Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 625

Volume 1 Chapter 625 Separated?

The next day, Haru and Ritsu went to the Tootsuki Culinary Academy since he had been invited as a judge for a Shokugeki match. Sitting on the bulletproof Rolls Royce Phantom which he had bought and modified in the past, he brought her since she wanted to see the most prestigious culinary school in this country.

"I'm quite curious about this school," Ritsu said.

"You can enter through their computer, right?" Haru asked.

"Yes, I have, but I thought that it would be better to see it using this body."

Ritsu looked at Haru and asked, "How about you?"

"I haven't been there."

Haru shook his head. He had only come to Nakiri's mansion before to visit Senzaemon in the past. He was quite curious and wondering how big this school was.

Talking to each other, the car moved slowly toward the Tootsuki Culinary Academy.

The driver of the car was a GT Robot which was being manipulated by Ritsu.

One of the best decisions of his life was to bring Ritsu back with him. It was also the reason why he didn't mind sharing a lot of things with her. She had also helped him with a lot of things such as managing his house and helping him with business.

"Is that the place?" Ritsu asked.

"It should be," Haru answered.

It took them half an hour of the trip before they arrived at the location. Their first impression of this school was huge.

They could see endless green hills and it was also covered with lush greenery. There were also a lot of small hills, a small lake, and some big buildings around this area. The afternoon sun was projected on the lake showing beautiful pale golden waves that were shaking slightly.

Haru knew that the price of land in Tokyo was very pricey and Japan was a country with very scarce land. Such a school with a large land would value at least tens or more billions of yen.

Considering his net worth, then it might be possible to buy this entire school, but he didn't intend to buy it since the education business was quite troublesome and the name of Nakiri Clan was very loud in the culinary world. Without the name of Nakiri Clan then there wouldn't be any people who joined this school.

"Do you have any information about this school, Ritsu?" Haru asked. Even though Tootsuki was a very famous school, he didn't know much about this school. But it was quite normal unless someone wanted to become a chef, no one would know about this school.

"Hmm, from what I know that this school is very strict and the graduation rate is less than 1%," Ritsu said.

'Less than 1%...'

Haru understood why a lot of hotels, villas, or rich families would decide to hire a chef from this academy since the students who were able to graduate from this school must be an elite among the elite in the culinary world.

Stopped in front of the entrance, the door was opened and Haru and Ritsu went out together.

The staff moved diligently to greet both of them and asked about the invitation. Even if they didn't have an invitation considering the car which they had brought to this event.

Haru gave the staff his invitation while looking around slowly.

The staff didn't seem surprised when Haru gave him a special invitation. He talked politely to him and guided him inside.

Looking around, Haru could see that a lot of people were dressed in suits and dresses. Though he didn't care much about it and walked together with Ritsu.

Walking together, the staff explained a lot of things to them, and some people also greeted them along the way.

Haru didn't know who they were and greeted them back politely. He had never seen an arrogant second young generation in his life and he didn't think such people existed in this world since or it might exist, but he felt that it was too foolish to actively provoke someone.

Some people were curious about Haru since no one could ignore his presence. But some people realized who he was since he appeared in the media some time ago.

Haru had never accepted an interview and didn't like attention on himself, and that was why he wasn't that famous, but for people who read the financial news, they would know instantly that he was the famous "Golden Boy".

"Golden Boy", it was Haru's nickname after creating a billion dollars through the gold market.

Some people wanted to talk to him asking him how he could do that, but he had left them quickly.

Haru and Ritsu were being guided in the hall with various delicious buffets on the large table.

"Isn't it a cooking competition?" Haru asked. He felt weird since it felt like a party rather than a cooking competition.

"Yes, it is a cooking competition, but it is also going to decide the members of Elite 10," the staff said.

"Elite 10?"


The staff was surprised and asked, "I'm sorry, but you don't know about Elite 10?"

"Nope, I only know that I'm being invited to become a judge on cooking competition," Haru said.

The staff nodded and said, "Yes, the cooking competition between Nakiri Erina-sama and Etsuya Eizan-sama to determine the position of Elite 10." He also started to explain to both of them about Elite 10. After that, he told them to wait in this place for a while and brought a receptionist lady with him.

The receptionist lady came to Haru and her eyes brightened up. But she knew her chance was zero when Ritsu had been watching her. She calmed herself and said, "This gentleman, please follow me since you're one of the judges of the Shokugeki match, we have prepared a special lounge for you."

"Thank you."

Haru nodded and also brought Ritsu with him, but, after taking a few steps he was stopped by the receptionist lady.

"T, this gentleman, for the sake of fairness of the Shokugeki match, you can't bring your companion with you...."

Haru and Ritsu looked at each other at that moment.


"Well, has he arrived?"

Senzaemon nodded after receiving a report from his people and said, "That's good just to arrange him in the same room as Erina." But when the next report made him speechless when he heard that Haru had brought a female companion.

"Damn! He even brings his girlfriend here?!"

Senzemon felt dizzy and said, "No matter what, just separate them!"

Senzaemon knew that this guy was quite a playboy, especially when he heard the report that Haru was very close to the young lady of Momobami Clan. He had wanted to make him into his grandson-in-law and match him with his granddaughter. He also didn't want Haru to have a relationship with such a troublesome Clan such as Momobami Clan since Haru was a grandson of his dear friend and it was also very rare to be able to search for such a capable young man since he also wanted the best for his granddaughter.

Senzaemon could only hope and his plan worked and hopefully, Erina and Haru would become closer after this.