Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 647

Volume 1 Chapter 647 Aptitude Test 2

Spiky black hair, red eyes, average height, wearing a middle school uniform, and quite a well-built body.

Haru looked at this young man for a while and said, "You're also going for the test?"

"Yes." The young man nodded.

"Then, you're at a perfect location." Haru nodded and said, "My name is Kasugano Haruka."

The young man sighed in relief and smiled. "My name is Hayato Kisaragi, nice to meet you."

"Number 17!"

Suddenly they heard a voice coming from the examiner.

A young girl walked toward the researcher and started her test.

"What's your number?" Haru looked at Hayato.

"Mine is 28, what about you?" Hayato asked. He didn't know why, but he felt very relaxed talking with Haru.

"Mine is 29, I'll be gone after you," Haru said.

"Let's do our best together, Kasugano-san!" Hayato said with a smile.

"Yes, let's do our best, and just call me Haru, Hayato," Haru said. He suddenly felt that he had met a good-natured protagonist in the story. 'Well, is he the protagonist?' He knew that the protagonist would have very good luck, some tragic setting, and very high talent at the beginning. He needed to ask him a question and asked, "Why have you decided to become a Slayer?"

Hayato laughed awkwardly and said, "I need money to take care of the treatment of my little sister."

Haru patted Hayato's shoulder and said, "It must be hard." He knew that this guy was the protagonist after he heard that Hayato decided to become a "Slayer" to take care of the treatment of his little sister.

For someone who would do anything for his little sister should be an awesome guy or protagonist.

Hayato thought that Haru was really good and it had been a while since he had a good conversation with someone. "How about you?"

"Me? Well, my family has died because of Savages, and that is that I'm going to become Slayer." Haru tried to hold his anger showing his awesome acting skill, then showed a sad expression.

Hayato wanted to pat Haru's shoulder but was surprised when he saw the scene in front of him.


The girl who had brought him before hugged him so suddenly on her chest since she had been listening to their conversation.

Haru was on her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts and also hugged her waist. "Thank you, I'm alright." But he didn't let her go. He knew that he would be killed if Esdeath knew what he had done, but he was really sad to be alone in this world. He might need some girls to make his mood better.

"You can use my chest if you want," the girl said while caressing Haru's hair.


Hayato wasn't sure what to say at this moment when he saw Haru's action. He suddenly thought that he shouldn't let this guy meet his little sister.


The test continued and the staff kept calling people after people to test their aptitude with a diamond-shaped device that showed the number of aptitudes of the person.

'10%, 45%, 30%, 20%....'

Haru kept looking at the percentage aptitude of Hundred on each participant. He was sure that everyone with aptitude lower than 50% wouldn't be a protagonist, but for the recruiter from various private military companies, for someone who had 50% aptitude on Hundred could become a good Slayer on their company.

"Number 28!"

"It's your time, Hayato," Haru said while looking at Hayato.

Hayato nodded and said, "I'll go first." He walked toward the staff to check his aptitude on a Hundred.

The staff told him to place his hand on the diamond-shaped device.

Hayato was quite confused since he was only told to touch this device without doing anything, however, the moment he touched it.

"This is...!?"

Hayato felt that something had been sucked from his body and started to feel an energy inside his body that he had never felt before.

Then the diamond-shaped device showed 100% aptitude on the result of Hayato's test.


"100% aptitude?!"

"Who is he?!"

Everyone was surprised and the eyes of the recruiter were very excited when they saw this young man, however, their eyes turned dim when they saw the recruiter from Warslan come toward Hayato.

Even though their companies were good, they were at least only a middle size company at best, and their opponent was Warslan which was known as one of the best private military companies in the world.

They didn't have that much confidence about their offer to attract the young man who had gotten the perfect aptitude on Hundred. They knew that the giant private companies around the world would be very jealous when they knew that Warslan had gotten

Hayato talked with the recruiter from Warslan, but he told him to wait for a while since he wanted to wait for his friend's result.

"Number 29!

After the shock from Hayato's aptitude result, the staff continued with the test.

Haru looked at Hayato who cheered on him and knew that that guy was the protagonist. He was wondering whether it was good or not to meet a protagonist since he might change the plot, but he didn't even know the plot.

'Well, it doesn't really matter.'

Haru could see that the staff was still affected by Hayato's high aptitude. He wouldn't even be surprised if someone told him that Hayato might be someone with the biggest aptitude on Hundred in this world.

Placing his palm on the diamond-shaped device, he started to feel that energy was sucked from his body. Even though his energy was sucked, his energy wouldn't deplete that much. He thought to pour more energy inside this diamond-shaped device but stopped when it was almost overloaded. He sighed in relief since it wasn't destroyed and was glad that his observation haki could help him escape from a predicament.


Haru suddenly noticed that this place had turned quiet and everyone was looking at it with a shocked expression.

"Great, Haru!"

Hayato came toward him and showed a happy expression when he saw Haru's result.

Everyone was a bit dizzy when they saw two young men who had the perfect aptitude on Hundred appear in this small country at the same time.

The saddest one was a small and medium-sized private company since they didn't have the ability to invite them.

But the happiest one was Warslan who had come to this test by chance.

"Hello, my name is Frank Rubber! I'm the representative from Warslan and please join our company since we can give you the best!"

Haru looked at Fran and nodded. "Let's listen first, what can you give me?"