Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 645

Volume 1 Chapter 645 No Information

24 December.

One day before Christmas.

Sora had told him to go on a date with Megumi for Chrismast eve.

Haru was a bit surprised and asked what was wrong since both of them usually spent their time together.

Sora had a strange expression and told him not to worry since she was going to the cafe to prepare for the Christmas party with everyone.

Haru felt a bit strange, but he didn't really mind it and decided to go on a date together with Megumi for this Christmas eve.

They were on holiday and the second semester was also over.

Haru once again became the rank one in his school and caused everyone at the school to sigh at a genius while also increasing the number of his fans.

Sora and Megumi were also on holiday and since they were in the third grade, their schedules were quite free since they only needed to prepare for their entrance exam.

The entrance exam would be held in the middle of January, however, they had prepared themselves to study seriously every day.

That was why Haru wanted to take them to relax this Christmas with a party, and a date.

Haru was waiting for the appointment time of his date with Megumi, but suddenly his smartphone vibrated and noticed that there was a quest on the Group Chat.

[New Quest of the Dimensional Group Chat]

[Quest 1: Get a "Hundred"]

[Quest 2: Defeat 100 Savages]

[Quest 3: Invite one member]

[Quest 4: Join Little Garden]

[Quest 5: Get a sample of Variants (blood, mucus, hair, etc)]

[Quest 6: Get research about Sense Energy]

[Quest 7: Get Variable Stone or Savage Cores]

[Participant: one person]

[Reward: 2000 points and a random reward]

[System Note: The time will stop in the participant world]

[Countdown: Before the opening of the school]


'Quest again?'

Esdeath: "Who is going?" She read that there was only one participant in this quest. She knew that it wouldn't be her who would enter this quest.

Yajima: "Wait! We need to know what kind of world this is."

Tsunade: "@Kuroneko, do you know anything?"

Kuroneko: "Wait, let me research it for a bit...."

Haru who was looking at the Group Chat suddenly received a chat.

Esdeath: "Do you think that I should go?"

Haru was speechless and replied, "If this quest only needs to kill then it is possible for you to go."

Esdeath looked at the quest again and replied, "I want to go!"

Haru knew Esdeath's personality, but he knew how important it was to send the most suitable person for the quest. "I know, but do you have the confidence in not killing people in this quest?"


Esdeath couldn't answer him.

Haru didn't give her mercy and asked,

"Do you have the confidence in not destroying the world?

"Do you have the confidence to not massacre people?

"Do you have the confidence to get all the research data without threatening people in that world?

"Do you have the confidence to invite someone into that world?

"Stop! Stop! Stop!"

Esdeath pouted cutely and replied, "Alright, I'll give up this quest, but next time, I'll go for the quest!"

Haru nodded and replied, "No problem."

The Group Chat started to talk to each other about this quest.

Kouha: "The only problem is that only one person can go on the quest."

If they could send two or three people then it would be quite easy, but they could only send one person.

Haru looked at the quest, and he really didn't know what kind of world this quest was.

Hundred? Savage? Variable Stone? Little Garden?

Haru couldn't understand all of that and knew that there wasn't any such story in his world. He also couldn't remember whether there was such a story in his previous world.

Everyone was waiting for Kuroneko to get any information, however...

Kuroneko: "Sorry, there isn't any information in my world."


Everyone turned quiet when they heard it. They didn't have any information about this world and it was quite troublesome. Even though they were curious about this quest, they were also quite worried about it since they didn't want to fail the quest.

Haru thought for a while and read the quest knowing that he was the most suitable person.

Haru: "I'll go."

"Eh?" 11x

Haru: "I'm curious about this 'sense energy' since this might help our mecha."

Shinobu: "It is dangerous."

Haru: "Every world is dangerous, and Toriko's world is the most dangerous here."

Teppei who read it couldn't refute it since his world was the most dangerous world in the Group Chat.

Gintoki: "But is there no information about this quest such as the world, story, character, or anything?"

Kuroneko: "Sorry, I don't find any clue about this quest." She was quite depressed and thought that she could help everyone before they went on the quest. She was also quite proud that she had become the database of this Group Chat but didn't expect that she didn't find any information about this quest.

Korosensei: "I want to go, but my appearance....."

No one would expect Korosensei to go since his octopus's appearance was very weird and even if it was possible for him to disguise himself, his disguise was horrible.

Haru: "Then, if there isn't anyone who wants to go then I'll go for this quest."

Everyone agreed since Haru was the most dependable member of the Group Chat.

Luffy wanted to go, but no one agreed since they knew very well that Luffy wasn't that smart.

If this quest was a simple brawl defeating a lot of opponents then it was possible to send those muscle brains, but it was different since this quest was pretty complex and there were a lot of things that needed to be gathered in this quest.

Haru started with his preparation such as buying a "hacking skill" from the Group Chat and also searched for the clue on the Group Chat.

It might not be possible to search for the full story or the important character from the world where he would do his quest from the Group Chat, however, it was possible to search for the information about the item that he needed to get in this quest since the Group Chat sold everything.

"Hundred, huh?"

Haru only realized that "hundred" was a weapon and searched for more information about this world before he decided to go.

But before he went on the quest, he also bought an "increased Hundred's aptitude serum". He had done his preparation and decided to go directly to the quest since he had been waiting for the quest.

Kuroneko: "I know that I shouldn't say this, but are you going to add more harem in that world?"


Everyone turned quiet at that moment.

Esdeath: "Come to my world after the quest."

Esdeath: "I need a sparring partner to test my new torture technique."


Haru: "Yes....." He sighed and before he was enveloped by white light to go to another world to start the quest. He really hoped Esdeath was joking after he had gone back from the quest.