Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 626

Volume 1 Chapter 626 Weird..

"I can't bring my companion?" Haru asked since he felt that it was quite weird.

"Well, that's alright, Haru," Ritsu said.

"Alright? No, I can stay with you here," Haru said.

"No, you're going to become a judge of the competition, right? I feel that this lady's words are very reasonable," Ritsu said.

The receptionist lady nodded and felt grateful at Ritsu.

"Don't you want to buy a football club? I saw the owner here and I would talk to him in the meantime," Ritsu said. She also had her own fun creating a business empire with Haru and also wanted to help him to achieve his ambition.

Hearing Ritsu's answer, Haru didn't force her and said, "I'll leave you for a while then." He looked at the receptionist lady and said, "Where should I go?"

"Please follow me...."

The lady smiled and guided him to another location.

Ritsu looked at Haru's back before she walked toward the owner one of the football clubs in the J1 League (Japan football).


Haru was being guided to the outside of the hall. He was wondering where he needed to stay before the competition.

"Please wait here for a while," the lady said and left him for a while since she wanted to bring him a refreshment. She wasn't sure why she needed to bring Haru here, but she could only obey her superior's order.

Haru nodded and waited for the receptionist lady, but suddenly he was being approached by someone.

This young man introduced himself as Etsuya Eizan, and he wanted to bribe Haru with three million yen for him to help him on the Shokugeki match later.

Haru felt a bit funny, but he decided to accept the money from Eizan.

Eizan smiled and gave him a suitcase with money inside.

Haru told Eizan not to worry since he would help him later.

Eizan nodded and left him, but he couldn't help but feel that the young man was quite familiar somehow.


Senzaemon who was inside his room suddenly received a report that Eizan had approached Haru.

"Well, that guy loves to use dirty tricks."

He knew that Eizan might probably intend to give Haru a bribe to help him during a match, but he didn't think that Eizan could be successful since Haru didn't lack money. He believed in his grandson-in-law, but the next report made him speechless.

"What the heck?!"

Senzaemon wanted to strangle Haru who decided to accept Eizan's bribe at this moment.


Haru who was holding the suitcase suddenly was approached by the staff who brought a refreshment.

"Sir, here is our refreshment," the staff said with a smile.

Haru was quite thirsty and took the juice before drinking it slowly, but he felt weird when the staff didn't leave him.

"Is there anything?"

The staff member rubbed her nose and felt quite nervous before leaving him.

When the staff had left, Haru suddenly felt that his bladder was almost on the limit and he wanted to take a leak.

"Where is the toilet?"

Haru looked around and saw a toilet sign. He didn't hesitate and ran toward the toilet. He ignored the staff who called for his name since he was almost on his limit.

Rushing toward the toilet, Haru only thought to relieve the water inside his bladder. He opened the door and entered the toilet. He was ready to pull his zipper, but suddenly he was stunned since there was someone inside the toilet at the time.

But that's not the point!

The point is that it isn't a man, but a girl.

The girl had just wiped her lower body with tissue paper.

Haru who saw this scene couldn't help but feel surprised by this gift, especially when he saw those beautiful white legs. He could also see her smooth lower body which was slightly wet from the water. In short, he started to forget that he wanted to take a leak because of the girl in front of him.

The girl also noticed that Haru had entered the toilet.


Time seemed to stop at this moment, Haru and the girl stared at each other for a second or two. No words came out of their mouths.


Haru went out of the toilet directly and closed the door.

At this time, the staff member also rushed toward the toilet and saw Haru who came out. She sighed in relief and said, "Kasugano-sama, the cooking match is about to begin, please come with me to the lounge and wait."

"Is there a toilet in the lounge?" Haru asked.


"Then, guide me!"

Haru had forgotten to take a leak earlier and he was almost on his limit. It was also very unhealthy to hold his leak for a long time and he wanted to take it out as soon as possible. He, who was being guided by the staff, started to think about the thing that had happened on the toilet before.

'That girl shouldn't have seen me, right?'

It was just a coincidence, and they were also strangers, so the probability of meeting each other again in the future was basically zero.

"Kasugano-sama, here is the longue."

The staff led him to the room and said, "The hall is now being finalized and about one hour later the competition will officially start. In the meantime, please wait here and when the time has arrived, we will send someone to notify Kasugano-sama." She spoke very fluently and added, "Of course, there is computer, TV, game console, and other entertainment facilities within the room and all of them are available so Kasugano-sama doesn't need to be worried about the boredom inside the room...."

Haru only nodded then opened the door directly to go to the toilet.

After the door was closed, the staff didn't leave, but glanced around in a sneaky manner, then started to count inside his heart.





As soon as the words "three" came out, a woman's scream came from the room, and the staff muttered in a guilty manner. "I'm sorry, Miss...." Then she took his walkie-talkie to call Senzaemon.

"Boss, everything is done."

"Well, are you sure that Haru has seen Erina in the shower?"

"Yes, I was outside the door and heard the screaming of the Young Lady inside."

"That's good...."

Senzaemon nodded then pondered for a moment as if thinking about something.

Seeing that, the staff didn't dare to interrupt him since the person on the phone was the director of the Tootsuki Group and his prestige was really high. She thought that Senzaemon was thinking about something important at this moment.

"Do you think that I should give them aphrodisiac medicine?"

"What?!" The staff was startled.

"I know the character of my granddaughter very well, to be honest, it is absolutely impossible for her to love someone in a short time...."

Senzaemon felt that if he wasn't in hurry then there would be a lot of people who would try to grab Haru from him, especially the young lady from the Momobami Clan. He didn't want that to happen and he also liked to have Haru as his grandson-in-law and to do that he needed to make their relationship become very close to each other as soon as possible.