Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 661

Volume 1 Chapter 661 First Battle 3

Erica, who faced Trenta-class Savage, chained it down to Savage using her Hundred.


Savage, which was being chained down, wouldn't stay down and moved one of its pincers.

Erica didn't expect the Trenta-class to be so powerful and she was being pulled by the strength of this monster then being knocked down to the ground.



Erica felt that her entire body was very hurt and couldn't move for a while.


Claire looked angrily toward the monster and gathered a lot of energy into her cannon rifle.

"How dare you!"

"Claire-sama!" Liddy came to Claire's side after she saw what was happening.

"Go and help Erica, I'll handle this," Claire said without hesitation.


Liddy nodded and jumped to Erica's location to help her.

"I'll blow you up!"

When the energy on the cannon rifle had been gathered, Claire shot down those energies into powerful beams.

"Be destroyed!"

Savage looked in Claire's direction and was greeted by Claire's attack.


"Is it over?"

Claire frowned, looking at Savage. But the Savage which was shot by Claire was still alive and it started its counter attack with opened its mouth then it gathered yellow energy on its mouth ready to shoot her down.

Claire decided to shoot Savage again using the same technique, but suddenly she felt tired and almost dropped to the ground. 'Is it because of the duel?' She thought that she hadn't recovered after her duel with Haru yesterday. She looked at the yellow beam which was about to be shot by this Trenta-Class Savage and somehow she felt unwilling to go down this way. Thinking about that annoying guy, she was wondering whether she could ask him to feed her later if she could stay alive after this.

Liddy, who tended after Erica, was startled when she saw Claire couldn't move from her spot.


Erica, who had also recovered slightly, knew the situation had turned from bad to worse.

They knew that once Savage had shot that beam from its mouth then Claire might be in critical condition or worse case she would die.

Claire tried to move, but the energy consumption which she used on the battle earlier was too much.



The powerful beam was shot toward Claire.

"Claire-sama!!!!" 2x


Claire thought that she would be dead, but then she suddenly felt that nothing had happened, and somehow her b.r.e.a.s.ts were being kneaded down.


Claire opened her eyes and saw Haru holding her in arms.

"You alright, Prez?" Haru asked.

"Ah - Um..." Claire blushed then held both of her cheeks. "W - Why did you always steal my first time....."

Haru looked at his hand which was carrying Claire but also held one of the big b.r.e.a.s.ts.

If it was the usual situation of the harem protagonist, then the protagonist would be embarrassed and say that they did it by accident or fl.u.s.tered, but this time Haru wasn't a normal harem protagonist.

"It's an accident," Haru said directly and kept kneading it as if nothing had happened.

"It's an accident, but you keep kneading it?" Claire was speechless.

"You don't like it?" Haru asked and stopped.

Being asked directly, Claire was fl.u.s.tered, holding her cheeks and said, "N - No, I don't hate it...." Her mind was in chaos and tried to hold her m.o.a.ns.

"That's good."

Haru thought that this girl was quite cute, but it wasn't the time to think about b.r.e.a.s.t even though Claire's b.r.e.a.s.ts were very wonderful. He decided to go to the safe spot and faced Trenta-class Savage alone.

Erica and Liddy sighed in relief when they saw Claire had been saved, but then Erica realized something.

"Claire-sama! There's something wrong!"

"What's wrong?" Claire, who was in Haru's arms, asked in concern.

"The Savage has targeted the airport on Zwei Island!" Claire said while looking at Savage's next target.

Claire looked at Savage and saw that it had targeted the airport when it saw her had disappeared. Her expression turned serious and said, "Haru, we need to block this attack."

"Using an N-Barrier?" Haru asked.

"You know how to use it?" Claire asked.

"I have asked Charlotte before," Haru said.

"That's good, let's do it together," Claire said.

"Is that alright? You have almost depleted your energy right?" Haru asked.

"Can you do it alone?" Claire asked.

"It should be possible," Haru said and stopped at the location right in front of Savage blocking the airport behind him. He raised his palm and created an N-Barrier that he had learned in the past.

It might be because they were in a dangerous situation but Claire noticed something hard that touched her butt and thought that it was Haru's weapon or something, but she didn't care much since her only thought was how to protect the airport from Savage.


Looking at Haru, Claire was clearly worried.

"Calm down, Prez."

Claire wasn't sure, but his words gave her a lot of reassurance.

Then it was at this moment that Savage shot out a powerful beam from its mouth.


Haru, who had raised his palm, blocked the beam with the barrier that he had created using Sense Energy. Frankly, he didn't think that there was anything different from Sense Energy or magic in another world, but he knew that the way people used the energy in this world was very crude.

But Haru didn't blame them since such energy only appeared a few years ago making people not have much experience of wielding this power and only thought about the efficiency of the battle.

The beam was blocked easily by Haru.

Looking at Haru who was able to block the beam from Savage, Claire asked, "Haru, who are you?" She was wondering how he could be this strong.

But Haru didn't answer her and decided to use "Full-Body Armament".


His entire body was filled with energy causing shockwaves in his surroundings.

Claire closed her eyes unconsciously and when she opened her eyes she was shocked.

"Full-Body Armament!"

Full black metallic armor covered his entire body, head armor that covered only his eyes part showing his mouth and hair, the dagger on his hand had become 10 cm longer, and lastly, a black shotgun similar to Winchester 1887 appeared on his side.

Claire was shocked since Haru could use a "Full-Body Armament" even though it was only a second day after he had gotten his Hundred.

"Wait here for a while," Haru said and placed Claire down.


Claire wanted to sulk when Haru let go of her from his arms, but she didn't say anything since the situation was calling.

Haru could feel that his energy was being absorbed faster in this state, but for him, it was very easy to maintain this state for a long time with the abundant energy within his body. He also understood that in this state his Hundred had become several times stronger. He took a deep breath and decided to end this Savage in one attack.

Releasing energy into his Hundred, it started to glow in red color then it was just a moment that it extended at high speed to impale the Savage from a distance.


Moving his Hundred downwards, it slashed Savage cleanly before his dagger returned to its normal size.


Claire didn't know what had happened since it had only happened in an instant, but she could see a red light that was moving very fast toward the Savage before it vanished in an instant. She wanted to ask something, but suddenly Savage was separated in half before dropping to the ground.


Erica and Liddy also saw the same thing.

The Trenta-class Savage which caused trouble for three of them had been defeated in an instant by Haru.


Claire wanted to ask him something, but Haru wouldn't let her ask since there was only one thing to do in this situation.

Haru turned off his "Full-Body Armament" state then dropped into Claire's huge chest pretending to pass out.

'As expected, I like big b.o.o.b.s....'

Haru made his position more comfortable by closing his eyes in a peaceful state.

Claire wanted to say something, but hurriedly caught him when she saw him pass out. She smiled and caressed his hair.

"Good work..."

Claire didn't know who Haru was, but this guy had entered into her heart slowly.