Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 630

Volume 1 Chapter 630 I've Not Raised Any Flag

Erina was quite hesitant after hearing Alice's solution.

"Is this alright? Isn't this very bad? Grandpa has said before, that he is a distinguished guest. If there is something wrong with him, then it isn't easy to explain it to Grandpa."

"It's fine!"

Alice waved her hand and said, "Anyway, that Eizan guy didn't dare to poison you or cause you to be in serious condition, so I guess this thing is something like a laxative, and even if you eat it, it won't become a big deal. At the very least, you need to let him have diarrhea and think of it as a small punishment. I have even thought this punishment to light for him since he has seen both of us n.a.k.e.d!"

"You're not allowed to say that in the future! Especially in front of outsiders!" Erina hurriedly said since she didn't want anyone to know that someone had seen her n.a.k.e.d. She was the object of worship in Tootsuku Culinary Academy, and she would enter a high school next year. If there wasn't any problem then she would enter the Elite Tens the moment she entered high school.

If there was a rumor that someone had seen her n.a.k.e.d then how could she maintain her face in front of a lot of people? (Well the one who has seen you is your own fiance....)

"You don't want to say it? It makes me want to say it more!"

Alice smiled childishly and said, "I want to say that you stay in the hotel with a man and I also want to say that your body has been seen by that man!"

"I - I'll also tell you that your body is also being seen!"

"Hehehe, just tell them, just tell them...."


"What are you doing?"

Even though he had heard what they were talking about since his ears were very keen, he didn't say anything since it was quite funny somehow really...

But he didn't expect that such a troublesome thing would happen to him. Even though he had solved the misunderstanding with Erina, suddenly Alice came and caused more trouble for him.

Haru thought that he shouldn't accept the invitation to become the judge for the Shokugeki match and spent his day with Sora. He looked at both sisters who started to fight each other with a speechless expression.


On the other side, both Alice and Erina had finished with the fight and stood in the corner of the room, panting tiredly.

Alice took a deep breath and said, "Let's stop the war..."

"Who is causing the trouble first! Everything is your fault!"

"Calm down, calm down."

Alice waved her hand at Erina who was full of anger and said, "Let's think how to let him eat this thing first."

Erina thought for a while and said, "Make it into a dish?"

"What kind of reason do we have to tell him when we give him the dish?"

Alice was cornered about this matter and said, "After all, he has made us angry, and isn't it too strange if we suddenly decide to cook him something? If I am in his place, then I will think that there is something wrong with the dish, maybe I'll get poisoned if I eat the food or something."

Erina snorted and said, "Didn't want to eat my food? How many people in the school can't wait to eat the food that is cooked by me?" She ignored Alice and strode toward the kitchen.

"Wait for me!"

Alice followed Erina directly.

In this lounge, in order to let her adjust her condition before the game, of course, there is a kitchen in this room, and both ingredients and kitchenware are also available in this place.

As soon as the two sisters came into the kitchen, they immediately went to work.

Although the dishes were made to punish Haru, they needed to think about a lot of things.

However, the reason why they needed to think too much wasn't to make the dish became delicious, but they were thinking about what kind of dish or cooking methods that were used so that the effect of the powder would be absorbed into the body faster.

The cooking skills of the sisters were very high, and together, they made a dish full of colors, fragrances, and harmony between ingredients.

"I have a cooking contest later. In return, for helping you read the manga, how about you try this dish for me?"

Erina put the dish in front of Haru.

Haru who had heard everything knew that there was something within the dish, but he had to admit that the dish seemed to be very delicious and very fragrant. He had seen a lot of talented chefs before, but he had to admit that Erina didn't lose to any of them.

"Eat it with gratitude! It's probably the greatest glory in your life to be able to eat the food that I have made by myself! You'll not have such an opportunity in the future!"

Erina said impatiently while folding her arms.

If it was inside the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, even if someone knew that there was a drug within the food, they would eat it without hesitation showing how delicious her food was.

"To be able to eat the food that is made by Erina is a very rare chance!"

Alice added oil to the fire.

Haru wanted to reject but saw two sisters staring at him desperately. He could only nod and said, "Alright." He could put the food into the zipper on his tongue later.

The food that was cooked by Erina was Chicken Curry.

Golden chicken, yellow potatoes, and red radish were stewed, and they were stewed with special spaces that gave a very fragrant aroma.

If Haru didn't know that there was a drug within this dish, then he wouldn't hesitate to eat this dish.

Haru carefully scooped up a piece of chicken with his spoon, then slowly moved into his mouth.

Two sisters gulped watching Haru slowly sending the food into his mouth.

However, when Haru was about to eat this dish, a sudden knock on the door sounded.

*Knock!* *Knock!*

The knock was loud and in a hurried manner, trying to give them a message that there must be something important.

"I'll open the door."

Haru sighed in relief and placed back the spoon, and ran to the door to open it.

The door was opened, and there was a staff member standing outside. He was about to speak but suddenly felt two murderous eyes on him. He turned his gaze and saw Erina and Alice who looked at him with cold eyes as if they wanted to kill him right away.

The staff became frightened and didn't dare to speak.

"What's the matter!" Erina asked angrily.

"That... Miss, the competition is about to start in half an hour. The General Manager asked me to inform you to go to the stage to prepare in advance."

"I understand."

Erina was very angry since when she was about to see Haru eating her food, but suddenly she was disturbed, however, she knew that she needed to prepare for her competition.

'This guy!!!!'

Erina stood up, walked to the door, and suddenly turned around. She raised her left hand and pointed her finger at Haru then suddenly.

"That's all for today! Anyway, from now on, we'll be people from two different worlds! I'm destined to reach the top of the moon and become a high-profile person, and you, stand below, and look at my glory!"

"Why do I feel that you have raised a Flag (trigger an unexpected event)?" Haru said while shaking his head.

"I haven't raised a Flag, you bastard!? Anyway, we will never meet again!"

It might be because she was angry that she didn't remember that she had met him twice before.

Erina yelled angrily, then turned to walk away to prepare for her competition.