Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 624

Volume 1 Chapter 624 Unreasonable

Haru who had woken up in the early morning didn't bother Utaha who slept very soundly after a night workout. He escaped from her couch and wrote a note that he was going to the gym for a while.

Kissing her forehead, Haru thought that he was lucky to meet her.



Inside the gym, Haru who had worked out didn't expect to meet Dojima.

Dojima came toward him asking him how Haru was able to create such a muscle on his body.

Haru felt weird at first, but in the end, he talked about how he had made his muscles.

It didn't take a long time before they became friends, they talked about various things such as food and muscle.

Haru didn't stay too long, but he asked Dojima to help him with nutritional food since she had just become a woman.

Dojima nodded and told him that he would prepare something nutritional for him and his girlfriend.

They exchanged their email and phone number since in 2009 there were a lot of people still using flip phones.

Haru was speechless and didn't say anything. He waited for a while before he returned to his room, but he heard a loud sound of typing from inside.

"The main character received a message from the heroine then he started to read the message that was only written but he scrolled it down until he saw a single message which was written...


"The main character turned and saw the heroine was holding a knife charging toward him stabbing that knife into the main character...

*Stab!* *Stab!* Stab!

"I won't give you to anyone! This is your fault! Why have you done this to me!!!!!!!!"

Haru was speechless looking at Utaha who seemed to be unstable typing on her laptop loudly. He took a deep breath and sighed. He walked toward her and said, "Sorry to leave you for a while. I've brought you breakfast. Let's eat it while it is still warm."


Utaha sulked and her eyes were red since she thought that Haru had left her after he had taken her for the first time.

It was quite normal for a girl to be emotional after she lost her first time, especially a sensitive girl such as Utaha.

Haru caressed her hair and said, "I'm sorry to leave you alone, alright? I have written you a note on the table."

Utaha looked at the table and noticed that there was a paper there, but she snorted and sulked again.

Haru was helpless and said, "I went to the kitchen before asking Chef Dojima to prepare a special breakfast to replenish your blood after all you had a lot of blood last night."

Utaha blushed, but glanced at him while asking, "Really?"

"Yes, I didn't expect you to wake up so early."

Haru nodded and said, "Here you can see it."

Utaha looked at the porridge. She wanted to move, but her sensitive part was quite swollen after she tasted the pleasure of an a.d.u.l.t. She had to admit that it was really enjoyable, but she might have been a bit too wild last night.

"Are you alright?"

Haru put down the breakfast and gave her a massage on her legs.

"This is your fault for forcing me with your big thing!" Utaha complained.

"My bad, my bad, but you like it, right?" Haru said.

Utaha blushed and said, "Feed me!"

"Okay, okay, I'll feed you."

Haru scooped the porridge and fed Utaha. "Open your mouth."


Utaha opened her mouth and ate the porridge. She felt that her stomach was very warm and somehow it felt comfortable.

"Is it good?" Haru asked with a smile

"Aahhh....." Utaha opened her mouth again.

Haru started to feed her again.

Utaha ate the porridge slowly and moved toward him resting on his chest letting him feed her. She loved it when she was being pampered and asked, "Haru, do you love me?"

"I love you. I love Kasumigaoka Utaha the best."

Utaha wanted to move closer since she was happy but stopped since it was very hard to move when she just lost her first time. She felt annoyed again and pinched his thigh.

"Why are you angry now?" Haru was helpless.

"Because you're a bastard who forces such a pitiful girl like me with that big thing on your pants!"


Haru realized how unreasonable this girl was.


Utaha returned in the afternoon because she didn't want her parents to see her state after losing her for the first time, especially her father.

Haru was by her side helping her to walk to her house.

But suddenly the door of her house was opened and both of them saw Utaha's mother who smiled looking at both of them.


The three of them were silent until Utaha's mother started to cry making them confused.

"My little girl has grown up now...."

Utaha frowned and couldn't help but became very annoyed and pinched Haru's waist again since this guy was the one who caused her this problem. She felt very embarrassed and told him to carry her to her room.


'How unreasonable....'

Haru thought inwardly.


Haru returned to his house, but he didn't see anyone. He was inside his room and he received an email from Sora that told him to go to the shrine. He didn't think much and walked to the shrine, but received another chat from Utaha.

Utaha: "I'm bored."

Haru: "Let's do it again when you have recovered."

Utaha: "....."

Utaha: "Ok."

Haru: "Take a rest first."

Utaha: "Hmmm...."

Haru smiled and put his smartphone in his pocket. Walking for a while, he had arrived in the shrine and saw that the shrine had changed after he had renovated it.

The process of renovation was quite quick since there weren't many things that needed to be changed within the shrine since the building was in good condition.

Haru nodded in satisfaction when he looked at the shrine and entered the main building.

"Sora, Megumi."

Haru opened the door and saw both of them were wearing shrine maiden uniforms which surprised him.

"How is it?" Sora asked while showing her figure.

"Is it good?" Megumi asked unsurely since it was her first time wearing a shrine maiden uniform.


Giving them a thumbs up, Haru said, "Very good! Let me take a picture of both of you right away." He took a camera out of nowhere taking a picture of both of them.

Sora smiled and asked, "When are we going to open this shrine?"

"We can open it right away."


"It isn't like someone needs to be here, right?" Haru said.

Unlike a store in the neighborhood, the shrine didn't need someone to wait inside every time. But he needed to find someone to clean it from time to time.

Sora thought for a while and nodded.

They talked to each other until Megumi showed him a priest uniform.

"Haru, how about you wear this?"

Looking at Megumi's expression, Haru could tell that this girl was in love with fashion or cosplay. He nodded and wore it right away. He thought that it was good to spend his time with his girls since he had slowly forgotten about the stress that he felt after the quest before.