Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 621

Volume 1 Chapter 621 I Have Made Up My Mind


Sora and Megumi opened their mouths wide looking at Unicorn Gundam Banshee in front of them. They didn't know how Haru could bring this giant robot inside this building last night.

"It's cool, right?"

Haru seemed to be very satisfied looking at their reaction.


Sora and Megumi looked at each other and didn't really know what to say for a moment.

For a girl, such a giant robot isn't as interesting as good clothes or jewelry.

"Why did you buy this giant robot?" Megumi asked.

"It's not a giant robot...."

Haru shook his head and said, "It's Gundam." He needed to correct Megumi about the difference between Gundam and a giant robot.

Megumi smiled and thought that this guy was just like a boy. She didn't intend to refute and asked, "So why did you buy this Gundam?"


Looking toward the distance, Haru's expression seemed to be melancholy. He didn't answer Megumi's question for a while before he said, "It's because of men's romance...."


Megumi and Sora thought that even though this guy was smart, but somehow was also childish at the same time.

"Well, it doesn't really matter," Sora said.

"Can it move?" Megumi asked.

"It can fly," Haru said and opened his arms wide.


Megumi and Sora rolled their eyes at the same time and didn't believe what they heard.

Haru didn't care whether they believed it or not. He remembered something and said, "I'm going out after this, and might come back tomorrow."

Sora knew that Haru was going to help Utaha for her novel and also worked on his business. He walked toward him and whispered, "When are you going to tell Megumi about Utaha?"


Haru also wasn't sure when he was going to tell Megumi about Utaha. He thought for a while and said, "I'll tell her soon."

"Well, the faster the better."

Sora nodded and didn't say anything afterward. She thought that Utaha was quite interesting, especially when she found out that Utaha had written "50 Shades of Grey," which was quite an interesting novel on her mind. She looked at Haru and wondered whether both of them had done the thing which had been done in the novel.

Haru didn't know what Sora was thinking, but it was good that she had supported him.

"Where are you going?" Megumi asked.

"I have bought a railway company, and I need to do some matters in the company," Haru said.

Megumi nodded and said, "Take care of your body, alright?"

Hearing her concern, Haru thought that it would be great to have such a wife in the future. He kissed her lips for a while before they parted.

"I know. Thank you."

Caressing her hair, Haru also kissed Sora before he went out to pick up Utaha who had been waiting for him.

Looking at Haru's back, Megumi then looked at the Gundam and said, "I wonder how this thing can enter this building."

Sora shook her head and said, "I'm not sure." She only knew this Gundam appeared last night when she was sleeping. She thought that Haru was using magic or something. Though, she didn't really care much about this robot.

"Let's go back and play a game."

"Huh? We don't study?" Megumi asked.

"Let's take a break."

Megumi looked at Sora for a while and nodded. She thought that she needed to talk about this matter to Haru when he came back tomorrow.


Inside Haru's car, Utaha was quite nervous since she didn't expect someone from a large publishing house would try to contact her asking her to sign a contract for her book.

Haru felt funny looking at her expression and asked, "What are you so nervous about?"

"You might not understand, but it is a very big step for me," Utaha said while glaring at Haru.

"Tell me."

Utaha nodded and said, "Well, my perverted novel has become more popular than the novel than my main novel." She sighed and said, "If you're not beside me, then I've thought that everything is a dream."

"It's not a dream. Here let me give you proof."

Utaha was wondering what Haru was about to do, but he kissed her lips and made her body feel slightly hot.

Parting their lips, Haru said, "See? If this dream, then your face won't go blush."


Utaha was speechless.

"Just leave everything to the lawyer later, and I'm going to be on your side," Haru said and drove his car to the appointment location. He thought for a while and said, "It might be possible to make a movie from your perverted novel in the future."


Utaha was surprised and asked, "You're going to make a movie from my novel?"

"What are you surprised about? Isn't that a normal thing? When a novel is good then a movie company is going to adapt it into a movie. That's a normal thing," Haru said. He felt quite complex when he read Utaha's novel since the male character in that story was created based on him. He sighed when he thought about the reaction of the readers when they knew that Utaha was his girlfriend. He was afraid of the public thinking that they had a BSDM relationship from her book.

Utaha nodded and said, "That's true." She felt that it was quite normal when she thought about it. But she wouldn't expect her perverted imagination to turn into a movie. She looked at Haru for a while and asked, "If my novel is being adapted into a movie, can I request you something?"


"I want you to become an actor in that movie?" Utaha said with a smile.


Haru almost crashed his car, but his control over the car was so good that Utaha didn't even notice it. He took a deep breath and wondered how this girl could ask him such a cruel thing...

Looking at Haru's reaction, Utaha thought that he was going to accept his request, but..."




Utaha couldn't help but become annoyed since the adaptation movie of her novel would be perfect with him as an actor.

Stopping his car, Haru looked at Utaha with a speechless expression. Looking at her displeased expression, he pulled her closer to him and kissed her again and this time he didn't give her mercy.


Utaha blushed once again and wanted to push him, but her power was too weak for that. She could only enjoy the pleasure of her lips being toyed with by Haru.

Haru stopped and asked, "You know... I don't mind if you want me to try all the things which you've written in your novel now."

Utaha felt that her body was giddy when she heard it. She tried to regain her breath and said, "W, well, I don't mind if you want to try it."


Haru was joking but didn't expect this girl to really want to do it. But he was quite speechless since this girl was a v.i.r.g.i.n yet she asked him to do a BDSM which made him not sure what to do. He thought about changing the topic and asked, "Did you eat french toast for breakfast?"

"How did you know?" Utaha asked in surprise.

"Hmm... your lips taste of honey and cinnamon. It's sweet," Haru said.


Utaha didn't blush, but her cheek turned reddish. She regretted not washing her mouth before. She opened her back and wondered whether she had xylitol gum in her bag. But when she was about to search for it, she found a box of condoms in her bag. She took a deep breath and made up her mind. She moved her mouth closer to Haru's ear and whispered, "I, I don't want to go home tonight."


Haru would be an idiot if he didn't know the meaning of those words. He nodded and said, "After our matter is over, then we can relax somewhere."


Utaha was very shy at this moment and didn't dare to look at him, but at the same time, her heart was filled with anticipation for tonight.