Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 637

Volume 1 Chapter 637 What Did They Do? 1

Stealth Cruiser.

The moment that spacecraft appeared on Fiore, no, in front of the headquarter of the Infinite Guild, it made a lot of people surprised and curious, however, they felt that it was quite normal since the one who owned it was the best guild in Fiore.

Yajima placed this spacecraft on the sea and used it to search the location of his friend and the other members of the Fairy Tail that had disappeared on Tenrou Island.

Sting and Rogue who heard Yajima's words were surprised when they heard him wanted to search for the members of Fairy Tail who had disappeared in the past. Both of them had been searching for Natsu and Gajeel, but they had never found them. This time their master had told them that he was going to search them which made them quite excited and they also followed Yajima to search the location of this island.

Orga and Rufus also went together since they were curious about this ship.

"I have never seen this ship from my memory," Rufus said.

"Umm... Master, where is Haru-sama, and everyone?" Yukino asked curiously.

Because the size of this ship was very large (at least 250 meters), they needed a lot of people to drive this spacecraft.

Yajima was a bit surprised when he heard Yukino's words. He thought for a while and said, "Well, for Haru, he is married and on honeymoon."


Everyone was surprised when they heard it.

"Damn, how can he not invite us!" Sting was annoyed.

Rogue, Rufus, and Orga also felt annoyed when they learned it since they weren't invited.

"M - Married?!" Yukino was startled.

"Well, he has a shotgun wedding, that's why he didn't invite you," Yajima said, wondering whether he would have been slain by Esdeath if that woman knew what he was saying.

"Anyway, let's search for the location of Tenrou Island first."

They nodded, however, Yukino somehow wasn't in a mood to join everyone.

The spacecraft slowly floated in the air and moved forward around the sea. It was their first time riding this spacecraft since it took them quite a while to learn how to use it.

Yajima looked at the advanced radar on the spacecraft.

*Ping!* *Ping!* *Ping!*

They had moved for a few hours until it noticed a strange wave in some area.

Yajima had a feeling that it was the location of Tenrou Island, but he knew that the only people who could enter this place was the member of Fairy Tail.

"It seems that we have found the location, let's go to Fairy Tail!"


Korosensei went to the Gourmet World together with Brunch.

Brunch who had seen Korosensei thought that Korosensei was someone from Gourmet World since his appearance was similar to an octopus and he thought that he wasn't wrong since he could see that Korosensensei's speed was unbelievable.

20 Mach.

It was the speed of Korosensei, even in the Gourmet World, it was very rare for a monster to have such a speed.

Korosensei didn't have much information about Gourmet World, besides the information that he had gotten from the manga. He was really surprised when he saw a lot of large monsters that could even reach the cloud, a sea that could tear someone apart, a golden cloud that could stomp everyone, pudding monster, and a lot of more.

But the thing that surprised him was the huge hoof print on the ground which gave him a feeling that he was in front of existence that he shouldn't provoke and made him unable to move.

Brunch also had the same feeling, but he had often used this route to get back to his home which was the reason why he had gotten used to it.

"Phantom Beast Herac."

Korosensei dripped sweat from his entire body and said, "It is just its footprint!!!!"

"Hahaha, it is just its footprint, but it is awesome, right?" Brunch laughed.

Korosensei thought for a while and said, "Wait, let me get a photo in this place! Let's take a selfie here!"



Luffy, who was inside the jungle, was training the 4th Gear of his Devil Fruit that he had developed to make himself stronger. He looked at numerous beasts in front of him and thought to mimic their movement for his technique.

Then he thought about another thing.


Luffy learned from Haru (Haru and Kouah are the only people who eats Devil Fruit beside Luffy in the Group Chat) and there was something which was known as "awakening" or a technique that was able to affect his surroundings with the property of his Devil Fruit.



Luffy thought about eating first before he thought about this matter.


Esdeath was practicing her new sword since its shape was a bit different from her previous sword, however, it was a lot stronger than before. Sitting down while crossing her legs, she placed her sword on her lap before closing her eyes and trying to communicate with her sword.

Esdeath learned that there was an existence within this sword that was able to make her become a lot stronger. She wanted to go to the Gourmet World in Toriko's world, but she knew that she was too weak now, especially when she thought that she was almost killed by Nitro before, however, she also smiled when she thought that she was being saved by him.

'As expected of my husband...'

Esdeath learned from the story of "Bleach", there were two forms of Zanpakuto and that was Shinkai and Bankai.

Shinkai is a sealed form of Zanpakuto, and Banka is an unsealed form of Zanpakuto.

Esdeath couldn't use the Bankai, but she could use Shinkai after she learned her Zanpakuto for a while.

It was fairly easy since "Sode no Shirayuki" had the same ability as her Teigu, however, she knew that there was some difference between the two of them.

If her Teigu was used to create and control ice, then "Sode no Shirayuki" was used to lower the temperature on her surroundings.

It seemed the same, but it was quite different.

Esdeath also thought to learn both "Armament Haki" and "Observation Haki" since she knew that it was a very useful technique, especially "Observation Haki" since she knew it was a very handy technique when she learned that her husband could read the future for a few seconds.

Her surroundings had turned cold, and no one dared to get closer to her, and they only hoped for their king to come back as soon as possible!