Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 634

Volume 1 Chapter 634 Compensate

"This is unfair!!!!"

Eizan yelled, and attracted the attention of the audience.

His face was distorted by anger, his eyes were red, but if someone looked carefully, they would see that there was an insidiousness hidden deep in his eyes.

"Do you disagree with the verdict, Etsuya?" Dojima asked.

"I'm convinced by the judgment of Chef Dojima and the others."

Eizan bowed gently, then stared at Haru. "But I will never be convinced by the decision of Mr. Kasugano!"


Dojima groaned, touched his chin, without speaking. To be honest, in the beginning, when he heard that Haru was going to become a judge in this competition he was against it, even though he knew that Haru's muscle was wonderful, but this and that was different.

After all, this is an important match between students of the Tootsuki Academy. How can someone who isn't even related to the food industry become a judge in this competition?

However, the Director of the Academy, Nakiri Sezaemon insisted, and he didn't say anything after he heard the decision.

But now there is a problem happening...

Although inside his heart Eizan's dish wasn't comparable to Erina's dish, however, the dish on Haru was different from him since it had dropped on the table. He thought deeply and wondered whether Haru was someone that Senzaemon had chosen to support Erina in this battle?

Dojima's brows frowned slightly. If that was the case, even if he needed to defend the fairness of the game, even if he needed to, offend Senzaemon.

Seeing Dojima's acquiescence, Eizan also felt quite proud, and he looked at the rest of the judges and said, "If this competition is fair, then I won't say anything to the judgment, however, the dish that is served on Mr. Kasugano has dropped on the table!"

"If Miss Nakiri's dish is better than mine, then what else can I do at this stage? But if that is the case, what about the two judges who have voted for me? Are you telling me that those two judges are blind or something?"

Eizan's remarks caused everyone to nod and feel what he had said was reasonable.

Everyone in the banquet hall stared at Haru with questioning eyes.

Even Erina frowned.

If Haru really chose her dish for another reason, even if she wins, then she won't be happy, because her arrogance won't allow it!


"This idiot! Hurry up and say something!"

On the other hand, Alice was very anxious.


Eizan had gathered the support of the masses, and with all of the words that he had said before everyone could conclude that both Erina and Haru must have some transaction before the match!

"Haru, do you have any words to refute, Eiyan-san?"

Dojima looked at Haru and asked while from the bottom of his heart, he hoped Haru could come up with a reason since he hoped for Erina to win.

However, under the attention of everyone, Haru shook his head calmly and said, "There is nothing to refute, Eiyan-san's remarks are correct. His dish is indeed better than Nakiri's."


Everyone was startled, and their chin almost dropped to the ground. No one would expect that Haru would say such a thing.


"Haru!! Are you stupid?! Did you head being hit by something?! How can you say such a thing?!"

Alice gritted her teeth and didn't expect that Haru would push Erina to the cliff.


Eizan was also surprised, but he hurriedly woke up and said, "All the judges! You have heard it, even he also acknowledged it, that his judgment was unfair, so I suggest..."

"Wait! I just said that your food was delicious, however, when did I mention that my judgment is unfair?"

Haru shook his head and looked at Dojima. "Dojima-san, you're in charge of this competition, right? You said... what if someone bribes another judge during the competition? What will you do?"

"Well... If there is someone that bribes amount the five of us, then we will disqualify him, but... Haru, you shouldn't say such a thing, if there isn't any evidence..." Dojima asked.

"Of course, I have evidence."

"Who is it?"

Dojima's eyes glanced at two judges from outside the school. He knew with the character of Roland-sensei it was very impossible to bribe him.

Under the pressure of Dojima, the two judges couldn't help but dripped a cold sweat from their foreheads. Even though they didn't receive money from Eizan, Eizan had given them a promise before that if Eizan could become the ninth place in Elite Ten.

Eizan would promise them some benefit from his position since the position of Elite Ten could give a lot of privilege for someone who owned a food industry.

After hearing such an offer and it was also impossible to trace such a bribe, they didn't hesitate and accepted Eizan's bribe.

However, when they were scared that Haru had evidence of their transaction, they didn't expect him to say this to everyone.

"It's me."

Haru pointed at himself.


Dojima was startled and his bald head almost regrowth once again, thinking that he was under a hallucination.

"It's me."

Haru nodded and placed the suitcase on the table, ignored Eizan's cry in front of him and opened the suitcase showing money in front of everyone.


Eizan was very dizzy since he didn't expect Haru to announce the matter of bribes.

'Is this guy crazy?!'

Even if he didn't care about the three million yen, he needed to consider his reputation.

If the incident of bribery was spread then who dared to accept his Shokugeki match in the future?

"You must be thinking that I'm crazy, right?"

Haru sighed but said, "Actually, I don't have that much interest in your money....."

Some people within the audience could only snort when they saw three million yen.

'Wanted to bribe him with three million yen?!'

They couldn't help but disdain Eizan at this moment. They knew that Haru was very low-key, but if someone was smart enough, they should know what he had done in the past months since it was very amazing. Even if Haru tried to be low-key some people would know him instantly.

"I'm also not from your circle, and the reputation of your circle is useless to me. I'm very ashamed that your skill is very good, but even if you have confidence in your strategy, you should get the information first about who you bribe.....

"Well, I hope that this can become your lesson."

Haru didn't care about the three million yen, who also made his opponent Erina? If Eizan's opponent was someone else, then he wouldn't hesitate to support Eizan since Erina was different since she was so-called his fiancee even though she didn't know it.

He had also seen Erina's n.a.k.e.d body before, and he felt quite guilty about it. That was why he was going to do this since it was a perfect chance to compensate her after what he had done.