Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 635

Volume 1 Chapter 635 Let Me Take Care Your Daughter

In front of the evidence, Eizan could do nothing. He had tried to bribe the judge, was also disqualified on the spot, and was being grabbed by several guards out of this place.

Eizan looked at Haru and suddenly remembered who he was. He was smart and thought that with Haru's identity then his relationship should be very close to Erina. He wouldn't even be surprised if they told him that Erina and Haru had an engagement. He felt dumb when he thought that he was trying to bribe him.


Everyone could only sigh when they looked at Eizan, but soon they forgot about it and looked at Erina with a smile since only the winner would be remembered.

Erina stood still and was unable to calm down for a long time.

In this round of twists and turns, she once thought that she would lose, but when she reached the critical moment, suddenly she was pulled back from the cliff.

Although she was reluctant, she knew that the one who had helped her was Haru. If Haru wasn't there then she would lose this competition.

Erina shook her head and said, "I'll thank him later." She had made up her mind and prepared to say "thank you" to Haru, however, when she raised her head, she saw him standing right in front of her.

The distance between the two of them is very close!!!

"What are you doing so close to me?"

Erina blushed and immediately pushed Haru far away.

Haru was speechless and asked, "Is this how you treat your benefactor?"

"B - But, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have made that mistake!" Erina answered loudly with a blush.

"Well, you have become very haughty again."

Haru shook his head and simply ignored her haughty's act, and said, "Let's say that I have helped you now, how about we erase the misunderstanding between the two of us?"

Erina sighed in relief but also felt quite disappointed when she heard that Haru only asked her to forgive him.

However, when she was about to nod, Haru continued and said, "You see, I just gave up three million yen for you! Three million yen... In fact, you're the one who benefitted from this...."


Erina yelled.


"Well... It seems the relationship between the two of them is very good!"

Through the monitor, Senzaemon kept observing the interaction between Haru and Erina while touching his beard. He thought that he didn't need to wait too long for his great-grandchildren later.

Looking through the monitor, watching Alice slowly walk toward Haru, suddenly Senzaemon thought of a good method to make the relationship between Haru and Erina closer.

However, the phone inside the phone rang, he picked it up and noticed that it was a call from the bodyguard.

"Director, there is a black Rolls-Royce approaching! From the license plate, it should be that person's car!"

"Did he come to watch his daughter's match?"

Senzaemon thought for a while and looked at Haru who left the hall and thought that it was a good thing to test him.

"You don't need to worry about him, just let him in."


"Haru, you need to save Erina from that man."

Hanging up the phone, Senzaemon whispered softly.


In the banquet hall, Haru didn't stay too long since he could see that a lot of people wanted to get close to him. He didn't mind talking, but he knew that they were asking about information about an investment.

It was a trade secret, and of course, he was too lazy to talk with them.

However, he also had a good talk with the owner of Tokyo FC, and the owner also wanted to sell it. He was more than happy to buy it, and both of them exchanged their contacts.

"How is it?" Haru asked.

"I want to see the school now," Ritsu said.

"Well, there is a time in the future," Haru said.

Ritsu nodded and decided to go back.

Both of them decided to go back, but Haru decided to go to the toilet first.

It was at this moment that when they had gone Alice had just arrived at their location.

"This bastard! Why did you live as soon as I arrived? Wouldn't he feel guilty so he didn't dare to see me?" Alice said angrily.

"Why did he feel guilty?" Erina asked.

"No, it's nothing!"

Alice quickly covered her mouth and waved her hand.

Erina didn't ask again, suddenly remembered something, and asked, "Yes, what happens after that? Did he eat the dish?"

"Yes! He has eaten it!"

Alice nodded and didn't tell Erina the truth.

"Then what happens?"

"Cough! The truth is the effect isn't that serious, and he only has a stomachache for a while," Alice said with a guilty conscience.

Erina also felt a bit guilty right now.

"Well, I didn't notice it before, but Erina, did you care about that guy so much?"

Alice smiled and asked, "So do you have feelings for him?"


Erina glared and said, "I have just thought that he has helped me so much, and we shouldn't have pranked him anymore."

"Hmph! He only helped you! Not me! Not to mention that...."

Alice blushed when she thought that he had seen her lower body.

"What did you say?" Erina asked.

"No, it's nothing, let's go to the entrance since there seems to be something happening there," Alice said and pointed at the entrance of the first floor.

It wasn't because she wanted to change the topic, but there was really something happening.

A dark, shiny Rolls-Royce parked in front of the entrance of the hotel, then slowly someone came out of that car.

Erina who saw that person suddenly felt that her body was cold and her whole body shook uncontrollably.

At this time, the man also raised his head, showing his thin and narrow face, slanted eyes, and shouted at the hotel, "Erina, I know that you're watching. I don't want to enter the hotel, how about you come down to meet your father?"

"It's uncle Azami!!!"

Alice also panicked, and asked, "Erina, what should we do?" She looked at Erina, however, she saw Erina's eyes had become empty and walked downstairs like a puppet.

At this moment, the fear and nightmare eight years ago had come back to haunt her again!


Haru and Ritsu had wanted to go back, however, he noticed Alice who showed a panicked expression. Then he also noticed Erina and a middle-aged man walking together. He was wondering what was happening, and then, Erina also looked at Haru for a moment and showed an expression as if wanted him to save her, but her expression turned hopeless and empty before following this middle-aged man silently.


Haru sighed and said, "Ritsu, get the car, I'll go somewhere first."

"Huh? Where are you going?" Ritsu said.

"Save the princess."


Erina and Azami walked together.

"Uncle, if you want to approach a woman, you should choose someone your age."

Erina was startled when she heard that someone had said this and she turned her head and became surprised when she saw him.

Azami also looked at Haru and said, "She is my daughter." He was a bit speechless when this young man said those words to him.

"Oh, your daughter?"

Haru was surprised and looked at Erina. She looked at the man again and said, "But then, it seems that she doesn't want to go back with you."

"It's alright, it's a matter of family, you shouldn't get involved," Azami said straight away.

"No, I'm involved since she is my friend," Haru said.

Erina, who hung her head looked at Haru at this moment.

"It's my first time hearing that you have a friend, Erina? But you need to choose your friends wisely in the future," Azami said and pulled Erina's hand. "Let's go."

"Uncle, you shouldn't use that trash car since your daughter might be in danger on the street," Haru said.


Azami turned and wondered whether the eyes of this young man were crazy since his car was a Rolls-Royce.

"Here, let me show you."

Haru walked toward the front part of the car and punched it using his fist.



There was a huge dent right in the front part of the car, the machine of the car was almost busted, and everyone who saw the thing that had happened in front of them was startled and couldn't think that someone would be this daring.

Then Rolls-Royce Phantom with a more luxurious model stopped right beside the car which was being dented by Haru.

Then Haru's bodyguard came from the car and walked beside Haru.

Haru took the key from his man and gave it to Azami.

"Uncle, you can have my car, it is more durable and stronger, even if someone hits you with a missile, I'm confident that you can escape using this car, but..." Haru pulled Erina to his side and said, "For now, how about you let me take care of your daughter?"


Erina's mind was blank at this moment and kept remembering the thing that had happened before.

When Haru blasted Azami's car with a punch, Erina felt that the cage inside her heart was blasted away by him.

Having been born with the God of Tongue since birth, she shouldered the responsibility of carrying the name of her family.

She spent her childhood in the darkroom.

In order to train her God of Tongue, she needed to spend every day listening to her father's education, sitting in the darkroom eating dishes from a dozen chefs.

She didn't have a friend, and when she was a child, her only playmate was Alice, but when she was separated from her. She didn't have anyone to play or talk with, she also had learned that all of the letters that she had sent and being sent by Alice had been torn by her father.

Growing up, she used her haughty and proud facade of loneliness and weakness when she faced or worked with a lot of people from the various famous food industries.

Azami had built her a solid cage that had trapped her to only live for the sake of food and the Eden of the chefs in the future.

Erina could only sit inside that cage with her knees longing for the outside world.

However, in just a moment, that cage was blasted, and she was pulled right to the outside world.

Erina looked at Haru's wide back, tall figure, and felt a sense of security coming from him.

"If you're worried about your daughter then you don't need to worry since I'll also bring Alice with me to send her back."

Haru looked at Alice and said, "Alice, can you send us back?"

Alice, who was stunned before, nodded stupidly.


Azami wanted to say something but stopped when he saw Haru's expression. He gulped for a moment and felt that he had faced a brutal king or even a beast.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of your daughter."

Haru held Erina's hand gently, looking at her with a gentle smile, and said, "Let's go."


Erina nodded and looked at the hand which held her hand blushing.

Azami felt pressure and started to sweat profusely until he saw them had gone.


Azami closed his eyes for a while trying to calm himself.


Azami's bodyguard started to come toward him and they could only dare to walk toward him now since they could feel that Haru was very strong.

"...Investigate him."

Azami didn't know who Haru was, but he knew that the relationship between him and his daughter was very close. He looked at his car which was being busted, looked at the car key that had been given to him, and looked at the car that had been given to him by Haru. He knew that Haru's identity wasn't something that could be scoffed off when this young man could easily give such a luxurious car without batting his eyes.


Azami cleaned his hand tightly and wouldn't give up his plan to build a utopia for the chef in this world!

'No matter what!'