Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 649

Volume 1 Chapter 649 Attention

"I miss you, Hayato!!!"

The beautiful young man hugged Hayato tightly on the ground and even sniffed Hayato's body happily.

Hayato who was hugged couldn't help but cry, "Haru, help me!"

Haru started to wonder whether he should help him or not but decided to not do anything when he saw the beautiful young man. He wouldn't be surprised if this young man was a girl who hid her gender.

The beautiful young man sat on Hayato's waist and said, "My name is Emile."

"Emile Crossfode.

"I'm also the same new student like you." Emile also realized Haru was standing beside them.

"My name is Kasugano Haruka, I'm his friend from Yamato Empire," Haru said.

Emile smiled and said, "Nice to meet you, Haru!" She looked at both of them and said, "Let's get along kay!"


Hayato blushed when he looked at Emile's smile.

"Hayato...." Haru sighed when he saw Hayato blush and knew that there was something wrong with him. "So you swing that way? Well, I don't really mind, but I need to tell Karen about this...." He decided to walk away so as not to disturb both of them.

"Wait! Wait! Listen to my explanation!!!!"

Hayato hurriedly tried to reach Haru since he didn't want his friend to have a misunderstanding.


Emile only laughed at the interaction between the two of them.


"I'm sorry!"

The petite girl who had made a loud voice before apologized to both of them.

Haru learned that the name of this girl was Latia Saint-million and there was also a young man with blonde hair who stayed with her.

From what he had learned his name was Fritz Glanz.

"Both of them are childhood friends, and they're very close, right?" Emilia said while hugging Hayato's arm.

"Y - Yeah...." Hayato kept looking at Haru. 'Haru.....'

Haru ignored him and wanted to get away from Hayato. 'But his little sister is cute...' His feeling was quite conflicted.

Fritz looked at Haru and Hayato and asked, "What about you two? Your relationship is pretty great from what I can tell." He didn't know how two people with the highest aptitude for Hundred could know each other.

"Yeah, tell me how both of you know each other," Emilia asked while looking at Hayato and Haru curiously.

Reitia also wanted to know how both of them could get to know each other.

Haru looked at Hayato and thought to tease him. "Well, Emile, our relationship is very close since I'm going to become his brother-in-law."


They were surprised.

"So you have a relationship with his sister?" Emili asked.

"Yes, if you marry Hayato, then you'll be my older sister," Haru said.

"Haru, you bastard! You said that you didn't have an interest in Karen!" Hayato was very angry and grabbed his collar.

"I was joking! I was joking!"

Haru hurriedly said trying to stop Hayato and knew that this guy had a sis-con.

'Well, I'm also sis-con.'

Haru thought within his mind.

Hayato kept telling him not to make such a joke.

Reitia and Fritz thought that their relationship was very close.

But Emile didn't even listen to their conversation and held both of his cheeks happily. "Hehehe, I'm going to marry Hayato...."

Haru and Hayato looked at Emile with a blank expression.

"What are you going to do with him?" Haru whispered.

"I - I'm not sure...." Hayato shook his head and wasn't sure what to do when a guy had fallen in love with him.


Inside the luxurious hall, there were a lot of students sitting down waiting for the entrance ceremony.

Haru, Hayato, and Emile were sitting next to each other with Hayato in the middle of them.

Emilie seemed very happy with what Haru had told her before and would support him if he wanted to chase Hayato's little sister.

But Hayato who was sitting next to him was staring at him with a scary gaze.

Haru sighed and ignored both of them looking at the stage within this hall.

On the top of the stage inside this hall, there were two beautiful girls who stood up on the side of the stage.

Haru thought that the two of them must be members of the student council or something similar.

"I would like to welcome all the new students here....."

"Vice president of Little Garden, Erica Candle."

Beautiful girl with short brown hair, a busty chest, and glasses giving an image of a soft yet strict older sister.

"Likewise. Liddy Steinberg."

The buxom, dark-skinned beauty had ponytailed green hair, green eyes, and a cold expression making anyone want to conquer her.

"The Captain of the Little Garden, as well as our president, Claire Harvey, will greet you."

Then a sound of footsteps could be heard in the entire hall making their attention fully focussed on this figure.

Voluptuous figure that almost made her uniform burst out, blonde-hair which tied in long twintails, and beautiful blue eyes.

The Queen, Claire Harvey.

Claire walked into the middle of the podium while looking at every student in this hall then stopped at Haru who was sitting next to Hayato.

But at this moment, the door of the hall was opened attracting everyone's attention.

"Ha... Ha... Ha...."

Two young girls seemed very tired after doing a heavy work out or running.


"We're late!"

Haru and Hayato also noticed those two girls were the ones who had greeted them before.

"Now, remember what I have told you?" Haru whispered.


Hayato knew that both of them were in trouble because of him.

"Late right at the entrance ceremony? You two sure have some nerve."

Claire gazed coldly at both of them.

"W - We're sorry!"

"We had gone to the airport to pick Kisaragi-kun and Kasugano-kun!"

Two of them bowed their heads and apologized since they knew that they had made trouble.

"But we couldn't find him, and then...."

"Enough excuses! Kisaragi Hayato and Kasugano Haruka have been right there this whole time." Liddy pointed her finger at both Haru and Hayato.

"Noa Sheldon. Liu Xiumei."

Claire looked at both girls and said, "There's no place in the Little Garden for those who cannot follow the rules."

"Collect your things and leave."


Two girls were startled by this decision.

Every student in this place was also surprised since they didn't expect both girls would be expelled directly.

Hayato wanted to say something and Emile who was on his side also couldn't handle it anymore when he saw such an injustice.

But there was one person who moved more quickly than both of them.

"Prez, don't you think that you're too harsh on them?"

His voice wasn't that loud, but it was very clear and made everyone in this hall turn quiet. They turned their attention to Haru who had said those words. But he didn't care about those minor characters and looked at Claire and Claire also looked at him. He had a feeling that he had stolen the limelight from the main character.