Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 627

Volume 1 Chapter 627 Erina Is Angry...

Inside the room which was comparable to a five-star hotel room, with a Persian carpet on the ground, bright lights, a clean environment, and a faint scent of flowers and trees within the room...

Everything was beautiful and comfortable, but Erina was very angry at this moment.

After taking a shower by herself, she dried her wet body and was ready to wear her clothes, but suddenly a man entered the bathroom and saw her from behind.

A round buttstock, a beautiful curve in the waist that led into a smooth back.

Such a beautiful scene had never been seen by anyone and only this man had ever seen it.

However, if this man was mesmerized by that scene then Erina would be only annoyed, but her feeling was different at this moment because anger was filled into her chest.

That man!

That bastard!

This bastard man!

After seeing her n.a.k.e.d back, the first reaction wasn't to turn around and run away, nor to apologize immediately, or even to pounce on her and hold her inside the bathroom, but to say something that made very angry.

"Miss, please hurry up, I want to take a piss!"

When that man uttered this sentence with an anxious expression, Nakiri Erina was stupified and in disbelief. She even thought that it was her hallucination and rubbed her ears several times unconsciously, giving the man five seconds to watch her body once again.

When she reacted and realized that all of the things that had happened were real, her whole body started to shake and felt humiliation.

That's right, she feels humiliated!

If the other person just looked at her body, then she would only feel angry, but this man looked at her body like nothing happened and even told her to hurry up!

After hearing that sentence, Erina felt a very deep sense of shame that she had never experienced in her 15 years of life.

When thinking about this matter, Nakiri Erina felt anger inside the bottom of her heart for that man to dare to say such a thing to her. She slammed the door fiercely and shouted, "Aren't you just urinating? Why did it take you so long!!!!"

"My stomach hurts, I'll come out after this," Haru answered.

Erina was furious when this guy dared to lie to her and felt that this guy must be trying to avoid responsibility, and made an excuse to not see her. She felt very annoyed and slammed the door again, but this time the door was opened.

It might be because of her anger that she had forgotten that the lock of this door was broken, and when she slammed the door, the door of the bathroom was opened. Then she saw this guy clean his anaconda then became startled hurriedly turned around only showing his butt to Erina.

Erina's eyes were locked between his legs for a while because she was stunned, but then she also felt angry when she saw this man thought that she tried to peek at him.

'Does he think I'll peek at him?!'

Erina only felt her blood pressure rise very high, then she felt everything turn black before she passed out.


Erina opened her eyes slowly and felt a bit confused looking at the ceiling and her surroundings. She blinked her eyes and couldn't understand the situation.

'Where is this place?'

'Oh, right! It's a lounge arranged by the school.'

Today was an important day for Nakiri Erina since the school had specially arranged a quiet room for herself to keep her condition to the best. For this reason, her secretary, Hisako Arato, who was usually always by her side, wasn't allowed to stay with her by the school.

Then she decided to wash her body before the competition since it was needed.

This is a normal requirement because, for the chefs, even a slight smell on the body will affect the food that they cook.

She stripped herself off to take a bath and then...

Erina suddenly remembered everything and got out of bed, touched her clothes, then sighed in relief.


Her clothes were intact and she wasn't n.a.k.e.d.

After she felt relief, she started to look at her surroundings again, and then, she noticed a man sitting on the chair seemed to work or something.

'This guy hasn't left yet! How dare you play with his laptop here!'

Nakiri Erina came down from the bed with anger walking toward him step by step, but the man seemed to be concentrating on what he was doing, and even when she came behind, he didn't even respond. She was curious about what he was doing when she saw him reading a manga.

But she had never read this manga before, and she felt curious about it.

For people who knew about Nakiri Erina, she was a girl who couldn't be honest with the people on their surroundings, she was also very haughty and proud, but there was a secret that she hadn't been able to share with everyone and that was her hobby. She loved to read manga, especially shoujo manga (manga for a girl). Even though the manga on the laptop wasn't shoujo manga, but reading each line, the characters in the manga, and the story that was so exciting, she couldn't help but be immersed and started to forget about what happened earlier.

For a long time, Erina saw that there was a lot of manga, and each of them only had two chapters, then she also saw a draft page which hadn't been painted fully making her feel a bit curious.

'Why are there a lot of stories that I've never read before?'

However, from each story, she could feel the friendship, youth, fight, and hot-blooded character making her very excited.

Each of the stories on the computer was very interesting and exciting making her anticipate what kind of story would appear soon, however, his hand suddenly stopped.

"Why did you stop? I want to read the next page."

"Well, Missy, you're pressing against my shoulder," the man replied with a somewhat awkward voice.

Just after Erina thought what made him stop, she realized that her chest was a bit stuffy for some reason as if being squeezed by something.

Look down...

Erina realized her plump b.o.o.b.s pressed very close to the man's shoulder. Her complexion turned red and she wanted to pass out, but she couldn't pass out once again since she had just passed out before.