Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1 Chapter 63 Prison Break 1

Haru had practiced his Sticky Fingers after he had gotten this power. He could make a zipper without touching it but it was only working on the non-living things.


Haru made a zipper on the gate to level 6 and created an opening to enter. He knew the power of the plot was very powerful in this world. He went through the zipper together with Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma.

Ivankov and Inazuma had just seen his power for the first time. Both of them thought this power was very s.e.xy, especially when they heard the sound of a zipper. Both of them started to think a naughty thought.

"Zipper boy, your power is s.e.xy," Ivankov said in his ears.

Inazuma nodded in agreement.

Haru shuddered, "Shut up!!!!" He really couldn't handle this person and wanted to get away. He didn't expect that this person would be this annoying. He sighed and wanted to meet a beautiful girl.

"Oh, I like you even more," Ivankov asked.

Haru wanted to cry at that moment. He was very frustrated and thought that he should go with both Buggy and Mr. 3 since both of them didn't swing that way. He looked at the guards who blocked them and he became more annoyed. He extended his arms and punched everyone in front of him.

*Srrt Srrt Srrt Srrt

The guard who had been punched suddenly saw a zipper around their bodies. They saw the zippers around their stomach and the zipper's handle suddenly moved by itself. They saw their upper and lower bodies suddenly detached from each other.


They couldn't help but scream when they saw the thing that happened to them.

Luffy, Ivankov, and Inazuma looked at this power in amazement. Three of them didn't think that the power of the zipper would be this dangerous.

Ivankov knew that it was dangerous to receive a direct touch from his hands. He looked at Luffy and wondered how he could get this kind of powerful friend.

They beat every guard in the area and entered level 6. They picked one of the guards and asked him where they kept the Fire Fist, Ace.

The guard was helpless and could only agree with them. He didn't want to see a zipper on his body.

They ran toward the cell where Ace was staying but they couldn't find him.


Luffy became frustrated when he couldn't find him, "He is not here."

Ivankov berated the guard and the guard told him helplessly that it was the right cell.

Haru shook his head as they were seconds late. He turned his head and saw a large blue man with a feature similar to a fish. He was wondering why everything in this world was very big. He was glad that he had someone with a normal height around him.

"Are you Straw Hat Luffy?" The man with the fish features asked.

"Yes, who are you old man?" Luffy asked.

"Hurry up! You're not late! They took him to the lift earlier," the man said.

Haru looked around, "Over there."

"Thank you, old man," Luffy said and ran toward the lift.

Haru also nodded at him and ran followed him.

That man only saw their backs and hoped that they could succeed.


They went to the lift but they couldn't use it.

"It's useless, let's just use the stairs, it's faster and safer," Haru said.

They nodded and ran toward the stairs earlier but they were late. They saw the stairs were covered in a cage and they couldn't enter it.

"Damn," Ivankov cursed.

They suddenly saw a fog coming out from the stairs earlier.

Inazuma hurriedly used his power and changed his hands into scissors. He cut the ground and covered the entire cage with the ground that had been cut by him.

Haru saw that this power was quite good.

"Hey, don't cover the stairs, crab man!!" Luffy complained.

"This is the only way or else all of us will be fainting because of that fog," Inazuma explained.

"Ace should be transferred into Marine Headquarters now," Ivankov said, and added, "I respect your feelings, I will help you break out of this prison, but you need to give up about him."

"No, I'll go to Marine Headquarters," Luffy said.


"Good, let's go to the Marine Headquarters," Haru still had one job to do before he went back. He hoped that he could help him before he invited him into the group chat.

"Are you serious?" Ivankov looked at him with a startled expression.

Luffy smiled at him, "I'll invite you to my crew later after we have successfully saved my brother."

Haru laughed, "I can't wait for that."

Ivankov and Inazuma looked at both of them twitch on their lips.

"If you want to escape, you should let me out, I can create a hole in the ceiling."

They turned their heads and saw a familiar figure.

"Crocodile!! You're here!!" Luffy was surprised.

Crocodile stood up and looked at them, "This place is boring, let me out, I'm very interested in this war." He smiled and said, "I can use my power to get us out of this place."

Luffy shook his head, "No!! I won't let you out!! We can get Haru's power to get out of this place."

Crocodile frowned, "Haru?" He turned his head and this handsome boy. He didn't think that he was special at first but when he heard that they could get out with his power. He became curious about him.

"Don't worry, Straw-Boy, let's get him out, he will be a great help to us," Ivankov said.

Haru knew that they probably would get both Crocodile and Jimbei. He was already in level 6 at the Impel Down. He knew that he wouldn't get this chance again later. He took his phone and started to take a picture.

"Hey, boy, can you help this big sister get out?"

Haru turned his head and saw an extremely tall woman with a long witch-like nose, "Catarina Devon?"

"Oh, you know me?" Devon smiled at him.

"I'm sorry, I can't let you out, but you can get out later," Haru said.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Devon asked.


"Yes," Haru said and looked at her, "Don't worry too much, your help will be here soon." He ran toward Luffy and the group.

Devon looked at his back and became interested.


Haru saw both Crocodile and Jimbei.

"Alright, Inazuma, please create a way to the ceiling," Ivankov said.

Inazuma nodded and started to cut the ground. He created a path to the ceiling and looked at him.

Crocodile and Jimbei also looked at him since both of them were curious.

"Sticky Fingers!"