Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 622

Volume 1 Chapter 622 Quick Business

Haru and Utaha arrived at the hotel where they would meet with the representative of Random House.

There was also a lawyer who had been brought by Haru who had been waiting for him at the hotel.

There were three lawyers who had come to the hotel with two of them as a secretary or something of the woman in front of them.

Takanashi Kozue.

It was the name of his lawyer and she had worked for him.

"Don't worry, leave everything to me," Kozue said. She had worked for him before Haru had become a billionaire and after he had become one. He decided to invite her to work for him right away since he also needed a legal team for his business.

"Thank you very much," Utaha said politely.

They didn't talk too long and met with the representative of Random House in the lounge of the hotel.

The representative for Random House was a woman in her 30s and she seemed quite surprised when she saw a lot of people coming in her direction. She was confused until they introduced their names. She looked at Utaha and didn't expect the author of "50 Shades of Grey" would be this young.

"My name is Emily Brown. Nice to meet you," Emily said.

"My name is Kasumigaka Utaha. Nice to meet you too," Utaha said.

"I'm Kasugano, but you don't need to worry about him since I only act as her companion," Haru said.

Kozue also introduced herself as a lawyer for Utaha.

Emily was a bit surprised by Kozue's identity but looked at Haru then looked at Utaha. "Is Mr. Kasugano your boyfriend?"


Emily was surprised and asked, "So... is that book a real experience?"


Haru was speechless and Utaha was laughing.




Kozue looked at Haru and Utaha and wondered what kind of book that Utaha had written since it could cause Emily to show such a reaction. But she didn't ask much since Haru was her boss.

Haru and Utaha looked at each other. He looked at her and could see her smiling happily that she had successfully teased her.

Emily looked curiously at Haru. She felt that she had seen him somewhere, but she could tell that he was very rich since he brought a team of lawyers to help his girlfriend. But at the same time, she felt that it could become good propaganda since both of them were a beautiful girl and a handsome young man.

Haru didn't join their conversation and only listened on the side since the main character in this place was Utaha.

They talked to each other and Kozue was a bit surprised since Utaha was the author of "50 Shades of Grey". She pushed the bridge of her glasses and looked at Haru with a complex expression wondering whether the thing which happened in the book was real.

The conversation was quite smooth, but the lawyers which had been brought by Haru wanted Utaha to have a better contract.

Emily sighed and knew that she needed to back down on this matter because she knew how popular "50 Shades of Grey" was. She needed to be fast since there were a lot of publishing houses who wanted to sign with Utaha. She agreed since their request wasn't unreasonable. She looked at Haru again and asked, "Can we use the relationship between the two of you to promote the book?"


Haru rejected it without hesitation. He also told Kozue to add to the contract for the publishing house to hide the identity of Utaha. Unless she wanted to announce her identity. He also didn't' want the company to use their relationship as a means of propaganda since it could hurt his image. He also didn't want Utaha to be seen as a masochist girl and he as a sadistic guy.

Emily was helpless, but it wasn't bad either to have a mystery author and could only agree.

Utaha who was by Haru's side was laughing but she didn't mind Haru's decision since she knew that it was the best for both of them.

After the negotiations, Utaha would receive a sum of money for her manuscript fee along with 15% of her book profit. She also held the right of her story besides her book.

It is usually impossible for a new writer to receive that much treatment, but who makes Utah Haru's girlfriend?

Haru and Utaha didn't stay too long after the matter was over.

Utaha held Haru's arm wondering where they would go next.

"I need to finish some matters before we can relax," Haru said.


Utaha nodded and blushed since she knew after his matter was over then...


Utaha looked around curiously. It was her first time to know that Haru had bought a railway company. It was also her first time coming to this office and looked around curiously. She was about to ask him something but stopped when she saw his aura start to change.

Haru's gentle aura had changed into something that was quite hard to describe, but it gave her a very reliable feeling and also powerful.

'Is he going to war or something?' Utaha was confused.

Haru who had arrived saw both Seri and Ritsu who had been waiting for him. Behind them, there was a group of executives of the railway company which he had bought.

Keisei Electric Railway.

It was the name of the railway which he had bought and he needed to attend the meeting to show his face.

Even though he could leave everything to both Ritsu and Seri, he felt bad to do such a thing, and as their new boss, he needed to show his face to his company.

Utaha was on the side hearing the meeting curiously since it might be her first time seeing Haru who seemed very different since this guy was angry.

After the owner of the railway company had changed, of course, there would be a change in the employee.

With Ritsu and Seri, it was very easy to find out who was the bastard in the company.

Haru fired the executives within the company who loved to do corruption one after another and exchanged it with someone that he had prepared beforehand. He also inserted his financial team inside the company to double-check the financial situation of this company.

Some people who had been fired didn't even understand their situation and told Haru was only a brat who didn't know anything.

"You're just a brat! What do you know about this company!"

"You should be grateful that we're working for you!"

But Haru ignored them and called the police directly charging him with a crime of corruption.

Those people were stunned and startled since they didn't expect the situation would turn into this. Their expression turned pale when they thought about their family and their installment.

Haru only smiled and said, "Enjoy your stay in jail. Don't worry, I'll also take all of the money which you've stolen from the company later." He was about to continue the meeting, but added,

"Oh, right! I'll also publish this matter to my newspaper company later to help the people in this country to know that they're a group of corruption, alright?"

Haru smiled and continued the meeting with ease.

But the people who had been brought by the police knew that they would die socially after all of those matters were announced to the public. They tried the plea, but they were being pulled away by the police.


No one said anything and everyone seemed very serious about this meeting. They only realized the young man in front of them was someone who was able to buy a company worth hundreds of billions of yen in his teens.

Can they do such a thing during their teens? No.

Then they could only be obedient and listened to his demand.

Haru showed his prestige. He showed them a "stick" that anyone who tried to do a bad thing for the company would enter the jail and their name would be announced on the news which would make them die socially. He also gave them "carrots" to work harder for the company with a quite good dividend every year which received a loud cheer from everyone.

In the meeting, Haru didn't show the inexperience of a teen and he grabbed everyone's heart right instantly. He also introduced their new CEO which would take care of the rest since he didn't want to be that busy to take care of everything.

Haru wanted to end the meeting as soon as possible and in an hour and a half, the meeting was over. He walked toward Utaha who seemed to look around the company for a while before.

"Sorry to make you wait."

"No problem. I've seen something interesting earlier."

Utaha blushed when she saw him working earlier since he was very handsome, and also understood why he used a serious expression before. She knew that he was young and it might be because of that there would be a lot of people who underestimated him. She was a bit surprised by the police earlier, but only snorted when she heard that they were trying to catch the corrupt people within the company.

Hugging Haru's arm, Utaha was worried that he had a lot of pressure and told him to tell everything to her.

"You don't need to worry. Let's go out and eat first," Haru said.

Utaha nodded and agreed to go out eating with him.

"Sorry to make you wait," Haru said.

Haru said goodbye to Seri and Ritsu since he would bring Utaha directly somewhere.

Looking at the back of Haru and Utaha, Seri felt jealous of Utaha. Staying with him together for a long time, she knew that he was her perfect candidate for husband.

"Seri, do you want to become Haru's woman?" Ritsu asked while blinking her eyes curiously.

'I'm curious.'

It was written all on Ritsu's face.