Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 648

Volume 1 Chapter 648 Boys Love?

Inside a huge military airplane, Haru and Hayato were sitting on the opposite seat to each other.

Haru was reading a random magazine while Hayato was quite sleepy since their trip was quite long.

Both of them had decided to enter Warslan together and were sent to Little Garden to start their training to become Slayer for the company.

Hayato had decided to enter because Warlsland had offered him world-class treatment for his little sister's illness along with his tuition being waived, as well as being provided additional scholarship support.

Haru was the same, but what he had received was different. He received free tuition, and additional scholarship (actually pocket money) since he didn't have a little sister who needed treatment.

It was very hard to search for a book about a Hundred, Slayer, or Savage.

Haru had tried to ask for such a book, but they had told him that he would get the book when he arrived in Little Garden. He wasn't that impatient since he had completed some of his quests. Though, there were a lot of things which he didn't know in this world such as Variants, Sense Energy, and Variable Stone.

Haru, who was also bored, looked out the window and saw a massive aircraft carrier with a size of at least three kilometers. He wondered what kind of energy would be used to move such a massive aircraft. He looked at Hayato and said, "Hayato, we have arrived."

Hayato, who almost dozed off, was a bit sleepy. "Hmm?" He turned toward the window and saw the massive aircraft from the airplane. "Is that Little Garden?"

"It should be." Haru nodded and said, "Karen should have arrived there first." He had met Hayato's little sister before they went to the Little Garden and had to admit that Hayato was a protagonist with such a cute little sister.

"Yeah." Hayato nodded and his expression softened when Haru mentioned his little sister. He was slightly worried when he was going to let his little sister meet Haru, but that worry had disappeared when he saw Haru could make a lot of smiles on his little sister.

Haru had also told Hayato that he didn't have that much interest in a young girl in a secret and more into big b.o.o.b.s making Hayato have a complicated reaction, but Hayato knew that it was alright to let them meet each other since Hayato and Karen didn't have that many friends.

They also lost their parents early making them relate to each other making their relationship become closer quickly.

'So that's my home from now on....'

Hayato thought while looking at Little Garden.

Haru looked at Hayato who had the protagonist's expression on his face and he was confident that this guy must be saying embarrassing lines on his mind such as 'So that's my home from now on.....' or something. He shook his head and thought that there must be a lot of girls who came to Hayato later. He wasn't even surprised if Hayato met his childhood friend that he had forgotten or something.


Arriving in the Little Garden, Haru and Hayato went out together while bringing their backpacks.

"So this is the place, huh?" Hayato said while looking around. "This place is bigger than I thought."

"Well, it is sure very massive," Haru said and became more curious about what kind of energy was used in this place.

Then they suddenly heard a shout.






Haru and Hayato saw two girls who stood at the tall place while deliberately putting their names on the big billboard.

"What?!" Hayato felt embarrassed and pulled Haru's hand to get away from this place silently behind the truck.

"Why do we have to run away?" Haru asked with a strange expression.

"Don't you feel that it is very embarrassing?" Hayato asked with an awkward expression and said, "Let's go! We can use the GPS to get into the entrance ceremony! Hurry up!"

Haru shook his head and didn't think much. He looked at two petite girls who kept calling their names and left together with Hayato. He looked at his hand which was being grabbed by Hayato and suddenly felt something strange. He hurriedly shook his head and thought that it was his misunderstanding.


Changing their clothes into a uniform, both of them were walking together to the entrance ceremony location using their GPS.

Hayato was grateful that he was with Haru since he wasn't alone in this place.

"This should be the place," Haru said while looking at the big building which was similar to a gymnasium design. "I'll ask someone."

"Let's go." Hayato nodded.

Both of them walked to a group of people.

"Excuse me, is this where the entrance ceremony will be held?" Haru asked.

A young blonde man turned toward them and nodded. "Yeah, it is."


Suddenly a young petite girl in a ponytail ran toward them while looking at Haru and Hayato. She looked at both of them then looked at Haru.

"Are you Kisaragi Hayato and Kasugano Haruka?"


Everyone in her surroundings suddenly became a surprise then turned into excitement. They hurriedly gathered around them and asked them a lot of questions, the girls were on Haru, and the guys were on Hayato.

"Wow, you're Kasugano-san?"

"You're very tall!"

"Umm, where is your room?"

"Are you single?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Haru twitched his lips at the group of aggressive girls.

"You're Katsuragi Hayato?"

"You're so normal!"

Hayato grabbed Haru's hand again and moved silently to escape from them.

Haru was once again strange when Hayato grabbed his hand again. He didn't want to think about this possibility, but he couldn't help but think about it. He started to think that he should get away from Hayato later.

Both of them had escaped from the crowd and hid on the back of the wall.

"Whew..." Hayato sighed and said, "What the heck?"


Then suddenly someone screamed Hayato's name.

Haru and Hayato turned and saw a beautiful young man with long silver hair.

Why a beautiful young man? It is because he is wearing a male uniform.

This student jumped into Hayato and hugged him tightly happily.

Haru who was by their side moved a meter away and his face turned slightly pale when he suddenly thought that this might be Boys Love's world!