Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 642

Volume 1 Chapter 642 Energy

That was what he had thought, but that wasn't the case.

Yajima: "I have a large spacecraft, but I'm not sure what to do with the energy that is used by this spacecraft."


Everyone in the Group Chat also wasn't sure what to say since everyone wasn't coming from a Mecha world.

Gintoki: "What happened?"

Yajima: "I have seen that the energy on my spacecraft is reduced slowly before it is empty, so I'm asking whether there is a way to recover that energy."

Haru: "Yajima-san, if I'm not wrong your spacecraft from the world of Macross, right?"

Yajima: "Yes, it is from Macross world, I'm not even sure what kind of story Macross is....."

Kuroneko: "Macross is a Mecha world. I'll send the anime later, you can see it yourselves."

Yajima: "Wait! What kind of energy is used on robots in that world?"

Kuroneko: "Well, the location of the story in space....."

Kuroneko: "I'm sorry... I don't know... Haru, do you know anything?"

Haru: "Macross's world is using the song energy...

"What the heck is song energy?!" 5x

Haru: "It's an energy that is produced from a song."

Esdeath: "Is that possible?"

Haru: "That setting of that world. I'm not even sure what it is since I have never seen it..."

Yajima: "It's impossible to use song energy, is there anything else?"

Haru: "From what I know the people in Macross's world are either using energy from nuclear or sun... For other things, I'm not sure."

Yajima: "What about your Gundam?"

Haru sighed when he thought about his Gundam. He might be able to use it for play, but he couldn't use it for a fight since the energy of that Gundam was limited, and he was unable to get the source of energy since it was practically impossible to get it in this world right now.

Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

It can also be called clean nuclear energy, however, the same as nuclear energy that it also needs fuel.

Nuclear energy uses uranium as a fuel, however, Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor needs to use a rare isotope of helium known as helium-3 (i.e., 2 protons and 1 neutron in the nucleus).

The main practical problem with this reaction is that helium-3 is extremely rare; there are few deposits on Earth, mainly found in uranium mines, and these are mostly depleted.

Haru didn't have uranium mines since he didn't think that it was necessary to have them.

In Gundam's world to get the supply of helium-3 from, they need to go to Jupiter to get that fuel.

It was practically impossible for him to go to Jupiter from this world.

Haru sighed when he thought of his Gundam when its energy was depleted. He thought for a while and started to reply to the Group Chat.

The topic of Mecha making the Group Chat became very noisy since everyone was very interested in riding a Mecha.

Haru: "Yajima-san, is it possible to change or add energy to your space with Eternano?"

Yajima: "Eternano, huh....?" He remembered that the Blue Pegasus also owned a large airship and thought to talk with them about Eternano later.

In Fairy Tail's world, most of the vehicles or electronic devices use an Eternano as their source of energy.

In the simplest way, Eternano is magical energy.

In Haru's world, there wasn't any magic in the surrounding area and it is impossible to gather Eternano. He could only change the fuel of his Gundam, but he needed a long time to do it and it was also very troublesome.

If possible, then he wanted to have a researcher, scientist, or someone from the world with unique energy in their world.

But he leaned toward the researcher, scientist, or genius since the only person who could understand that technology on the Group Chat was only him. He also needed help from someone since it was practically impossible to pour all of his energy into research since he didn't want to spend most of his time with a machine.

It was better to spend time with Sora, Megumi, Esdeath, Utaha, and more.....

Luffy: "Can you use Cola? My ship is using Cola!"


Haru: "Is it possible to meet Franky?"

Luffy: "....No."


Haru was speechless, but he thought that he needed to meet Franky since that guy was a genius. Even though Franky was perverted, who could think of using Cola as a source of energy?

They continued to talk for a while about the world of Macross and Gundam since they had a feeling that they would go to the world of Mecha sooner or later.

Fighting using a big robot!

The eyes of the guys on Group Chat became very excited.

Haru closed the Group Chat and talked with both Nozomi and Eli.

It was quite a normal conversation, and Haru inserted some of the jokes, making both of them laugh.

Nozomi and Eli were surprised when they learned that Haru was a High School student since he seemed to be very mature for his age, but they thought that it might be because he had lost his parents early made him needed to get mature very early.

"I won't be coming to this shrine very often since I still need to do my job," Haru said.

"What is your job?" Nozomi asked curiously since she was quite surprised for him to be able to renovate such a large shrine since she knew that it wasn't cheap, especially when she knew that Haru was a high school student.

"Oh, I own a cafe and a writer. You can visit my cafe later," Haru said.

"What is the name of that cafe?" Eli asked.

"Fleur De Lapin. I bake very good bread, you should visit it," Haru said.

"Fleur De Lapin!!!"

Nozomi and Eli were surprised.

"What's wrong?"

Haru was quite surprised by their reaction.

Nozomi pouted and said, "Why do you only open your cafe in the early morning!" She had heard of that popular cafe, but she couldn't come since she needed to go to school and when she had time to go to that place had already been closed.

Fleur De Lapin has only a limited opening time, and all the bread has always been sold out very early.

But, Eli was thinking about something else since she remembered that her father and little sister went to that cafe before. She tried to recall something, but she couldn't remember what it was. She thought that she should talk about this to her little sister or father later. Though, she might forget to ask about it later.

Haru only laughed and said, "Well, I'll bring you some later."

"Really?" Nozomi asked.

"Sure." Haru nodded.

They continued to talk for a while before the sun was going to rest. They decided to go back early, and Haru offered to send them back since it was almost dark.

Eli and Nozomi thought for a while and decided to accept his offer.

They went to his car that he had parked on the side of the shrine before driving back to their houses.

Haru thought his day was very good since he had met two beautiful girls, but he couldn't wait for the next quest.