Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 644

Volume 1 Chapter 644 Gift

Haru looked at the scratch and biting mark on his back that had been caused by Utaha. He looked at Utaha who was laying in a satisfied expression on the bed laying lazily while hugging him.

But it was alright since his mood was quite good since he had won a lot of money this time.

One billion USD.

That was the number that he had gotten from the transaction in December, he thought for a while, and decided to continue with his next plan.

Now, some of you might be curious about what happened after Kirari had invited him to her house?

Haru decided to refuse it and told her that he had some business. He knew that once he had accepted her invitation then he would become the son-in-law of Momobami Clan and he wasn't ready for that.

That was why he decided to refuse it first.


Utaha looked at Haru who was checking the wound on his back and had to admit that it felt very good to have s.e.x with him, however, she also knew that it was impossible to handle him alone since his stamina was monstrous. She started to shudder when she thought about her skill and ability in that area too, making that place wet.

Haru smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed while caressing her hair.

"What are you thinking?"

Utaha felt really good being pampered by him and said, "For your reminder, I'm too tired to do the next round." She had to admit that it felt really good to play with him and she wouldn't think that anyone could give her the same pleasure that he had given to her, however, she knew that she couldn't match him in this bedroom battle and her stamina was too weak. She thought that she might need to join a gym or something.

'Well, if I'm not lazy....'

Haru rolled his eyes and said, "Do you think all of the things in my head are only s.e.x?"



Utaha looked at him and asked, "When are you going to tell both Megumi and Sora about us?" She didn't want to keep this relationship secret and wanted to proudly tell that she was his girlfriend.

Even though she wanted to keep him for herself, she knew that it was impossible since she knew that he really cared about both Sora and Megumi.

From his mouth, she knew that both Sora and Megumi could live together and she also wanted the same.

"Soon, please be patient," Haru said while caressing her hair. He also wasn't sure when he should talk about his relationship with Utaha to Megumi since he didn't want to disturb Megumi's study. He was afraid that when he told her about this she would be depressed and might cause a lot of trouble for her since it was a critical time for her.

That was why it was better to keep it a secret for a while.

They were inside a hotel and decided to have a Christmas date early since Utaha knew that Haru would spend his Christmas eve time with Megumi and Sora.

"I heard that you want to buy a football club," Utaha said. She was quite curious since she had heard he wanted to buy a sports club.

"Yes, but the deal is broken."

Haru wanted to buy Tokyo FC and he also wanted to build a new stadium for his team, but the government didn't allow it since that meant the stadium that was built by the government would be empty making their profit decrease and that was why the deal was broken.

Utaha nodded and asked, "So what are you going to do?"

"Well, I might search for another team or buy a football club in England since I have gotten money," Haru said.

"Huh? Are you going to buy a team in the Premier League? Which team?" Utaha was surprised.

Haru nodded and said, "If there isn't a problem then it should be Tottenham Hotspur F.C."


"H - How much is it?"

"It should be around 300 million USD," Haru said.


Utaha's head became very dizzy when she heard that number. "I'm not going to be surprised if you're going to buy the NBA team too."

"Well, I have that plan." Haru nodded.


Utaha laid on the bed and thought that her boyfriend was really amazing. "You know, my father often talks about you with proud expression telling me that you're going to become the new mogul in this country."

"Yes, but my girlfriend is also amazing since she has written the most popular p.o.r.n novel in the world," Haru said and kissed her forehead reminding her about her "50 Shades of Grey" which had become the hottest novel in the United States and Europe.

"It's not a p.o.r.n novel! It's a romance novel!" Utaha refuted.

"Okay, okay, it is a perverted romance novel," Haru said with laugh.

Utaha was annoyed and hit Haru's chest before she was hugged.

Haru had to admit that this girl was really beautiful, especially her legs which were wrapped in black stockings. He caressed it slowly while kissing her earlobe.


Utaha tightened her body and said, "You're a pervert who gets excited by black stockings."

"Yes, who makes you so charming with this black stocking," Haru said while kept touching it.

Utaha seemed to be proud of her charm and asked, "Do you like my Christmas gift?"

"Your Christmas gift?" Haru asked.

"This stocking is your Christmas gift, you can make it an heirloom and worship it on your shrine later making it into stocking deity." Utaha joked while looking at him with a smile when she remembered that he had opened a shrine. She thought that he should put her stockings on his shrine.

Haru rolled his eyes and said, "Well, then, you don't need my gift then."

"What?!" Utaha was surprised and asked, "Do you have a gift for me?"

"Well, it is a bit early, but I have prepared a Christmas gift for you." Haru took out a box from his zipper bag and showed it to Utaha.

"What is this?" Utaha looked at the box curiously.

Haru opened the box and showed a beautiful gold rose wing necklace. "For my beautiful wings (Utaha means wings in English) ."


Utaha looked at the necklace and couldn't hide the happiness in her smile.

"Help me to wear it."

Utaha held her hair to make it easier for Haru to wear the necklace for her.


Haru took the necklace and helped her to wear it on her beautiful neck couldn't help but kiss it.

Utaha looked at her appearance in the mirror and felt very happy since it was the first gift that he had given to her. She was going to treasure it and make it her heirloom later. She kissed him and said, "Thank you, I love it."

"No problem." Haru nodded and said, "Care for one more round?"

Utaha thought about it and nodded. She has recovered and it would be okay to do it again. "Slowly, alright, slowly!"

"Okay, okay..."

Haru pushed her to the bed and once again they started their battle in this room. Even though he knew that she wanted it slow, he knew that she wanted it hard.

'What a Tsundere....'