Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 652

Volume 1 Chapter 652 Hundred 2


Charlotte was surprised when she saw the hologram screen that showed Haru, Hayato, and Emile who were on the training ground. She decided to check it and accessed the camera in the locker room of both Hayato and Haru.

"It's real...." Charlotte murmured in a low voice.

"Char-sama, what is that big bulge?" Meimei asked curiously.

Charlotte blushed while looking at Haru while thinking that he was a perfect mate partner.


Haru looked at his variable suit which was colored in full black. "It's pretty tight."

Emile who was in front of him was blushing when he saw Haru who was in a variable suit. "Y - You!!!" He pointed his finger at Haru.

"What?" Haru was confused.

"Did you hide something inside your variable suit?" Emile asked.

Haru sighed and understood what Emile meant. "Do you understand why I don't really want to use this skintight suit?"


Emile finally understood and looked at Hayato.

Hayato nodded and said, "It's real and he doesn't hide anything on his pants."

"Why are you getting embarrassed, the three of us are guys, right?" Haru said looking at Emile.

"I - I'm not embarrassed! I'm also a man!" Emile said with a red face.

"No one said that you're a woman," Haru said.

Emile coughed and calmed herself, but it was hard not to look at Haru's nether region and thought to change his focus on Hayato's nether region.

"E - Emile! Why do you have to look at me!" Hayato became embarrassed.

"Sigh...." Emile sighed.

"You don't need to worry since you want to marry Hayato, right?" Haru whispered since he thought that Emile wanted to become a woman in his relationship with Hayato. He also thought that Emile sighed because Emile's size wasn't that big.

Emile wanted to beat up Haru at this moment, but he held himself. He looked at the flat place on his variable suit and didn't think much since neither of them knew his real gender. He looked at both of them and said, "Take hold of your Hundred and strongly will it become a weapon. Saying "Hundred On" will release it."

"Got it," Hayato said.

Haru looked at his red Hundred then held it tightly while thinking about turning it into a weapon.

Hayato also did the same as Haru.

Both of them thought the Hundred to turn into a weapon and Hundred on their hands shining brightly.

"Hundred On!" 2x

Hundreds on their hands suddenly scattered, then turned into weapons on their bodies.

The Hundred on Hayato's hand manifests a multiple layered black rugged arm protector covering his right arm and is notably designed to be similar to that of a traditional Yamato armor for protection; as well as an enormous katana that has a blade measuring to be a meter in length to where the sword is described as being a zanbatou, which has a number of four segmented parts along the blade.

In contrast, Haru's Hundred manifests into a simple black dagger with 30 cm length on its blade which has a number of four segmented parts running along the blade similar to Hayato.

"Hayato, you're Hundred is very cool!" Emile praised then looked at Haru with a pitiful expression. "Haru, yours is pretty simple...."

Haru only shrugged his shoulder and didn't really mind what Emile was saying.

"So this is my Hundred...." Hayato was quite marveled by the Hundred that had turned into a weapon in his hand.

"Good job, Haru-kun, Hayato-kun," Charlotte said through the huge screen in the training hall. "The name of your hundred is Flying Swallow, Hayato-kun."

"Flying Swallow, my Hundred....." Hayato raised his Hundred while saying a protagonist's line.

"For Haru-kun, the name of your Hundred is Phantasm Punishment," Charlotte said.

"It's a pretty ominous name," Emile said while looking at Haru's Hundred.

"Both of you have a Chevalier type of Hundred," Meimei said.

Haru played with his Hundred which was in the shape of a dagger juggling it around. "That's a pretty good name." He looked at Emile and said, "How about your Hundred?"

"Hehem...." Emile seemed to be quite proud and said, "Alright, let me show you my Hundred!" He held a light blue Hundred in his hand and said, "Hundred On!" Then the Hundred in his hand turned into silver gadgets that floated around him.

"What's that Hundred?" Hayato was surprised.

"This is "Arms Shroud", my Innocence type, is pretty special," Emile said.

"Innocence type, huh?" Haru said while looking at Emile.

"In any event, the duel is tomorrow." Emile looked at Haru and seemed eager to fight. "We don't have much time. So we're going to have a trial by fire!"

Hundreds around Emile suddenly transformed into four floating cannons that surrounded her. The shape of this Hundred was a bit similar to the Hundred of Claire Harvey which was shown on the screen before. She controlled her Hundred and targeted it toward Haru.


The powerful blue beams were shot from those four floating cannons.


Haru, who had an observation haki and dodged before that attack, had hit him.


Everyone was surprised by Haru's reaction.

Emile smiled and said, "Your reaction is good! But let me see how long you can evade this attack!"



Haru was being shot, moved very swiftly, evaded all of the attacks that were shot from Emile.

Hayato, Charlotte, and Meimei who saw Haru who only moved slightly to dodge Emile's attack felt that it was very amazing.

Haru moved forward and kept dodging but calmly approached Emile in front of him.

Emile gritted her teeth and kept shooting.

Haru suddenly thought something and raised his hand to block Emile's beam.


The beam was blocked and scattered around.

Hayato, who saw the beam scattered toward him, raised his hand to block it.


Emile, who saw both of them, was surprised. "Wow! Both of you are amazing! You can even use an energy barrier!"

Haru smiled and said, "If this continues then you'll lose, Emile."

Emile snorted and said, "It's too early to defeat me, Haru!!!!" He continued to send out a barrage of beams from her cannons.

Haru kept dodging until he suddenly thought that he could do anything with the energy from the Hundred. He suddenly dashed and disappeared from his spot.

Emile was startled and looked around then suddenly he felt a cold feeling on his neck.


Haru was on the back of Emile and placed his dagger on Emile's neck.

"I lost..."

Emile was pretty depressed when he was defeated by a newbie.

Haru put down his dagger and patted Emile's head. "There are a lot of things that I need to learn, tell me more Emile."

Emile nodded and regained her confidence when he knew that Haru could defeat him easily. Then he thought that it would be very easy for him to defeat Claire Harvey, but he knew that Haru and Hayato were also newbies and he needed to educate them with a lot of things.

"Well, listen to both of you, I'm going to educate everything I know into both of your thick skulls!!!"

Haru and Hayato looked at each other and suddenly felt that it had become quite troublesome.