Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 636

Volume 1 Chapter 636 It Is Hard To Talk With Tsundere

Alice brought them to her car to send them back. She looked at Haru and Erina and snorted. She looked at them and asked, "How long are both of you going to hold hands with each other?"


Erina looked at her hand which was holding his hand tightly before pulling it right away. She blushed and said, "Don't misunderstand! I didn't hold his hand because I wanted to!"

"Then, why did you hold his hand tightly before?" Alice asked with a smile.


Erina didn't care about her facade anymore since she was inside the car and jumped toward her cousin.


Haru and Ritsu didn't bother both sisters and only looked at their fight. If there was popcorn, it would be perfect. Though, he thought that Alice was really a nice girl at that moment.

"Stop! Stop! Let's stop the fight!" Alice shouted.

"Hmph! You're the one who starts it!" Erina said angrily.

Alice looked at Haru and had to admit that this guy was really her type. If he confessed to her now then she wouldn't mind accepting him. She looked at him and asked, "Is it alright to give your car to Uncle Azami?"

"It's alright, it isn't that expensive anyway," Haru said.

"Now, I have become more curious about you," Alice said while looking at him from up and down. She could tell that Haru was from a rich family, but she had never seen him before.

"Alice, don't be so rude!" Erina said.

"What? Are you afraid that I'm going to steal your boyfriend?" Alice asked.

"He is not my boyfriend!!!!"

Erina got angry once again.


"Is this so-called Tsundere?" Ritsu whispered.

"Yeah..." Haru nodded.

"Who is Tsundere?!" Erina, who heard it, became very annoyed and folded her arms before looking away.

"But still, you're very strong,"

Alice remembered that Haru could bust a very thick car with only a punch. "Is your hand, alright?" She didn't wait for him to answer and pulled his hand right away while looking at it. She touched his fist and arm and had to admit that it was very hard, long, and thick.


Erina was very angry at her cousin, however, she was also cornered about Haru's hand since she was him punching the car very hard before.

"Erina, Erina, touch his arm, it is very hard!"

Alice brought his arm in front of Erina to show it to her.

Erina blushed and looked away once again.

Haru suddenly became tired and said, "Well, can you just send us back?" He pulled his hand back while looking at both of them.


Erina and Alice noticed Ritsu who was sitting next to Haru.

"I don't mind, but who is she? What is your relationship with her?" Alice asked curiously.

"She is Ritsu, and she is my friend and secretary," Haru said.

"Yes, you can call me Ritsu," Ritsu said with a smile. She felt that both of them could become good data to know what it meant to be in love.

"Friend, huh? How suspicious...."

Alice looked at Haru and Ritsu trying to see whether they were lying or not.

Erina also felt quite relieved, but when she remembered that Haru had stayed with a lot of girls before she felt quite complex. She felt that her chest tightened for some reason and it was very uncomfortable.

They talked to each other and Alice kept asking who he was.

Haru was too lazy to answer and only joked with her until they had arrived in front of his house.

"So this is your house?" Alice asked while looking at the huge building in front of her. She was about to enter his house, but she stopped when she heard his voice.

"Wait, wait, you want to enter?" Haru asked.

"Yes, is that alright?" Alice asked.

"I don't mind," Haru said.

"Then, I'll come now!" Alice wanted to enter, but she was stopped by Erina.


Erina pulled Alice's hand and said, "We need to go back since it is quite late."

Alice pouted but didn't force herself. She looked at Haru and asked, "Can I have your contact?"

"Sure." Haru agreed and exchanged his phone number and email with Alice. He looked at Erina and said, "Erina, what's your number?"

"Huh?! Why did I need to give it to you!" Erina said haughtily, but she regretted it when she answered with such an answer.

"Well, I want your opinion more on my magazine later," Haru said.

"Hmph! Well.. it can't be helped," Erina said as she changed her contact info with him. Though, her heart blossomed in happiness right now.

"Well, see you," Haru said and went back with Ritsu.


Alice waved her hand and wanted to follow them, but she was stopped by Erina being pulled inside the car. She looked at Erina and asked, "Do you like him, right? If you want I can support you!"

"He has a girlfriend," Erina said simply.

"So what? It is normal for someone like him to have a girlfriend!" Alice said since she didn't think that it was uncommon for someone to have a girlfriend.


Erina was speechless when she heard it.

"You just need to steal him from his girlfriend!"

Alice moved closer and kneaded Erina's huge b.r.e.a.s.ts. "You can use this lascivious body to tempt him!"


Erina pushed Alice away and started to fight.

"Tell the truth, how you feel about him! Or I'll have him myself!" Alice said to test Erina since she knew her personality very well.


At the same time, they thought that they needed to search for his information more when they had gone back


"I'm back."

Haru and Ritsu came back together.

"Welcome back!"

Sora welcomed them and went toward him then suddenly she smelled his body from up and down.

"What's wrong?" Haru suddenly felt strange.

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

Sora's nose moved as if a puppy smelled its master and asked, "Did you get a new girl?"


Haru was wondering how Sora's nose was working and told Sora what had happened during the cooking competition.

Sora didn't expect such a thing to happen during the cooking competition and it had even become a very serious match, however, she sighed when she thought that another girl had fallen to him again.

Luckily, Megumi didn't stay here and her parents had gone back from a business trip.

"Have you eaten dinner?" Haru asked.


Sora nodded and said, "Let's sleep." She pulled his hand inside.



Sora pulled Haru to her room.

Ritsu looked at them for a while and decided to observe the love between humans.


Yajima looked at the huge spacecraft that he had gotten while holding his turtle (Mr. President or his first prize from Group Chat).

"Let's go!"