Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 660

Volume 1 Chapter 660 First Battle 2

Inside the aircraft which was moving toward Zwei Island, everyone gathered in the strategy room to talk about their strategy for this battle.

"Okay, I'll start with the operation."

There was a large table with a screen that showed a map of Zwei Island in the middle of this room.

Erica pointed at one point and said, "First, Claire-sama, Liddy, and I'll engage the standard Savage at point alpha."

"Once we take it out, we will engage Trenta-class in point gamma.

"Kasugano Haruka is to move out then."

Erica looked at Haru and asked, "Do you have a question?"

Haru shook his head and said, "No, you're the leader of this operation. I'll do what I was told."

They nodded and seemed to be quite satisfied with Haru since they were afraid that Haru would be very reckless in this first battle since Haru was also the first person who would taunt the "Perfect Queen", Claire Harvey in the Little Garden. They thought that it would be hard to manage him, but it seemed that they were thinking too much.

"Please engage the standard Savage at the beta point."

"I understand." Haru nodded.

"You have zero experience in real combat and we will go out ahead and show you how to fight Savage," Claire said.

"In any event, once you have taken Savage out at a beta point, your job is done," Liddy said while looking at Haru.

"Yes." Haru nodded and said, "Be careful with the Trenta-class."

"You don't need to worry about us, we have a lot of experience fighting against Savage," Liddy said.

"We have also encountered unknowns several times and have taken them out each time." Claire looked at Haru and said, "Leave the Trenta-class to us."

Haru suddenly thought that this girl had raised a Flag during this battle. He wouldn't be surprised if there was trouble suddenly appearing in the mission, but he didn't intend to say anything.

"Before that, can I ask you a question?" Liddy looked at him.


Haru nodded and looked at Liddy.

"The thing about your nether region is distracting me, can you do something about it?" Liddy said with a blush, but her dark skin made it hard to see that she was blushing.


Everyone suddenly blushed and the serious atmosphere was broken after Liddy had uttered those words. They tried not to look at the huge bulge in his variable suit, but it was simply impossible.

"Even if you said that to me...." Haru looked at Liddy and said, "Is there a bigger variable suit?" He wanted to say that Liddy's big b.r.e.a.s.ts also distracted him, but he was smart enough to refrain.

"No," Charlotte answered.

"Then is it possible for me to wear a uniform?" Haru asked.

"The variable suit can enhance the ability of Slayer to wield their Hundred, wearing a uniform will simply ask for death in front of a strong enemy." Charlotte looked at his huge bulge and said, "You need to bear with this."


"Can I ask you something again?" Liddy asked.


"How big is it?" Liddy asked.


"I have a record of him changing his clothes, do you want to watch it after the mission?" Charlotte asked.


Haru was wondering what was wrong with the girls in this world.


It didn't take them too long before they had arrived at the alpha point.

The rear door of the aircraft was opened, and Erica jumped out first while bringing an RPG in her hand.

Hundred was the most effective weapons against Savage, but that didn't mean someone couldn't defeat Savage using a common weapon such as an explosion or missile. However, it would take too much time and money which was why it wasn't effective and that was why Slayer was created.

Aiming at the RPG, Erica shot out the rocket to take out the vision of Savage.

*Swoosh!* *Swoosh!* *Swoosh!*

The rocket moved very fast and struck down Savage.


Being hit by an explosion didn't damage Savage, but it caused it to be unable to attack them and distracted it for a moment.

Liddy and Claire also followed behind Erica.

"Hundred On!" 3x

The three of them activated their Hundred at the same time creating different weapons on their hands.

Erica created a chain.

Charlotte explained that Erica's Hundred was an Arsene type that created an energy chain that could be extended or retracted at will.

Liddy created a spear and shield.

Claire created a rifled cannon in her hands.

Erica landed on the ground and extended her chain to chain down Savage.

"Now, Claire-sama!"

Claire aimed her rifle cannon at Savage's head, or in other words its core.


Savage was struck down by a huge green beam.


"Savage's skin is said to be as strong as steel, but an attack from Hundred can slice through it like butter," Charlotte explained.

Haru could see something diamond-shaped inside Savage's head and knew that it was Savage's core, but he knew that he didn't have a chance to get it since there were only three Savages in this area. He couldn't steal one of them and could only wait for his chance later.


Liddy, who saw the protection on Savage's head disappear, raised her spear and struck her core down.


Striking the core down, Liddy's attack didn't destroy the core immediately showing how tough the core was, but her attack didn't stop and the spear on her hand started to turn drilling inside destroying the core.

"Pierce through!"


Liddy shouted while telling Haru whether he had seen it or not.

Claire, who had landed on the ground, said through the communication device.

"Now, it is your turn."

Claire glanced toward the airplane before continuing with her mission.


Haru smiled and said, "Good." He jumped right away from the aircraft falling to the ground at a very fast speed.

Looking at the standard Savage on the ground, Haru was wondering how tough the skin of this creature was.

"Hundred On!"

The Hundred in his hand transformed into a dagger in his right hand, then he aimed it right into Savage's head.

Even though Claire had said that she would let him fight, she decided to let Liddy take care of him secretly since she was worried. Even though she knew that she lost against him, fighting against Savage was different from a human.

Haru, who almost reached Savage from the sky, pumped the energy inside his Hundred and caused his dagger to extend struck down the head of the Savage even into its core.


Haru swung his dagger down then flipped in the air and landed on the ground smoothly.

Savage stopped for a moment then separated into two dead before falling to the ground.


Savage's heaviness caused the ground to almost crack when it dropped to the ground.


Liddy was startled when she saw how easy it was for him to defeat the Hundred.

"Liddy, my mission is over," Haru said, walking toward Liddy.

"Ah-Um..." Liddy wasn't sure what to say for a moment but suddenly she heard the sound of her scream.


Liddy and Haru turned and saw both Erica and Claire who were being troubled by the Trenta-class Savage.

"Erica! Claire-sama!"

Liddy charged recklessly toward Savage to help them.


Haru looked at them and thought the Flag was really happening.