Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 654

Volume 1 Chapter 654 Explode

"This is the kitchen!" Meimei said while showing him the kitchen within the laboratory.

Haru looked at the kitchen inside the laboratory and felt a bit surprised since it was quite huge and there were various ingredients inside. The furniture was mostly metal and seemed very clean. "Your kitchen is very neat."

"It's not me who cooks," Charlotte said and looked at Meimei. "Meimei is a very talented secretary and she is also the one who manages my food."

"Yes, I have always cooked for the professor!" Meimei said.

Haru checked the kitchen utensils then opened the fridge. He could see inside this fridge there were a lot of ingredients and all of them were very fresh. He took an apple and bit it before asking, "Is there something that you want to eat?"

Charlotte thought for a while and said, "Can you cook me something spicy?"

"Spicy, huh?" Haru thought for a while looking at the ingredients inside the fridge and the spices around the cupboard. He nodded and said, "I'll cook something spicy for you."

"Oh, what are you going to cook?" Meimei asked.

"Mapo tofu," Haru said.

"Mapo tofu?" Meimei had never heard of such a dish.

Charlotte looked at her PDA to search for information about mapo tofu. "It's a dish that utilizes tofu as one of the ingredients." Her mouth was watery when she saw the red color from this dish making her salivate, but she could see that it wasn't something that could be cooked that easily.

Looking at his wide back, Charlotte wonders whether he really could do it or messed up this dish.

But that worry suddenly disappeared when she saw his act inside the kitchen.

*Cut!* *Cut!* *Cut!*

His movement was very fast, the people who saw him cooking wondered whether Haru was using his Hundred during this cooking process since they could see that an ingredient was flying after another to the pot.


Inside the round wok, the ingredients were cooked and caused a delicious and spicy aroma to permeate the room.


Charlotte couldn't help but move closer to see whether the food was ready or not.

Meimei was also curious and recorded the cooking process inside her memory.

Haru didn't put the usual meat, but rather one of the mystery ingredients that was part of his secret ingredients.

It didn't take a long time before the mapo tofu was being served.


Charlotte once again felt that her mouth was watery when she saw this dish right in front of her.

The redness of the sauce and oil caused someone who saw this dish to think that it was very spicy.

"Enjoy it," Haru said.

Charlotte nodded and sniffed the aroma before she felt that she exploded.


The fragrance of garlic and the spiciness of the spice caused an aroma bomb that almost caused her to explode.

'Such a brutal dish....'

But it didn't stop her from scooping the mapo tofu into her spoon and putting it into her mouth.



Charlotte felt her tongue was burnt, and her forehead was full of sweat, however, she couldn't stop eating.

"DELICIOUS!!!!! Hot! Delicious! Hot! Delicious!" Charlotte said as she ate.

"There are five factors that make mapo tofu delicious which are known as spiciness, aroma, color, heat, and numbness," Haru said.

Meimei wrote down everything that he had said like a good student.

"But this mapo tofu is special because there are six factors inside," Haru said.

"Six factors?!" 2x

Haru placed a bowl of rice on the side of Charlotte's plate. "The last factor is texture."

Charlotte who saw rice hurriedly ate using the rice on the side together with the mapo tofu. The moment she ate the rice together with the mapo tofu, she felt the gentleness of this dish.

Suddenly she started to enter an illusion where she had become a little girl who had been teased by carrot and stick.

Charlotte opened her eyes and she became startled when she suddenly was being pushed on the wall. Then her chin was pinched and saw Haru who was right in front of him looking at him with a burning desire.


"You want this, right?" His deep and cold voice caused her to shudder, but she couldn't answer him, only weakly nodded.

"What a helpless woman...."

The scene that happened suddenly wasn't suited to be shown to someone who was under 18.


Charlotte laid weakly on the chair after eating all of the rice and mapo tofu on the table. A drool dripped slowly from the corner of her lips showing that she almost lost her unconsciousness. Her tongue was numb but she raised her thumbs at him. "It's good...."

"Thank you very much," Haru said and also started to eat too, but his reaction was fairly normal. He started to think that it might be possible to create an exotic dish.


Meimei, who was on the side, wrote and recorded everything that had happened so she didn't expect a dish to be able to create such a miracle.

Charlotte's unconsciousness became hazy, but her eyes were clear looking at Haru who was also eating the same dish as her.


'What a man...'


After eating dinner, Haru went back to his dorm and it was quite late since he had spent a long time in the laboratory before.


Hearing someone calling his name, Haru turned and saw Hayato running toward him. "How is Karen?"

Hayato smiled wryly and said, "She is angry."

"You didn't tell her about the duel, right?" Haru asked.

"Of course not." Hayato shook his head and smelled something delicious and spicy. "What did you cook?" He couldn't help but feel hungry when he smelled a delicious aroma from Haru.

Haru took out a food container and gave it to Hayato. "Mapo tofu. I have cooked too much, you can eat it later."

"Thanks!" Hayato said with a smile.

Both of them walked together before going to their room.

Haru's room was right on the side of Hayato.

"Why don't we have the same room?" Hayato sighed.


Haru moved slightly away from Hayato after he heard such a sentence. 'Hayato, you.....' He took a deep breath, and somehow he really needed to tell Karen that her older brother might swing that way.

"Come to my room first," Hayato said and opened the door of his room.

Haru nodded since it was too early to sleep.

Hayato opened the door and there was someone who changed clothes.


Hayato was stunned after he saw such smooth skin and a slightly big chest. "G - Girl?"

'Emile?' Haru also looked at this girl.

"Hayato... Haru....." Emile also noticed both of them and felt shocked.

"GET OUT!!!!!"

Emile threw out anything she could grab toward both of them.


Tonight wouldn't be peaceful for the three of them.