Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 653

Volume 1 Chapter 653 I'll Cook You A Dinner

The three of them trained until quite late before Emile decided to end the training.

But Haru decided to stay and said, "Can I stay with Charlotte? I want to ask her a question about Hundreds, Savages, and Slayers."

Emile smiled and nodded. "That's good! I'll go out with Hayato." He thought that Haru was really a good friend since Haru had given him time to stay alone together with Hayato.

"Eh? Eh?" Hayato thought about something and suddenly remembered something. "Aren't you going to visit Karen?"

Haru suddenly remembered that he needed to visit Karen. He thought for a while and shook his head. "Tell her that I apologize for not being able to visit her."

"She's going to get angry," Hayato said.

"Tell her that I'll cook her favorite food," Haru said.

Hayato nodded and asked, "How about me?" He had always wanted to eat Haru's food after he had tasted it before.

"I'll give you something if you tell something good about me to her later," Haru said.

"Got it." Hayato nodded without hesitation.

"What are you talking about? Food?" Emile was confused.

"Yes, Haru is a very good chef...." Hayato started to daydream and drool when he thought about the first time he tasted his food before. "His food is incredible...." He sighed when he thought that he couldn't eat it.

"Heh....." Emile looked at Haru curiously who started to change his clothes hurriedly looked away. 'This damn pervert!' He blushed and looked away before changing to a different location.

"Why is he changing to a different room?" Hayato asked.

"He has a lot of problems. You don't need to worry," Haru said. He thought that Emile was worried about his size being made fun of by both of them.

After they had changed their clothes, they talked to each other before going their separate ways.


Haru entered Charlotte's lab again and said, "Charlotte, can I bother you for a while?"

"Sure." Charlotte nodded when she saw him enter her lab.

Haru was curious about the energy that was used to activate a Hundred.

"Oh, that's Sense Energy," Charlotte said.

"Sense Energy? What is that?" Haru knew that it was necessary for him to learn more information about this world.

Charlotte nodded and started to tell him what was necessary to know in this world.

Sense Energy is described as being a power that is invisible to the n.a.k.e.d eye and is released from the human body made up of things referred to as minute particles. This form of energy is also how the Hundreds react to resulting in them taking on their weaponized forms.

Whenever used in combat, a Slayer is able to use their Sense Energy to increase their physical abilities letting them handle fighting against savages. As it can be utilized to activate their Hundred, energy can be infused into them in order to increase their effectiveness as well as produce a number of effects.

However, one's energy is limited and without it, their Hundred cannot maintain their form and it returns to their natural forms. Sense Energy is heavily linked to one's emotions and/or their desires to where it's essential to activate in a person.

"There is also a rare phenomenon known as "sympathy" where both emotions and energy clash against one another, making two people able to understand each other," Charlotte said.

Haru thought that this Sense Energy wasn't that much different from Chakra, Eternano, Rukh, or magic power in another world. "So might it be possible to use this energy for electricity at a house or an apartment?"

Charlotte nodded and said, "It's possible since there is also a device that is able to connect a Sense Energy to an electrical device." She wanted to say that it was possible to use Sense Energy to sail this massive aircraft.

Haru was wondering whether he could get this device since it would help him to shorten his time to modify his Gundam at home.

"I have also wanted to ask what is the factor that affects someone's compatibility with a Hundred?" Haru asked since there were a lot of people with low compatibility, but someone such as Hayato could have such high compatibility. He was wondering what made them different.

"Have you heard about Variants?" Charlotte asked.

"No." Haru shook his head, but he was pretty much excited when he heard it since he needed a sample from Variants.

"After the arrival of the savages, a virus came alongside them as an airborne toxin, which had infected humans in a number of ways by either making them sick or letting them react to the Hundreds known naturally as Slayers, special humans able to fight against the savages. On the other hand, the Variants are a unique group of humans who came into direct contact with the savage's bodily fluids by either being attacked or injected into their bodies, then survived the process." Charlotte looked at Haru and asked, "You're not Variants?"

Haru shook his head and said, "I'm not variants." He thought for a while and asked, "Is there a way to test whether someone is Variants or not?"

"Have you ever had contact with Savage's bodily fluids?" Charlotte asked.

"Never," Haru said.

"Then, you're not Variants," Charlotte said simply.

"It's as simple as that?" Haru asked with a frown.

"It's as simple as that." Charlotte smiled and said, "All Variants have enhanced abilities compared to that of normal Slayers, such as high compatibility with Hundred."

"Are there any Variants in this school?" Haru asked.

Charlotte smiled and didn't say anything.

Haru knew that it was too early to ask about this problem, but most of his quests had been done and for the rest of the quest he should be able to finish it soon. He knew that he needed to become closer to Charlotte since this woman was very smart.

They continued to talk about Sense Energy, Hundred, and Savage since those three topics were the most important things.


Suddenly Charlotte's stomach growled. "Uh..."

Haru looked at the time and knew that they had talked very late. "I'm sorry for holding you up for such a long time."

"It's alright since it is very rare for me to have a guest," Charlotte said.

"Well, do you want to have dinner? I'll cook you something," Haru said.

"Can you cook?" Charlotte was surprised when she heard it.

"Yes, what do you want? Or do you have something that you can't eat?" Haru asked.

Charlotte was doubting Haru and said, "Just cook me human food."


Haru knew that this woman didn't believe that he could cook and asked, "Where is the kitchen?"

Meimei who was bored being ignored by both Haru and Charlotte stood up in the excitement and said, "Follow me, Haru-kun!"

Haru nodded and followed Meimei.

Charlotte also followed them since she was curious about what kind of dinner that he would make for her.