Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 641

Volume 1 Chapter 641 Shrine Maiden

Kanda Shrine.

It was just an old and dilapidated shrine, however, after being renovated it had turned into a beautiful shrine that would give people a calm mind after they entered this location.

Haru knew very well about Sora's personality and she was pretty lazy. He also didn't have time to manage this shrine and decided to hire someone to clean it from time to time. He also could see that a shrine was pretty much empty if it wasn't during a new year or special days.

Unless the owner of the shrine was someone famous, it was basically quite rare for someone to go to the shrine.

'Well, it's also a good place to relax...'

It was December, and even though there wasn't any snow that appeared in this city, the temperature was pretty cold.

Haru turned on the warmer on the shrine and relaxed for a while. He thought for a while and decided to enter the "Tower" since he was pretty much free. He took his smartphone and pressed open the Group Chat before entering the "Tower".


Haru didn't spend too much time on the "Tower" and only cleared one floor before he decided to stop, but he had gotten quite an interesting reward from the Group Chat.

[Congratulations, you have got Nekopara's maid uniform]

Haru knew that he couldn't use it by himself, but he could let Sora, Megumi, or Utaha wear it for him. He looked at the description of this reward and felt a bit surprised since it had an interesting ability.


[Nekopara's maid uniform]

It is a special maid uniform that is able to turn its wearer to have a cat's features along with a cat's ability.


Haru suddenly thought for Kirari to wear a maid uniform while also having cat ears on her head.

"Hmm... It's a good idea."

*Knock!* *Knock!*

It was at this moment that the door of the shrine was knocked on.

"Excuse me."

Haru thought that it was someone who wanted to apply to become a shrine maiden. "Please give me a moment." He stood up and walked toward the entrance before opening the door. "Welcome."

In front of him, two beautiful girls appeared right in front of the door.

Purple hair with low twin tail hairstyle, busty figure, thick thigh, and a soft body that seems very soft and huggable.

Blond ponytail hair, blue eyes, long legs, and also a beautiful face that gives a people a cool beauty aura.

Both girls were wearing a school uniform that seemed quite close to this shrine.

"Students from Otonokizaka High School? Is there anything?" Haru asked.

Otonokizaka High School is a quite famous all-girls school within this area.

Haru knew about it since Sora and Megumi also thought to enter this school before, but decided to change their destination to Inspirational Academy Private High School.

"Nozomi." The blonde-haired girl reminded the busty girl.

"I - I'm going to apply to become a shrine maiden!" The girl with a busty figure said with a bit of a nervous expression.

"Oh!" Haru was a bit surprised since he didn't expect that it would be a high school girl that wanted to apply to his shrine. "Well, why don't you enter first? It's quite cold outside, right?"

The busty girl nodded and hurriedly entered, however, the blonde girl didn't seem to feel that cold.

Haru thought that the blonde-haired girl came from Russia or somewhere cold. 'Wait!' He suddenly thought that this girl was familiar somehow. 'Otonokizaka... Russia...'


The blonde-haired girl blushed when she was being stared at.

"Ah!" The busty girl seemed to realize something and hugged the blonde-haired girl.

"She is my girlfriend!"


The blonde-haired girl was afraid that they were being misunderstood.

"Well, I'm not going to steal your girlfriend, but your girlfriend is really beautiful and I feel a bit jealous," Haru said before turning. "Let's enter first, I'll prepare you a tea or snack." He knew that they were joking, but if it was real then he would feel pretty bumped.

The blonde-haired blushed as he listened to his compliments.

"Ericchi, are you falling in love? Is our relationship really that shallow that you fell for a man?" The busty girl seemed to be very sad.

The blonde-haired girl sighed and said, "Let's enter first, I'm here to accompany and also don't do that kind of thing again!"

"Sob! Sob! Ericchi has been stolen by a man!!!" The busty girl cried.



Haru brought both tea and snacks to the table and said, "Please."

"Thank you very much." Both girls said it at the same time.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, I'm the owner of this shrine," Haru said.

"Owner? Not a priest?"

"Yes, owner." Haru nodded and asked, "Why don't you introduce your name first?"

"My name is Nozomi Tojo."

The busty girl smiled at him.

"My name is Ayase Eli."

The blonde-haired girl while looking at him with a shy expression.

'Ugh....' Haru had to admit that the blonde-haired girl was his type. "Well, which one of you wants to become a shrine maiden?"

"Me!" Nozomi said while raising her hand, making her b.r.e.a.s.ts "jiggle."

"How about you, Ayase-san?" Haru asked.

"N - No, I'm only accompanying my friend," Eli said shyly.

"Well, that's a shame...." Haru sighed and said, "Well, Tojo-san, is it?"

"Just call me Nozomi." Nozomi pouted and said, "Haru, you only care about Ericchi!" She hugged Eli again and said, "For your information, I won't give her easily to you!"


"Don't worry, I'm not afraid of hardship and I'll work hard to get your approval," Haru said without hesitation.


Nozomi was surprised, and Eli blushed once again.

"Well, enough of a joke, from what I can see that you're a high school student, do you have your school permission to work here?" Haru asked since it was necessary.

"Don't worry, our school allows the students to work part-time jobs," Nozomi said without hesitation. "If you don't believe it then you can ask Ericchi since she is the student council president of our school."

"Yes, our school allows its students to work part-time," Eli said.

"Then, I don't need to worry, the work is pretty simple since you only need to clean out the shrine...." Haru started to tell what Nozomi needed to do along with how much she would be paid after her work.

Nozomi listened carefully and nodded.

"Do you have a question?"


"Then, when are you ready to work?"

"Is it okay to do it now?"

Nozomi seemed to be eager and said, "I want to wear shrine maiden uniform."

"Well, there is the uniform in that room," Haru said while pointing his finger in one room.

"Good! Ericchi, let's go!" Nozomi pulled Eli together with her.



Haru only shook his head and waited for them to change their clothes.


Nozomi and Eli who had entered the room could see that this place was quite luxurious, and Eli seemed to forget about what Nozomi had done to her.

"What are you doing!"

Eli suddenly asked since this girl was just too random.

"Ericchi, don't you think that Haru likes you?" Nozomi said.

"Huh!?" Eli blushed and said, "W - What are you saying! We have only met once!"

"How many times you have met isn't important! What is important is, what do you think about him?" Nozomi asked.

"W - Well, it seems that he isn't bad...." Eli said.


Nozomi stared at Eli for a while and sighed. "Don't fall for him too easily..."


"Well, enough of that, let's change our clothes!"

"Do I need to do it?"

"Well, don't you want to see his expression to see you in maiden shrine uniform?" Nozomi showed a smirk and said, "I guess that he has a shrine maiden fetish!"


"But still, don't you think that it is a bit weird....." Nozomi looked around.

"What's wrong?" Eli didn't understand what Nozomi meant.

"I mean, this place seems to be new, and he introduces himself as an owner, neither priest or something, don't you think that it is quite weird?" Nozomi said.

"Well....." Eli thought for a while and said, "It might be quite weird."

"That's why we're going to ask him after we have changed our uniform...." Nozomi's hands moved weirdly toward Eli.

"W - What are you doing....."

Eli moved back slowly, but suddenly she felt a wall behind her.

"Let me help you, Ericchi..... also let me check your size!"



Haru moved slightly to fix the position of his anaconda since their noise made him restless.


The sliding door was opened, both girls had come out while wearing a shrine maiden uniform.

"Haru, what do you think?" Nozomi asked.

Haru gave them a thumbs up and said, "Beautiful." He looked at Eli who seemed very embarrassed and said, "It's very fit for you."

"T - Thank you....." Eli blushed.

"Well, Haru, where are your parents?" Nozomi asked.

Haru was a bit awkward and said, "They have passed away."


Nozomi and Eri were silent at that moment.

"Well, you don't need to worry too much." Haru waved his hand and said, "How about you clean this place first, I'll see whether you're fit to work in this place or not." He tried to change the topic of the conversation since it would be quite awkward.

"Y - Yes!!!"

They nodded and also felt quite awkward, but also sad. They looked at him and became more curious about what he was doing and what his identity was.

Haru looked at both girls who were cleaning the shrine while glancing at him. He shook his head and suddenly felt that there was a notice on the Group Chat.

'Quest again?'