Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 658

Volume 1 Chapter 658 Your Brother Has Gone Astray

In the morning, Haru went to the hospital to visit Karen or Hayato's little sister. He asked the location of her room before he knocked on the door of her room after he arrived.

"Please enter."

A sweet and cute voice could be heard from inside.

Haru smiled and his mood became better when he heard this voice since both Emile and Hayato were quieting him from the entire night to solve the misunderstanding which happened last night. They also tried to educate him about s.e.x.u.a.l education and how to treat a woman. He was too speechless and too lazy to refute them.

Entering the door, there was a cute girl with long black hair sitting on her bed.


This girl pouted when she saw him entering her room.

How could she not be annoyed since he didn't even visit her even though he had promised her before?

"Sorry, Karen, there was some matter yesterday," Haru said.

*Sniff!* *Sniff!*

Karen's nose was moving like a puppy smelling something sweet from Haru. She was curious and wondering whether he had brought her a cake, but she needed to show that she was angry since he didn't come to visit her yesterday.

"Well, I have brought you a roll cake," Haru said and showed the cake in his hand.

"Hmph!" Her expression telling Haru that it wouldn't be that easy for her to forgive him, but her eyes clearly glued to the cake in Haru's hand.

Haru shook his head and wondered how a girl could be this cute. He understood why Hayato always pampered her since he would also do the same if he was in his place. He thought for a while and said, "Then, I'll also tell you a secret."


Karen seemed to be interested and looked at Haru curiously.

"Your Nii-san is on a date," Haru said.

'Sorry, Emile.'

Haru thought inwardly and decided to annoy Emile who had taken Hayato on a date.

Emile had taken Hayato in the early morning, and Haru didn't care about their relationship too much. The only people in the Little Garden who knew about Emile's real gender might be him and Charlotte. He wanted some revenge since Emile had made trouble last night and decided to trouble her date with Hayato.

"What?!" Karen was surprised.

"His dating partner is male," Haru said and dropped another bomb.


Karen was speechless and dumbstruck when she heard it.

"Hayato often blushed when he was with his date partner," Haru added.


Karen was startled when she thought her older brother would swing that way.

"H - How is that possible?!"

Karen couldn't believe such a thing.

"I'll show you the photo of Hayato's date partner."

Haru took his PDA and showed a picture of Emile. He was quite surprised by this world since almost everyone in this world would use PDA as their communication device. He didn't even see a smartphone which really made him wonder what was wrong with this world. But he didn't think much and followed the trend of this world by buying a PDA by himself.

Karen looked at the photo of Emile and understood why her brother would blush when he saw Emile.

Emile's appearance was really beautiful like a girl making some people would be surprised if they were told that Emile was a girl, but according to the data, Emile was a male causing a lot of distress among a lot of people.

"Haru, what should I do?"

Karen was very distressed when she thought that her older brother would go astray.

"How about we go join them?" Haru said.


Karen looked at Haru curiously.

"The weather is quite good, how about we go out with them together?" Haru said.

Karen blushed and thought that it would turn into a double date, but the dating partner of her brother was a boy that made her quite complicated.

However, she agreed.

"Let's go!"

Karen hadn't left the hospital after she was taken to Little Garden and she was also happy to go out with Haru.


Hayato and Emile looked at Haru and Karen.

Haru was pushing Karen's wheelchair while carrying a bag on his arm.

Emile was annoyed when she saw Haru's smile clearly trying to annoy her.

"Karen, how can you be here?" Hayato was surprised.

"Nii-san, I have heard that you're going on a date with a man."

Karen looked at Emile who was right beside Hayato.

Emile suddenly became nervous since she knew that Karen was Hayato's little sister.

"D - Date? What are you talking about?!" Hayato asked in a clearly nervous voice.

"Haru has said that both of you are on a date!" Karen said looking at them with a suspicious expression.

"How come I have a date with Emile?" Hayato was in shock.

"Y - Yes! Both of us are boys! How can we have a date with each other!" Emile wanted to strangle Haru at this moment.

"Really?! You're not dating each other?" Karen continued to ask, but she could see that something might happen between the two of them.

"Yes! Of course not!" Hayato said.

"Yes! We're not dating!" Emile also replied.


Hearing both answers, Karen clearly became even more suspicious.

"Well, since it is a rare chance how about the four of us walk together?" Haru interjected.

Hayato nodded and said, "Yes, Karen, this is your first time walking around the Little Garden, right?"

Karen nodded and said, "That's a good idea."

Emile suddenly walked beside Haru and asked in a whisper, "What the hell are you doing?!" She was clearly annoyed since her fate was being disturbed.

"What? Both of you are men, right?" Haru said as if he didn't understand anything.


Emile understood that this guy tried to have revenge on her because of the thing that had happened yesterday.


"Let's go!"

Karen was clearly excited to see when she could go out with two most beloved today and somehow chose to ignore Emile's existence.

Emile looked at Karen's smile and decided to give up on her date with Hayato and joined them to walk around the Little Garden.

"Umm... Emile-san."

Karen looked at Emile with an unsure expression whether she should ask this question or not.

"What's wrong, Karen?" Emile looked at Karen.

"You really don't have an interest in men, right?" Karen decided to ask since she wanted to confirm that Emile wouldn't attack her older brother.


Emile was dumbstruck then looked at Haru who was holding his laugh. Looking at Haru's reaction, she really wanted to smack him with a Hundred right now.


Stopping in the cafeteria, Karen chose various things since she had always wanted to visit this place. She bought spaghetti, onigiri, ice cream, and a lot more. Even if she couldn't eat all of them, she knew that her brother and Haru would help her to eat all of them.

After buying a lot of things, they went to the nearby table to eat together.

Emile looked at Haru curiously and asked, "What did you bring?" She had been very curious about the bag which was carried by Haru.

"Well, it's food."

Haru placed his bag on the table and said, "I have cooked in the morning earlier."

"Haru's food is really good," Karen and Hayato said at the same time.

"Is it really good?" Emile seemed to look at Haru with a suspicious expression.

Haru didn't talk and opened the box which he had brought.

The moment he opened the box, a blinding light suddenly appeared from inside the box causing everyone to close their eyes looking at the food on the table with a drool.

"Let's eat."


Emile wanted to ask a lot of questions, but in the end, she understood why Charlotte was interested in this bad guy.