Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 650

Volume 1 Chapter 650 Cliche Development

"It is clearly not their fault to be late in this entrance ceremony.

"The one who has ordered them to go to the airport is the student council if some mistake is happening in the process, then you guys shouldn't put all the blame on them making them a scapegoat while making them a tool to show your prestige to every new student in this place."

Haru looked at Claire and wondered what this girl was going to do. He knew that most twin-tail girls would have a proud personality made them very hard, to be honest with their feelings, but he also knew that inside that proud persona, it was used to hide the weakness and cute personality.

Frankly, he felt bad bullying this girl, but he also felt that this girl was a bit too much.

"That's right! You have misused your authority! You can't expel them!"

Emile shouted, pouring oil into the fire.

The students who heard their words started to murmur in low voices saying that the president was a tyrant and the school should change the student council.

In just a single moment, the tide had changed and everyone who sat down in this hall started to question the authority of the student council.

The students who thought that the student council was an organization that shouldn't be questioned, but suddenly turned into a tyrant organization who would expel someone.

"Be quiet!"

Liddy shouted at the microphone.

"Kasugano Haruka! Emile Crossfode! You have no right to speak here!"

"You guys!"

Hayato was panicked when it suddenly turned into a big argument and tried to calm both Emile and Haru.

Claire was still calm while looking at Haru.

"Kasugano Haruka."

Claire looked at everyone and said, "No, I will say this to everyone here. You're not just students. You are fledging Slayers that will risk their lives to fight the Savages. On the battlefield, a single mistake can prove fatal and destroy an entire squadron. It's not a matter of frequency.

"Failure to follow orders will lead to death."

"Yes, but they're on the verge of expulsion because they're following your order, right?" Haru said.

"That's right! You have made a mistake! You can't take it on either of them!" Emile shouted.

No one in this place said anything while looking at the confrontation between Haru and Emile against the student council.

Hayato had a headache at his two friends who loved to cause trouble.

"That's enough, Kasugano Haruka, Emile Crossfode!" Erica yelled. "Claire-sama's orders are absolute. She is the queen of our military arts departments."

"Queen, my foot! Haru and Hayato have higher aptitude on Hundred!" Emile shouted.

"Oi! Oi!" Hayato became more panicked and said, "Haru, say something!"

Haru didn't show a smile, but he loved to see such trouble and if there was trouble then he was sure that he would get his Hundred soon since with this development of argument would lead them into a fight or a duel.

It is a cliche plot, but such a plot is very interesting.

"Emile Crossfode! If you try to demean her any further, you'll be expelled, as well!" Liddy said.

"Why only me! Why not Haru!" Emile complained.

Haru wanted to laugh, but he tried to hold it.

"But bring it on!" Emile taunted them again and wanted to go to the stage, but he was being held by Hayato.

Hayato closed Emile's mouth with both of his hands trying to stop him from talking.

"Very well."

Suddenly Claire said,

"As you wish, you will be expelled along with the previous two."

Emile wanted to scream again, but he kept being held by Hayato.

"Stop struggling!" Hayato said in helplessness.

Claire looked at Haru who caused this problem and said, "Kasugano Haruka."

"Yes." Haru looked at Claire and said, "Should I call you Queen or Prez? You have expelled three people now, are you also going to expel me?" He tried to taunt her to see her reaction.


Hayato wanted to stop him, but his hands were full to stop Emile.

Claire heard Haru's provocation, but she was still calm. "Do you object to their expulsion?"


Haru answered without hesitation.

Emile nodded and wanted to say something again, but he was being stopped by Hayato.

"Yes, I do." Haru felt that what he had said felt similar to his pledge when he had married Esdeath.

Everyone was surprised by Haru's words.

"Both of them were late because they were looking for me, and if that didn't happen then such an argument wouldn't happen.

"I know that as a Captain of this Little Garden, you need to show everyone to follow your order strictly since it is a military school, but I hope that you can be more lenient with their punishment."

Haru decided to not provoke Claire again when it had reached this point. He was only a new student and he also needed to stay in this school.

"Me too! I hope that you can be lenient with both of them."

Hayato also stood up with Haru.

"Kasugano Haruka, Kisaragi Hayato, know your place!" Liddy yelled.

"Very well."

Claire's answer caused everyone to be startled.


Liddy wanted to say something but Claire stopped her.

"How about this, then?" Claire looked at Haru and pointed her finger. "Kasugano Haruka, I, Claire Harvey, challenge you to a duel."

Haru was right since it was really a cliche development.

But everyone who heard it was very surprised by Claire's decision.

"If you defeat me, I will reverse their expulsion. We'll do this tomorrow afternoon. The location will be in the main Colosseum," Claire said.

Haru showed a calm expression and said, "See you tomorrow then."


Everyone was surprised by Haru's guts who dared to accept Claire's challenge.

"That's good! I'll support you, Haru!" Emile was also excited.

"Oi! Both of you!" Hayato was really overwhelmed by this development. He tried to calm them down, but he knew that there was nothing that he could do.

Haru looked at Claire and Claire also looked at Haru. He was wondering how her expression was when he spanked her butts tomorrow.