Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 638

Volume 1 Chapter 638 What Did You Do? 2

Gintoki had just woken up from his nap and thought to sleep again, but he couldn't sleep when the living room was very loud. He sighed and stood up before he yelled, "Guys, can you shut up? I'm trying to sleep!"

"Gin-san! It is 11 in the afternoon! How long are you going to sleep!" Shinpachi was mad.

"Gin-chan! Shinpachi is... Shinpachi is gone!!!!" Kagura shouted.

"Huh? I'm here!" Shinpachi cried.

Gintoki came out from his room and looked at Shinpachi. He was shocked and surprised. "What? Shinpachi is gone!"

"As I said, I'm here!!!" Shinpachi sighed and said, "I just wanted to try lense contact...." He put on a 45-degree pose and asked, "What do you think? Do you think I'm like Tom Cruise?"



Gintoki and Kagura shouted loudly.

"AS I SAID, I'M SHINPACHI!!!!!" Shinpachi sighed and changed his contact lens to glasses since he wasn't used to it.


Gintoki and Kagura took Shinpachi's glasses and felt very happy.

"I'M SHINPACHI!!!!!!!"

Gintoki shook his head and walked toward the refrigerator and took out strawberry milk while thinking about his teacher and wondering what he would do about him, however, when he thought how troublesome it was he couldn't help but sigh. He went to the toilet to take a leak and was about to open the zipper on his pants, but he stopped when he saw the woman in front of him.

"Oi, what are you doing here?"

"Moo, Gin-chan, I'm here to help you, of course...."

The one who had said these words was Saratobi Ayame who was a ninja and stalker.

"Well, Gin-san, let me help you...." Sacchan opened her mouth while waiting for him.


Gintoki was wondering why when he was also a harem protagonist, but the girls around him were very abnormal.


Kouha was practicing his technique in his courtyard. He knew that he would have a fight in the future, a lot of questions, and that was why he needed to become stronger.

Kouha thought about one technique that made him quite interested and that was "surface inversion".

His power was gravity manipulation and he could do everything using gravity.

It might be quite troublesome to create a black hole, but it was easy to do "surface inversion".

Kouha thought this technique would use gravitational force to turn an object into an inside-out.

Using this technique, for example, it is possible to give a simple blow to the chest resulting in fatal damage such as the heart turning inside out and blood flow being reversed, depriving the brain of oxygen.

Kouha thought what he could do right now and that was to make himself stronger to support his older brothers and also could play around the different worlds without trouble.


Shinobu sipped her tea and sighed when she thought that there wasn't any progress on her relationship with Haru.

'Tsunade, then Esdeath...'

Shinobu wouldn't expect Haru to marry someone. She knew what had happened in his quest before, but she was quite surprised by his decision to marry someone immediately. She felt that his decision was to rush and too sudden since she wasn't prepared to accept such a thing so suddenly. She also thought that the guy was a pervert when she heard what they were doing in the hotel before. She stood up and shouted, "HARU, YOU BASTARD!!!!"

Shinobu didn't realize that there were a lot of people who were looking at her and thought that Shinobu had a broken heart. They thought about Haru who they had met in the past and thought they needed to give him a lesson when they met him in the future.


Kuroneko was in her room and she was doing something that couldn't be known by her siblings and parents. She was holding a drawing pen while drawing something on the paper.

If someone was here, then they would know that Kuroneko was drawing manga, but this manga was different from the normal manga.

BL or Boys Love.

Kuroneko didn't know how long that she realized that she had become so rotten that she started to imagine the members of Group Chat started to have such an ambiguous relationship even though they were male.

It might have started when she saw how close the relationship was between Haru and Kouha made her have a nosebleed from time to time.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle..."



Kuroneko pinched her nose to stop the nosebleed when she saw her masterpiece. She knew that it was her only secret and she couldn't share it with everyone, no, she might able to share it with some girls on the Group Chat.

"Hmmm, Shinobu is a good choice."

Kuroneko thought that Shinobu, who was living with limited entertainment, would appreciate the art that she had created. For Tsunade, she thought that women loved gambling more than her manga and for Esdeath, she was too afraid to say something to her.

That was why her first choice was Shinobu.

Kuroneko smiled and thought that she would have a rotten friend soon.



Shinobu felt that her nose was a bit itchy, but she also felt that somehow it felt cold for some reason making her quite uncomfortable.


1 December.

In the early morning, the Longinus investment was very busy since everyone had a meeting about their next target.

Haru had a meeting with his executives on the investment company along with Seri and Ritsu who stayed since they were planning for another plan to start their target.

Everyone in this place knew that Haru was a genius at economics, and this time they knew that his target was the Euro that would fall because of the Greece Debt Crisis.

"We have 250 million USD ready." Ayase looked at Haru and said, "Now, how much leverage are we going to use?" He felt that the world was going crazy since they didn't realize what was about to happen, but he also knew that it might be because of the Icelandic financial crisis that made everyone's eyes clouded.

If Haru didn't mention it before, then everyone who sat down on this place wouldn't know that such a big thing would happen soon.

"Let's use 50 times leverage." Haru had a rare serious expression on his face and said, "If we're successful, then you don't need to worry that I'll send out a bonus to your pocket.'

"Thank you, boss!!!!"

Everyone was happy and their eyes had turned into a hunter that was waiting for their prey!