Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 646

Volume 1 Chapter 646 Aptitude Test 1

Yamato Empire.

Haru was inside an internet cafe trying to forge his identity inside this country.

It might have been impossible before, but fortunately, he had bought a "hacking ability" from Group Chat.

Haru knew in such a modern world such a skill was necessary since, without an identity, everything would be hard to do.

For the money, he had "steal" ability from his quest in the past and solved his financial problem.

Of course, he needed to use it on a man since if he used it on woman, he would get panties rather than money.

After forging his identity, he started to search for information about this world.

The first thing he needed to know about this world was the enemy or the villain in this world.

"Savages, huh?"

Savages are dangerous extraterrestrial life-forms.

Three years ago, Savages arrived on Earth riding on top of an enormous meteorite, which broke apart upon hitting the atmosphere and fled inside of the oceans to hibernate. At the time of their arrival, the Savages brought a virus with them that soon spread across the planet, infecting and killing most due to their not being a cure to treat it at the time, becoming known as the First Attack.

There had already been two attacks that had happened in this world.

The second event where Savages attacked, among the locations was the Gudenburg Empire.

Haru thought for a while and felt that it was quite an interesting enemy since he would fight against an alien. In his quest, he needed to slay 100 of them and search for information about "Savages."

From what he could tell the shape of this monster was similar to an insect, but its size was as big as a building with black metallic color.

Haru understood why this monster created a lot of trouble for humanity. He continued to search for more information and what made him interested was the virus which was brought by the "Savages".

The airborne virus that came along with the savage gave birth to the Slayers and the ores found inside the meteorite known as variable stones gave birth to the Hundred.

Slayers are chosen humans who are able to respond to and wield their own Hundred, also known as the One-Hundred Arms, one of the only weapons able to defeat the Savage. This is due to them being infected with the airborne virus that along with the savages let them connect more to the Hundred than normal humans.

Haru suddenly thought the serum which he had bought before might be a virus. He was quite hesitant to use it, but without that virus, it would be impossible to wield a weapon which was known as "Hundreds". But he felt that he could solve that problem later after he had gone back to his original world.

After using that serum which he had bought before, he didn't feel anything and didn't feel a change in his body. He didn't think much and searched for more information about this world. He couldn't find detailed information about "Slayer" and knew that he needed to join an organization first to get more information.

"Then, next is Hundred."

Hundreds are items made from the variable stones, which came from the same meteorites that came alongside all the Savages. Its name comes from them being able to manifest a hundred different weapons per person, as well as being the only weapons able to harm Savage. The colors and shapes of a Hundred, while in their inactive states sometimes vary, however, they are still shaped like diamonds.

Haru ended his information gathering and went out quietly from the internet cafe since he was almost being found by someone.

The information that he had gotten was coming from the government of the Yamato Empire since most of the information on Savage, Slayer, and Hundreds was kept from the public. Even though he had "hacking ability", it wasn't perfect and it wasn't enough to get all of the information that he needed in this world.

There was one thing that he needed to do and that was to go to Little Garden.

Little Garden is a massive aircraft carrier that is built with a purpose to train Slayers who held a high aptitude for The Hundreds.

Inside this Little Garden, there is a school which is known as Bugeika High School or the education place for Slayers candidates.

Haru arrived at the perfect time since the registration of this Slayer school in the Little Garden. He registered immediately and went to the test location.


Outside of the large building, there were only some people who gathered in this place to register themselves to become a Slayer.

For most people, they were afraid to become Slayer since it was a dangerous job. They needed to fight an alien which was known as "Savages", but even though it was a dangerous job, there were a lot of youngsters who wanted to become a hero to save the world.

Haru could see that some people walked out with a sigh, cry, or depressed showing that they had failed the test.

For the one who had successful, they needed to stay in the building for a while to finish their registration and better stay in this building directly since having an aptitude as a Slayer meant that they brought a virus inside their body and it was better to let them stay in this place.

Haru could see that there wasn't only a Little Garden, and there were a lot of organizations observing the aptitude test so they could recruit the most talented youngsters. He walked in a very relaxed manner and wore casual clothes rather than wearing a uniform. He knew that education wasn't necessary and the only thing that was needed was an aptitude for wielding a Hundred.

Walking casually, he had to admit there were a lot of beautiful girls in this place. He walked toward them asking where was the location of the test.

They smiled and talked with him happily while also telling him where the location of the test was. They told him that they would bring him to the location of the test.


Inside the test location, there were a lot of people who were wearing a white lab coat making people who looked at them either a scientist, doctor, or a researcher,

Haru was wondering what the device that was used for the test was.

"Is this the test place?"

Haru turned and saw a young man with black hair looking around with a confused and nervous expression.

"Umm... are you also going for a test?"