Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 655

Volume 1 Chapter 655 Duel 1

Inside the Colosseum, a lot of students from Little Garden had gathered inside this place.

Usually, the mood of the people who came to this place would be very festive, but at this moment, the mood of everyone was very solemn since they knew that they might see an execution rather than a match.

Everyone already knew that the "Perfect Queen" of the Little Garden, Claire Harvey, would be fighting against the new student of the Little Garden, Kasugano Haruka.

They knew very well the power of Claire Harvey, but they didn't look down on Haru since his aptitude on Hundred was one of the best besides Hayato.

Hayato and Emile were looking at Haru who was about to walk toward the arena.

Emile looked at Haru with a complicated expression since this guy knew that he was a girl, but didn't say much to her, only told her to wear her clothes quickly and closed the door. She was wondering whether she didn't have charm as a woman, but one lucky thing that Hayato didn't know was that she was a woman.

Then she decided to ask Hayato whether Haru liked a man since she thought that Haru didn't have an interest in a woman since Haru didn't show a reaction after seeing her n.a.k.e.d body wrapped in a towel, however, Hayato's answer caused her to want to beat up Haru.

"Haru is only interested in a woman with a big chest," Hayato said with an awkward smile.



Emile was annoyed and looked away. She knew that she didn't have big b.r.e.a.s.ts, but she was confident in her charm, but this guy who was only interested in big b.o.o.b.s really annoyed him somehow. She suddenly thought that her dear friend Charlotte wouldn't have a chance to seduce Haru with such a child-like body.

But she thought that Charlotte should look for a better man rather than Haru.

"Did you do something to him?" Hayato asked.

"Nothing, it might be that special day," Haru answered.

"What special day?" Hayato asked.

Haru didn't answer him and said, "I'll go out first." He walked toward the arena where Claire had been waiting for him.

Walking toward the arena, the attention which was gathered among Claire turned into Haru who had just entered the arena.

The student council duo didn't really want to admit it, but there was something that made them unable to ignore Haru.

But some of them noticed that there was something on Haru that made them unable to ignore.

Then some of them suddenly blushed and held their mouths in surprise.

Even both Liddy and Erica, who were members of the student council, were also silent for a moment when they saw it.


Emile also looked at Haru's back and asked, "Hayato, do you know whether he has trained in martial arts or something?" She remembered that Haru could dodge her attack easily and wondered whether he had trained in martial arts.

Hayato shook his head and said, "I don't know much about him since what I know is his family has passed away."

Emile also understood that it would be quite awkward to ask such a question to Haru. Then she looked at Claire Harvey, who had such big b.o.o.b.s that being intensified by such a tight variable suit could only intensify her s.e.xiness.


Emile somehow felt quite annoyed.

"Let's go to the audience seat," Hayato said.

Emile nodded and also followed Hayato to the audience seat, but she could feel that the atmosphere was a bit strange then she noticed that there was a group of girls who seemed to be blushing and held their mouths in surprise. Then she looked at Haru then noticed something that was very noticeable making her slap her forehead.

Hayato didn't think much since it wasn't him who was the one who attracted this attention.


Claire Harvey wanted to say something to Haru the moment he entered the area, but all of the things in her mouth stopped when she saw him wearing a variable suit.

It wasn't a secret that a variable suit was very tight and often would show the body shape of the user.

For example, when a woman with big b.o.o.b.s wore a variable suit, they would show the shape of their big b.r.e.a.s.ts. The other example was when a man with a six pax and muscular body wore a variable suit, they would also show that muscle.

That was why when something was bigger than normal it would show through the variable suit.

"What's wrong, Prez? Is there anything?" Haru asked Claire who seemed to be looking at him.

Claire, who heard his voice, could only shake her head in blush then looked straight at him. She looked at Haru and had to admit that this guy was her type. 'If only this guy didn't cause trouble...



Claire had a hard time maintaining her composure when she saw a huge bulge on Haru's variable suit. "Are you ready?" She decided to focus on the match since she knew that he didn't have a bad intention. She also didn't want to be labeled as a pervert and decided to keep quiet about it.

Haru nodded and said, "I'm ready."

Claire nodded and calmed herself before showing the Hundred in her hand.

"Hundred On!"

Hundreds in her hand turned into six floating cannons around her body.

Haru was wondering whether it was necessary to say such a line to activate his Hundred. But he decided to follow her and did the same thing.

"Hundred On!"

A black dagger appeared on his hand showing a sharpness that could cut anything.

Everyone was thinking that Haru's Hundred was pretty simple and lacked an impact compared to Claire's Hundred.

But no one said anything since his courage was commendable to be able to ask the strongest Slayer in the Little Garden for a duel.

"The duel between the queen, Claire Harvey, and the new student, Kasugano Haruka, shall begin!"

Then a hologram screen appeared in the middle of the arena and started the countdown before the duel.

"Now, Kasugano Haruka shows me how strong you are!"

Claire was looking at Haru haughtily.

"Well, girl, you sure love to provoke me."

Haru wanted to peel the haughty mask off on her face.