Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1 Chapter 65 Prison Break 3

At the entrance of Impel Down.

"P - please wait, we haven't requested any reinforcement," the guard tried to stop but it was useless.

"I don't care about that, we're on the same side right?"

The guard didn't change his decision and tried to stop them but it was useless.

Suddenly they felt they were swallowed by something. They looked down at them and saw darkness under their feet.


Their screams echoed throughout the port but no one was able to save them.

"Don't hold on to us, we're on the government's side here."

"Uwoh, this place has a gloomy feeling!!! Uihahahaha!!!"


The Blackbeard Pirates entered the stage.


Both Buggy and Mr. 3 wanted to curse him when both of them saw Magellan on level 2. They would have never thought that he would chase after them.

"Dammit Magellan," Buggy cursed.

"This is bad," Mr. 3 panicked.

"Captain Buggy, there is a giant ball of poison blocking the door!!!"

Buggy and Mr. 3 thought that it would be wonderful to have Haru on their side.



At level 6, the guard had decided to let out the ex-vice warden, Shiryu of The Rain.

Shiryu was smoking a cigarette while listening to the report of the guards about the prison break. He took his sword and smiled, "It has been a while since I've held a sword." He took the sword from the scabbard and slashed all the guard in front of him.

"My apologies."


Everyone was still amazed at his hypnotic ability.

"Why don't you use this skill earlier?" Ivankov complained.

""Do you think it's easy to use it a lot of times, and also this hypnotic is not perfect," Haru said.

"But it's still amazing, you can make everyone sleep with just words," Luffy said.

Haru nodded, "It's good enough, but we need to be in a hurry since we need to get to the Marine Headquarters as soon as possible."

Luffy nodded, "Yes, I need to save Ace."

Haru didn't say anything again and tried to save his energy as much as he could. He was running in the middle of everyone since he knew that it was the safest place. He saw there was a commotion in the front line of the group.

"You shall not pass!!!" Hannibal wielded his spear wildly and tried to stop the prisoners.

Haru didn't do anything and only saw the fight between Hannibal and Luffy. He was standing on the big debris to see the match better.

"Oi, Zipper Boy."

Haru was a bit annoyed, "My name is Haru, not Zipper Boy."

"Hmm, whatever, do you want to follow me?" Crocodile said to him.

"Wut?" Haru was surprised.

"Bastard, he will be part of my crew!!!" Luffy suddenly shouted after he had beaten Hannibal.

Haru saw that Hannibal was full of bruises and wounds but he still tried to stand and didn't let them pass through to the upper level.

"Hmph," Crocodile ignored him. He thought that this boy who had the power of zipper and hypnotic was very useful in his opinion.

"I'm sorry, but I'll reject your offer," Haru answered.

"Don't regret it later," Crocodile said.

"Hahahaha," Luffy laughed at him.

"Bastard," Crocodile looked at him.

"Let's go, I can open a path from the wall," Haru said, but he stopped when he saw someone suddenly jump and smash Hannibal on the ground. He really hated that most of the people in this world had a really abnormal height.


Haru saw the Blackbeard Pirates for the first time. He saw him destroy the group off guard easily. He looked toward Luffy and wanted to see his reaction.

"You're Blackbeard!!?" Luffy asked. He didn't expect that the one he met on Mock Town would be the one who caught his brother in this prison.

"Hmm? Yeah, I guess I never introduced myself, zehahaha!!" Teach laughed very hard.

Haru knew that everyone in this place probably wouldn't be a match for him since he knew that Teach was the one who caused a wound on Shanks's face. He wasn't sure but the manga had said that Teach had a strange body that was different from normal. He wasn't afraid of him since he had his Sticky Fingers. He only needed one punch and he could detach his hands from his body. He wanted to see how he could fight without his hands.

If that was not enough, he would detach every part of his body. He wasn't alone and he had a lot of people around him. But at the same time, he knew that it wasn't the time for them to fight him since they needed to go to the Marine Headquarters.

"Luffy, we need t-," Haru stopped since it was too late. He saw him start a fight with Teach. He sighed at this scene. He knew very well why he was very angry at him.

Teach and Luffy started to fight each other but Luffy was stopped by Jimbei.

Haru didn't say anything and continued to walk, "Hmm?" He turned his head and felt someone was watching him. He was wearing sunglasses right now and felt quite cool right now.

"Zehahaha, the guard is joining a group of prisoners," Teach laughed.

Haru ignored him and walked away since he felt someone was running toward them. He knew that this person was very dangerous, "Alright, we need to get away, Magellan is running toward us."

Their expression was changing when they heard it.

Luffy and Teach talked to each other.

"In just a few short hours, we'll put on a show that will shake the entire world," Teach laughed.


"Ignore him, Luffy, you can beat him later," Haru said.

Luffy nodded and felt better. He could definitely beat this bastard away later after he had saved Ace.