What is it?" Haru asked.

"Your teacher seems to come to your cafe from time to time asking about you," Ritsu said.

"My teacher? Akane?" Haru asked.

"Yes, that one. You have a relationship with her, right?" Ritsu asked.

Haru had stopped coming to Akane's apartment for a while. He had thought that he needed to stop having s.e.x with her.

"Well, I might need to talk with her soon."

"She often talks with Kosaka," Ritsu said.

Haru nodded and said, "Well, I will come to the cafe soon or later...." He had arrived in the courtyard and took out his smartphone. He opened the "group chat" and opened his reward.

[Congratulations, you have gotten RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee]


Haru was speechless when he had gotten his reward, but suddenly something appeared in the middle of his courtyard.