Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1 Chapter 66 Prison Break 4


A thundering voice echoed through the floor.

Everyone saw it, a large man, about three times the height of a normal human. He has a face that resembles a mandrill, with very sharp teeth and a thick beard. His fingers closely resemble those of the Blue Gorillas.

"Magellan," Haru knew that he needed to run. He was very annoyed since the power of his enemy was poison. His healing was very effective on the wounds but it was useless on both illness and poison. He didn't expect that his light magic would be this useless right now. He thought he should learn a chakra later since it was more effective to heal a poison and illness.

Haru felt that he was a bit arrogant when he received this group chat. He needed to change that mindset right now. He knew that the Blackbeard Pirates couldn't stop Magellan, 'Or....' They just deliberately lost to Magellan then they could go to level 6 as soon as possible.

"HYDRA!!!" Magellan produced a huge dragon made of poison and let it engulfed the entire group of the Blackbeard Pirates.

"OHHH!!!!" They were shocked since they couldn't stop it. They didn't feel anything until a few seconds later they were unable to stand up, "GYAAAA!!! IT'S HURTS, I'M SUFFERING!!"

Haru wanted to spit when he saw their acting.

"Zipper Boy, hurry up, I'll stop him!!" Ivankov told him to go.

Haru shook his head, "Let me slow him."

Ivankov raised his eyebrow and wondered what he would do.

"Sticky Fingers!" Haru hit the ground and made a very big zipper.

Magellan saw a zipper under his feet, 'Zipper?' He suddenly saw the zipper open and he fell down to the lower level.

"Zipper Boy!!!" Ivankov was beyond happy right now.

"Haru!!!" Luffy was also happy. He knew that he was also helpless against that

Haru sighed in relief when he saw that he succeeded but it took a lot of his energy to create such a large zipper and opened a path to the lower level.

Magellan who fell down wanted to catch the zipper on his side and he succeeded but suddenly he saw the zipper started to move and started to cut his fingers, "Ugh...." He hurriedly covered his entire body and made the metal on the zipper became rusty. He knew that he was running on time. He gritted his teeth when he saw the zipper started to close. He looked at him with a fierce expression and thought that even if he fell down he would at least bring one of them down too, "HYDRA!!!!!!"


Haru couldn't move to the upper level since there was only one ladder. He kept looking at Magellan who was holding the metal of his zipper. He started to manipulate it and the metal started to move similar to a chainsaw. He thought that he would cut his fingers but his fingers were just too thick and he covered his entire body with poison. He hurriedly closed his zipper only when he saw his desperate attack.


Haru saw a large dragon with three heads moving very fast toward him.

"HARU!!!" Luffy saw that the poison dragon wanted to engulf him similar to Blackbeard Pirates earlier.

"DEATH WINK!!!" Ivankov hurriedly used his attack to stop it but it was useless. He tried to use his body to block this poison for him.

Haru felt a bit moved but he said, "Move, you'll get hurt."

Ivankov was a bit embarrassed until he saw the scene in front of him.

Haru saw the attack slowed down. He took a deep breath and concentrated to use his power in the space in front of him, "Sticky Fingers!!!" He gritted his teeth and opened a large zipper on the space in front of him. He knew that opening a zipper on the space was very hard and it took a lot of toll on his body.

"ROARRRR!!!" The poison dragon entered the path that had been created by his zipper power. It entered a strange space and disappeared along with the sound of a closing zipper.


"Ha...Ha...Ha..." Haru was quite tired now after that attack.

"Zipper Boy," Ivankov picked him up and started to run away. He knew that Magellan would come back soon. He knew that this boy was very tired after using his power to stop Magellan.

Haru knew that he didn't have that much stamina after he created two big zippers with his power. He looked at Ivankov and asked, "Can you use your hormones to make me full of stamina again?"

"There will be a side effect, do you want it?" Ivankov said while running.

"What are the side effects?" Haru asked.

"Hmm, you will probably be very tired after doping down," Ivankov said.

Haru thought for a while and shook his head, "I only need to rest for a few minutes."

Ivankov nodded, "Sure, I can carry you for a while."

"Also, this is only a warning but once you touch my private part with your hand, I'll make a zipper around your neck and detach your head from your body," Haru felt as his hand started to move down. He looked at him with a worried expression. He frowned further when he saw that this person didn't stop. He hurriedly kicked him away and his power started to come back with a strong will, "Bastard! I'll really kill you when you really try to molest me." He started to run with his two feet and moved away from him.

"O - oh, let's see whether you can kill me?" Ivankov wasn't afraid and looked very interested. He thought that he was really cute right now.

Haru frowned, "Jimbei, can you drown him on the sea?"

"I'll turn you into a woman before you do that, Jinbei!" Ivankov said.

"Don't worry, I'll detach his hands and it'll be 100% safe," Haru said.

Jimbei looked at him and thought, 'Don't bring me into your trouble!' He sighed and wondered whether they could succeed in this prison break.