Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 657

Volume 1 Chapter 657 Can't Stop Your L.u.s.t?


Erica looked worriedly at Claire who was resting on the bed.

"Erica, I'm alright. I just used up my energy," Claire said calmly.

"That guy is very strong," Liddy said.


Erica was angry when Liddy mentioned the one who had defeated Claire.

Waving her hand, Erica said, "It's okay. I lost that match." She looked around and asked, "Where is he?" She had lost consciousness after her energy was used and she felt a bit disappointed when she didn't see him after she had woken up.

"I have chased him away!" Erica said.


"He should be in his room," Liddy said, and her attitude was better toward Haru since in her view the strong would have everything, especially that part that made her a bit giddy, but she hurriedly shook her head since she wasn't a lewd girl.

Pondering for a while, Claire decided to stand up.

"What are you doing, Claire-sama?" Erica was worried and tried to help Claire rest.

"I need to see him," Claire said since she needed to know who his real identity was and how he could defeat her even though he only wielded his Hundred recently.

"Claire-sama, you have just used all of the energy," Liddy also said.

"I'm not weak enough for the two of you to be worried about me."

Claire felt slightly better after she took a rest. She stood up and said, "Let's go to his place."

Liddy and Erica looked at each other and could only follow her since they knew how stubborn Claire was.


Claire took a deep breath looking at the door in front of her. She had told both Liddy and Erica to stay in the car since she needed to talk to him alone. She started to blush when she thought that her forehead was being kissed and she was also being carried in a princess carry.

'Why have you taken my first time....'

Claire shook her head then knocked on the door.

*Knock!* *Knock!*


The door was open and Claire saw Haru who was in his apron.


This scene surprised her since she didn't expect him to wear such a thing, giving him a gap in his manly image and made her wonder whether he was good at house chores. But her thought was broken when she suddenly smelled a very sweet fragrance coming from his room.

"Prez? What are you doing here?" Haru asked.

Claire moved her nose slightly and still kept her haughty expression, but also felt annoyed when this guy didn't show a happy expression when he saw her here. "You're not letting me enter your room?"

"You want to enter my room?" Haru asked in a surprised expression.

"What's that expression?" Claire was annoyed.

"There is only me in my room and you're also a beautiful girl, what do you think happens when both a single man and woman stay in the same room together?" Haru asked with a teasing smile.

Claire blushed and fl.u.s.tered while hugging her own chest, making her big chest more conspicuous. "Y - You!! What are you planning to do with me? Just let me be clear that I'm not that easy of a girl! I won't fall for your evil scheme!"


Haru laughed and said, "Well, just come in. I'm sorry if it is a bit messy." He welcomed her inside his room, but he had to admit that Claire's b.r.e.a.s.ts were really huge and beautiful. He was wondering how it felt to place his head on those soft things.

Entering his room, Claire moved her nose again since this sweet fragrance made her curious and somehow made her quite hungry since she hadn't eaten anything after she had woken up.

"I'm just baking a cake, do you want to try it?" Haru asked since he noticed Claire's small movement.

"Baking a cake? You?" Claire was surprised.

"You don't need to be surprised if there isn't any Savage in this world, then I might become a chef," Haru said.


Claire didn't know what to say for a moment and thought that Haru was someone with a lot of story in his past making her a bit curious. She looked at his room curiously since it was her first time entering a boy's room and felt that it was a bit messy since she could see his shirt on his bed. Looking at him again, she started to remember that this guy had stolen her first time at the duel before. Her expression turned into blush and used an annoying expression to hide her bashfulness.

Haru didn't bring the cake first, rather he closed the door of his room since it would be troublesome if the aroma of the cake spread through the dorm.

The door was closed and there were only both of them in this room.

Claire suddenly became quite nervous for some reason.

"You should sit---"


Claire was startled and looked at him with a wary expression hugging her chest tightly.


Haru was speechless and said, "Just sit down first, or if you don't feel comfortable then you can come back two days later."

"Why not tomorrow?" Claire asked, then sat down on his sofa. She could smell a musky giving a masculine smell and wanted to sniff it for some reason.

"I need to go somewhere tomorrow," Haru said while bringing the roll cake that he had just baked along with tea on the table.


Claire was startled, then looked at the slice of roll cake on the table. She gulped when she saw a beautiful round cake which was filled with various fruits which were glittering like jewels.

"You should eat first," Haru said.

Claire nodded and took the fork, sliced some part of the cake, then put it into her mouth. She opened her eyes wide then suddenly she felt that she had been teleported to the world of "Alice in Wonderland." But her dress wasn't Alice's, rather her dress was a wedding dress.

Claire was stunned for a while, but also felt moved when she saw a lot of fruits in a human's form, animal, and a lot of more clapped their hands together looking at her with a happy smile. She knew that it was the happiest moment of a woman and looked at the man who was waiting for her wearing a handsome suit looking at him with a smile. She knew this man very well since this man was the one who had stolen all of her first time. She felt annoyed but also happy at this same time since this man had taken her first wedding and that meant...

The priest started with the vow then told both of them to kiss each other.

Claire closed her eyes waiting for the kiss, but then she woke up immediately.


Then she realized that Haru was looking at her with a strange expression, but she didn't care since her head was filled with the illusion which was brought by Haru's cake earlier.

"This is still too early...."

"What?" Haru was confused.

"It's too early for us to marry!!!"

Claire ran away from his room to where Liddy and Erica were waiting for her, but she didn't forget to bring the roll cake that had been given to her by him.


Emile was startled when Claire ran away from Haru's room.

Haru also chased after her but stopped when he saw both Hayato and Emile who were right in front of him.

"What the heck did you do? Did Prez's b.o.o.b.s cause you to not be able to stop your l.u.s.t?" Emile asked with a questioning expression.

"Haru....." Hayato sighed looking at him and thought that his best friend couldn't stop his l.u.s.t.


Haru was speechless since he was the one who wanted to know what happened the most here.


Liddy and Erica didn't know what had happened between Claire and Haru before, but they could see that Claire was really happy for some reason.


Well, that matter aside, they were also curious about the roll cake on Claire's hand since they could see that it was beautiful and the sweet smell made them very tempted to eat it. They wanted to ask, but they were hesitating since it would be rude to do so.

Claire ate the roll cake again and felt happiness inside her heart.

'B, but it is still too early for us!'