Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 643

Volume 1 Chapter 643 Big Gain

8 December.

Haru was in the private room of his gambling den. He had created a branch of gambling den within the school building making it easier for the students to gamble on his gambling den. He placed the branch of the gambling den on the top of the student council room since if there was trouble on the gamble then he could come to the student council room to change the result of the gamble.

The main building of the Traditional Culture Club was very quiet and only some people were here either talking about the strategy of gambling or talking about the final exam since the 2nd semester was almost over.

There was a private room in this main building, but only some people could enter this place.

Inside this room, there was Haru who was reading a book about movie distribution and also Kirari who was reading classic literature.

Haru closed the book and sighed.

"What's wrong?" Kirari also closed the book.

"I'm waiting for a call, you don't need to worry."

Haru thought of something and said, "I remember that you got a secretary?" He had skipped the class before and only remembered that Kirari had told him about this matter over the phone.

Kirari rolled her eyes and said, "Now, you decide to ask...."

"Well, is it a girl or a boy?" Haru asked.

"She is a girl, but don't you dare to do something to her," Kirari said. She thought about her cute secretary who was only in third grade of middle school and she didn't want her secretary to become one of his girls either.


Haru was speechless and asked, "Do you think that I'm that kind of guy?'


Kirari decided to ignore him since this guy was quite unreasonable and had skipped school for a long time. Even though the school didn't really forbid him since he was a special case (the only billionaire inside the school and also the youngest).

The school also wanted a reputation from him and that was why it didn't really matter for him to skip the school as long as his score was enough.

Even though the school had allowed him, Kirari was still quite annoyed since it started to get hard to see each other.

Haru looked at Kirari for a while and suddenly remembered something, but when he was about to tell her his smartphone vibrated. He saw that it was from Ayase and connected to the call. "What's wrong, Uncle?"

"Boss! Look at the television! Gree's credit rating has been downgraded!"

Ayase sounded very happy and excited.

Haru turned on the television and checked the economic news before he saw that Greece's credit rating had been downgraded from A- to BBB+ by Fitch.


Haru hugged Kirari who was beside her and kissed her cheek unconsciously.


Kirari was very surprised by his sudden outburst and also blushed when he kissed her.

Haru suddenly reacted and said, "I'm sorry, I'm a bit excited." He continued to talk with Ayase for a while before hanging his smartphone.

Kirari tried to calm herself when she saw him talking over the phone, then looked at the television and saw the news that had made Haru very happy. "Has Greece's credit rating been downgraded?"

"Yeah, this is good news for me," Haru said.


Haru didn't mind and told her that he had used 250 million USD with 50 times leverage and because of this news his bet was successful.

"So you use 12,5 billion USD?" Kirari's body shook and also felt surprised.

"Yes, the exchange rate of Euro to USD has changed from 1.5068 to 1.4729." Haru sighed and said, "I hope that it'll turn into 1.3 soon." From this transaction alone, he had gotten 400 million USD, of course, he was pretty excited and it was far from over since it would continue to drop for a while.

In this world, he might be able to become rich using his magic or anything by manipulating the mind of the people with high authority, but he still wants to play the game using the rules of this world since it is pretty interesting.

Kirari smiled sweetly and said, "Congratulations."

"Thank you, it is because of you that have invited me to this school that I have enough capital to start my business," Haru said. He told the truth since if Kirari didn't invite him to this school then he might not start to become known as the investment genius or "Golden Boy".

Kirari shook her head and said, "No, all of this is your ability." She smiled when she thought about their promise of two years that he would stand beside her and it seemed that she didn't need to worry about that. She knew that if Haru couldn't reach her position then it might be hard for them to get married since she was coming from an old clan with a long history.

Before Haru was only a writer and a bakery owner.

If it was a normal girl then they would be happy to have such a normal household and handsome husband.

Kirari didn't really care much about his wealth since she knew that he had talent. Even though her clan might find it very hard to accept their marriage, no one could control her. The only thing which made her worried was that he would change after their marriage since she had seen a lot of people who started to change after getting a lot of wealth.

But it is different now.

Kirari knew that Haru wouldn't change and he was the best man out there. She moved closer and kissed his lips.


Haru was a bit surprised by her sudden kiss on his lips, but started to enjoy himself and hugged her small waist while inserting his tongue inside.

Kirari was a bit surprised by his tongue and held his shirt tightly since she didn't expect that such a small kiss would turn into this big fight.

They continued for 10 minutes before their lips parted, creating a long string of saliva.

Kirari had a blush on her beautiful face and asked, "Do you want to play at my house?"