Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 639

Volume 1 Chapter 639 Rouge En Rogue

Haru decided to visit his cafe after he took care of the matter within his company. He needed to go to the investment company from time to time to become a conductor or a leader on his hunt since he didn't lose his money.

Haru went to his cafe since he needed to check the Fate Stay Night. He also thought that he needed to put the advertis.e.m.e.nt of that game into his video hosting website since his website had been opened just a few hours ago. He had heard the result was good since he had enough of IP (intellectual property), also invited a lot of people from the anime industry, and also celebrities came to this website.

There was a doubt at first, but since he had money it was very easy to promote his website, and slowly he would make it reach the entire world.

This website is good because it can make the distance between fans closer and make them able to interact with each other while also getting money too.

Some people might say that money wasn't the only thing in this world, but without money, you couldn't get most of the things in this world.

So even though money wasn't the most important thing, it was still necessary to have it.

As long as there was a benefit, most people would accept the invitation without a problem.

Haru who had arrived in the cafe saw it had closed, and entered directly before he went to the 2nd floor.

It wasn't a holiday and he had skipped the class, but it was alright since he was a member of the student council.

Entering the 2nd floor, he saw Shiina and Iwasawa who were studying together.

Both of them had decided to enter a high school together since they might able to enter the school to the art division, however, their score also needed to be good too, worse, they needed to reach a normal score.

They had good backing, and they didn't need to worry about their future when they had a strong boss.


Shiina and Iwasawa were surprised to see him come.

"You didn't have to go to school?" Iwasawa asked. She had already felt numb when she read what he had done in the newspaper.

"No, I had some business before, and now, where is Kosaka?" Haru asked.

"I'm here." Kosaka went out from her room and said, "I thought that you had forgotten about our game."

"Of course not, this is the first game that we have created together, let's play it," Haru said.

"Good." Kosaka nodded and decided to play the game together in the living room ignoring both Shiina and Iwasawa who were studying since she could see that both of them weren't even that serious in studying.

"I have seen the promotion of your weekly manga magazine," Kosaka said.

"What do you think?" Haru asked.

"I can see that everyone seems to be very excited about it," Kosaka said. She wasn't lying since Haru's figure had become a legend, and there was a long debate about whether Haru was the "Golden Boy" in the newspaper who had short-selling the gold or not.

But Haru had never given a clarification about it and only mentioned his new game on Twitter caused a lot of people to become curious about this game.

"That's good. It'll be sold after the new year," Haru said.

"Hehehe, I can't wait to read it."

"Right, Kosaka, I want to ask you something," Haru said.

"What's wrong?" Kosaka asked.

"If this game is successful, do you want to open a company?" Haru asked.

Kosaka nodded without hesitation and said, "Of course!" She had seen him build a lot of companies and she also wanted to build one too.

"Do you want to work with me again?" Haru said.

"Oh-ho? Let's talk about it," Kosaka said.

"If this game is successful then, I'm going to make a novel about what happened on Fate/Stay Night 10 years ago."

Kosaka who heard it couldn't help but feel quite surprised. "Do you want to create a franchise from Fate?"

"That's right."

Haru wanted to create a franchise media from Fate-Series since it was one of the most profitable games in his previous world.

"Interesting... Interesting...." Kosaka grinned when she heard it. She knew the potential of Fate/Stay Night and if it was possible to create a franchise from it then she was more than happy to do it.

Both of them had shared the copyright of Fate/Stay Night and it was better to create a company again with both of them.

"After the end of the Winter Comiket, let's start to create the company," Haru said.

"Good." Kosaka nodded and asked, "That haunted building that you have bought before, what are you going to do with it?"

"I'm not sure, I might create a gym from that building," Haru said from the start he had never thought his business would expand so fast.

"Then give it to me! As long as the result of the game that we have sold is good then I'm going to use that place to create the game," Kosaka said.

Haru nodded and said, "Sure, you can use it."

"That's good." Kosaka nodded and said, "Do you have another idea for a game?"

"I have it, you don't need to worry, but you need to get a scriptwriter too."

"Yeah, you don't need to worry."

Both of them started to discuss with each other about a game company that they would create later.

Shiina ignored them and played with a broom while also studying. She might enter the school using a martial art scholarship later and didn't need to worry about the study, however, it was different from Kosaka since the conversation between Haru and Kosaka was too surprising for her. She sighed and thought that she needed to work hard at the concert during the Winter Comiket later.

"Can I name the company?" Kosaka asked.

"Why not?"

"Then, I'll name it Rouge en rogue...."

Thus the legendary game company would be created soon by two people.....