Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 656

Volume 1 Chapter 656 Duel 2

The two little girls who were being saved by Haru prayed together.

"Kasugano-kun is doing this for us...."

"Please don't get yourself hurt...."

But their attention turned toward Haru and couldn't help but look down making their face ruddy. They thought they should give him a gift if he really won against the "Perfect Queen".

Haru would be happy if he knew what those two girls were thinking at this moment. Unfortunately, he didn't have a mind-reading ability on himself.

"I will explain the rules."

Liddy and Erica had become the commentators on this duel and also a referee.

"The time limit is fifteen minutes.

"The match will end when a combatant is knocked out, or when their energy runs out, or they're disarmed."


Haru looked at the hologram screen and thought to get it back to his world later.

Claire touched her communication device and said, "Liddy, I would like to announce one thing here."

"What is it?" Haru asked.

"I will not use full-body armament in this duel," Claire said while looking at Haru.

"Are you sure?" Haru asked.

"Yes, you're a new student and I will give you a handicap in this duel," Claire said.

Full-Body Armament is another form of wielding a Hundred, which uses a full activation instead of a normal one.

In typical situations, a Slayer has its Hundred activated as a bare armament utilizing just a small portion of their energy in order to maintain it, making it the most stable and usable tool for a slayer. However, this is an advanced method of utilizing one's Hundred, where one releases all of their energy at once in an instant, which causes a full armament in the shape of an armor that covers almost all of their bodies, with their weapon also changing their shape at most times.

Hayato nodded after hearing Emile's explanation, but he also started to get worried about Haru who was in the arena.


"And the fight won't be fun if it's only over in a second," Claire said.

"That's true, the longer the better, right?" Haru said with a teasing smile.

"Yes...." Claire wasn't sure but she felt that this sentence was a bit strange for some reason.

"Well, whatever you want, Prez, but if you want, you can use your full-body armament later when you feel that you're at a disadvantage," Haru said.

Claire snorted and said, "Let's see how long that you can maintain that composure." She looked at Haru, then looked at his huge bulge again, then shook her head. 'Is this his strategy?'

If Haru heard what Claire was thinking then he would complain to her and ask her whether there was a bigger suit for him that wouldn't show his body shape, at least, he didn't really want to wear a skintight suit.




The audience was waiting for the match with a serious expression.



"Now, Kasugano Haruka, show me how strong you are!" Claire shouted.

Haru thought for a while and wondered how much power he should show in this battle. He didn't want to scare Claire and thought to tease her for a bit.



After the announcement Haru didn't move, Clare frowned when she saw Haru who didn't move from his spot and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Haru said and walked slowly toward Claire.

Claire raised her eyebrow and controlled her floating cannons. "Then, I won't give you a chance!" One of the cannons on her surrounding shot out a green beam toward Haru.

Haru only moved his head slightly and dodged that green beam. "Tell me that after you've shot me."

Claire felt that something was wrong and kept shooting the green beams from her floating cannons.


Claire's attack was very fierce and it was so powerful that it shook the entire arena, but all of that attack was missed and didn't even hit Haru who was walking slowly toward Claire.

'It's as if he can see the trajectory of the beam?' Claire thought.

Everyone was surprised by Haru's dodging skills.

Claire kept shooting, but Haru's action seemed to provoke her and it was as if Haru had made fun of her. "DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!


The six floating cannons gathered together in a single unit, shooting out a powerful green beam at the same time.


The power of the cannon was so powerful that it caused the ground to cause dust that covered the entire area.

Claire thought that Haru would be defeated by that blow, but suddenly she felt a cold feeling on her neck.


Erica, the commentator, was shocked when she saw the scene in front of her.

"Let me see your Full-Body Armament," Haru said and suddenly appeared behind Claire placing his Hundred on her neck.


Claire was shocked when he suddenly appeared behind her, but she was also frustrated when she thought that she had lost to the new student who had just gotten his Hundred yesterday.

'I'm the perfect queen, I can't lose here!'

Then her body was covered in a blinding light and also put strong pressure on her surroundings.

Haru moved back while looking at Claire who was in the air while looking down at him. He was wondering why there were a lot of girls who had such a queen air around him.

Claire, who had used her 'Full-Body Armament', wouldn't give him mercy again.


Numerous gun pods came out released from her six floating cannons then moved toward Haru who was on the ground.

*Psh!* *Psh!* *Psh!*

Those pods shot out a lot of green cannons toward him.

But Haru was very nimble and those attacks didn't even hit him.

"Don't keep running away!"

Claire created a large rifle which shape and size were as big as cannon on her hands and aimed at Haru.


"Buster Cannon!?'

Liddy and Erica were surprised when Claire decided to use both 'Full-Body Armament' and 'Buster Call' at the same time.


Haru who looked at Claire thought to use one of his skills on his Hundred.

The dagger on his hand was separated, but it was being connected by a yellow light which made its length longer.

Then Haru swung his Hundred as if it was a whip.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*


The gun pods which were being released by Claire were destroyed one by one by Haru's Hundred easily.

Haru's movement was very swift and effectively destroyed the pods in a single attack and the Hundred on his hand had become a sharp whip that could cut anything.

Claire was surprised at how versatile Haru's Hundred was, but...

"This is the end, Kasugano Haruka!"

Claire aimed her 'Buster Call' and shot a powerful beam.


The powerful beam shook the entire Colosseum and Colosseum, covering the entire arena in sand dust.


Hayato and Emile were worried about their friend and wanted to go inside the arena.


Claire breathed very hard and landed on the ground thinking that it was over.

"You lost."

Claire heard this voice and wanted to aim her 'Buster Call" at him, but it was slashed by his dagger being destroyed in an instant.

The black dagger aimed at her neck showed that the battle was over.

Claire saw the sharp dagger and she knew that she had lost, but she didn't want to lose this way.

"Is it very hard to admit defeat?" Haru asked.

Clarie gritted her teeth and said, "You don't understand anything! I need to become the strongest!" She didn't give up and created six cannons around her again, but it was once again slashed by Haru destroying it in an instant.

"For such a hard-working Queen, I need to give you a reward," Haru said with a smile.


Claire didn't understand, but suddenly she saw that her forehead was being kissed.



Everyone was startled.

Claire blushed and held her forehead. "W - What ar----" She suddenly felt very weak and fell to the ground, but she was caught by him.

"Be careful, alright."

Haru caught her and picked her in his arms. "I have won the match, so you won't expel three of them, right?"

"Y - You....!!!!!"

Claire wanted to say something, but she was too fl.u.s.tered, especially when he brought her in a princess carry. She felt that she was dreaming, but she knew that it was a reality.

"Let's go to the infirmary," Haru said and brought her to the infirmary.

"Listen to me first!" Claire complied in blush.


No one in the area was sure what to say for a moment.


Erica hurriedly ran toward Haru and Erica.

Liddy picked up the microphone and said, "The winner is Kasugano Haruka!!!" She put it down before chasing after them.


Everyone was surprised by the result of the duel, but what surprised them the most was how Haru had taken Claire out of the arena.

Emile looked at Haru in disdain and said, "This guy is a big b.o.o.b.s maniac!"


Hayato looked at Emile and wondered whether Emile had a crush on the president.