Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 628

Volume 1 Chapter 628 Tsundere Again?

After Erina had passed out, Haru didn't use that opportunity to run away since this place was his lounge, and the staff would come over him later.

If there was a girl who passed out inside his room, he wasn't sure how to explain it to the staff.

So he carried Erina to the bed then went to the computer desk taking out his laptop inside his zipper space then checked the manga that had been drawn by the artist from his company checking the story and the drawing since yesterday he was having fun with Utaha and also managed the matter of the shrine. He didn't have time to check all of the stories inside his laptop.

Then the story continued.....


"Grandpa! What the hell is going on?! Why is there a man inside my room?!"

Erina held her phone and questioned her grandfather, Nakiri Senzaemon.

"Do you mean Kasugano-kun? He is our distinguished guest! Because the hotel's presidential suite is not enough, I have to arrange your room together... What's wrong? Are there any accidents?"

"No, no!"

Erina blushed and she couldn't tell her grandfather what had happened inside the room.

"Well, that's it. You have to get along with him."

Hung the phone, Erina who sat down on the edge of the bed felt very angry, staring at Haru who was sitting opposite her without words.

Haru also stared at Erina who was looking at him. It wasn't his first time meeting her since he had also seen her several times, but he had to admit that this girl was really beautiful, especially when he saw her sitting there with folding her arms showing a very cold expression, making him somehow want to conquer her.

It was just that there were a lot of beautiful women around him, and he had a certain resistance against such a beautiful girl.

But, Haru knew that he needed to solve this problem.

"This time, it is my fault."

His expression was sincere and he apologized with all of his heart. He decided to apologize first since it was his fault to enter without checking inside.

In this world, he was quite lazy and didn't even use his observation haki since sometimes it was very troublesome to listen to a lot of things around him. He also didn't think that someone could threaten him in this world.

Hearing the apologies from Haru, Erina's complexion became better. She couldn't dig out his eyes or kill him, and scolding him also wasn't her style. She had thought to call the security to solve this matter, but her grandfather had told her that Haru was a distinguished guest, so it would probably useless to call the security here.

Erina thought that she really couldn't do anything against him. She looked at him again and remembered him since she had seen him several times by an incident, but she wouldn't have imagined meeting him here. She had seen him twice and each time she saw him with different girls and knew that this guy was a bad guy on the Shoujo manga that she usually read, but what made her frustrated this guy didn't even respond when he saw her n.a.k.e.d body making very angry. She suddenly remembered the thing that she had seen before. She looked away and asked, "I, is your girlfriend, alright?" She remembered that his girlfriend had a lot of medicine in her bag before.

"My girlfriend? What do you mean?" Haru asked.

"Ugh... I, I saw a lot of medicine in her bag when I met you at a Spanish restaurant," Erina said.

Haru was a bit surprised, but he didn't show it on his face since he knew that this girl had mentioned Sakura. He shook his head and said, "Oh, that's not her medicine."


"We're on our way to her grandma's house since her grandma is sick," Haru said since he didn't want to tell about Sakura's problem to a stranger even though that stranger was supposed to be his fiancee.

Erina nodded and thought that she was thinking too much.

"How is her grandma?"

"Well, she passed a month ago," Haru said simply.

"I'm sorry."

Erina felt quite uncomfortable at this moment.

"You don't need to worry too much."

Haru also thought that the situation had turned awkward and decided to change the topic. He looked at her and asked, "It seems that you were very interested in my manga before?"

"H, huh? I don't like your manga! Your manga is really bad!" Erina said and looked away. She couldn't be honest with herself when Haru asked that question directly. She knew that it was wrong, but she was very embarrassed, to tell the truth. Even though she was curious about that manga, she couldn't tell him her honest feeling.

"If it's not good, why did you lay on my shoulders for a long time?" Haru asked with a teasing smile.

Erina blushed and, looking away, felt embarrassed by his words.

"But if you say that it isn't good then I need to redo everything on my publishing company then," Haru said with a sigh.

"Huh? Publisher company?"

Erina looked at Haru curiously since she remembered that he was still in high school.

Haru nodded and said, "Yes, I own a small company publisher and have decided to publish a weekly manga magazine next year." He thought for a while and said, "That's right, how about you read it for me so I can get the reader's opinion about this magazine so I can correct it before it is published?"

"Who do you think I am? Many people want to get my advice! Why should I help you!"

Erina refused, but her eyes slowly turned looking at the screen of the laptop for a while, then immediately retracted it. She wanted to see it but didn't want to admit it.

Haru thought that the character of this girl was a Tsundure and it felt a bit troublesome, but he had gotten used to Shinobu's personality before.

"But if you say those mangas aren't good then I can only give up publishing the weekly manga magazine," Haru said with a sigh.

"Wait! You have worked so hard to collect a lot of stories into a weekly magazine, how can you give up so easily!"

Erina was surprised.

"There is no other way, after all, my publishing company needs to make money and gain a lot of readers."

Haru had a regretful expression on his face and said, "If I don't even get recognition from one reader then, why should I continue to make this weekly manga magazine?"

"Forget it, let me read your manga for a while, but it doesn't mean that because I like your manga!" Erina said.

"Yes, yes, of course, I know that," Haru said with a smile.

"Why are you smiling!"

"Well, I'm just happy that you want to give me your advice for my magazine," Haru said.

Erina snorted, sitting reluctantly on the chair, began to read the manga, and quickly became fascinated.

Haru shook his head and thought that this girl was too cute somehow. He didn't care much and let her read as much as she wanted, however, he didn't know that there was another danger that was coming toward him.