Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 662

Volume 1 Chapter 662 Helping The Hero

After pretending to pass out, Haru was inside the infirmary inside of the aircraft while listening to their conversation.

"He is very strong..."

Liddy looked at Haru with a complex expression especially after seeing the one-shot kill technique from him before.

Erica, who was quite dissatisfied with Haru before, also nodded since she also agreed that Haru was very strong.

They didn't have that much injury but decided to wait for him in the infirmary since they knew that Haru could become one of the powerhouses in this world after they saw his attack before and that meant he would be their greatest ally.

Liddy looked at Haru and said, "It seems that he is uncomfortable in his Variable Suit. I'll help him change his clothes." Her face was serious, especially when she saw Haru's uncomfortable expression.


Erica and Claire were shocked when they heard it.

"No, as the president of Little Garden. I'll help him," Claire said and rejected Liddy's proposal.

"Erica-sama, you shouldn't let yourself be troubled by this problem!" Erica wanted to stop Claire.


Haru was speechless when they heard their conversation, but he didn't open his eyes nor did he intend to wake up since it was quite interesting.

"Yes, I'll handle this," Liddy said.

"Wait, Liddy!" Claire stopped Liddy.

Both of them started to argue with each other.

Erica looked at Haru then looked at both Liddy and Claire. She thought about Claire who would touch Haru's body and didn't feel comfortable. "I'll handle it, Claire-sama."


Claire hurriedly stopped Erica.

Liddy sighed and said, "Let's do it with the three of us." She decided to compromise since she felt that they had wasted a lot of time.

'What if he suddenly wakes up?'

Liddy thought that they needed to be swift rather than arguing with each other.


Liddy looked at the reaction of the two of them and moved forward to help take out Haru's Variable Suit.

"Wait, I'll also help you!" Claire said and didn't want anyone to touch him.

"Claire-sama!" Erica wouldn't let Claire touch the bodies of other men.

Liddy ignored both of them and took off Haru's pants from his lower body slowly.


Liddy knew that there were a lot of girls in Little Garden who had become his fans, especially when she saw his body full of tough muscle showing the masculine body along with a musky smell that made her want to smell him.

Claire and Erica also joined in to help Liddy take off Haru's Variable Suit.



They were startled and looked at Haru before sighing in relief when they saw he hadn't regained consciousness, but they also knew how uncomfortable he was at this moment.

"We need to be in a hurry," Claire said.


They looked at his bare body, then a big bulge that showed thoroughly from his Variable Suit. They knew that they needed to take off everything and change Haru's clothes to more comfortable clothes, but it was hard to do it since they didn't have the experience to change into a male's clothes. But even so, they wouldn't give up because of that!

"I'll pull it," Liddy said.

Erica and Claire nodded.

Liddy pulled the Variable Suit more slowly than something big suddenly jumped outside, making them startled.



Liddy was being hit by this thing on her cheek and her face was really hot at this moment. It was right beside her lips and could feel the heat, hardness, and pulsating of this anaconda. She gulped and wanted to try to lick it, but she was pulled by her two friends.

"Liddy!" 2x

Erica and Claire were startled and hurriedly helped Liddy.

Their hearts were beating very fast and they knew that they had done something wrong to someone who had just saved the Zwei Island, or in other words a hero. The only thing that made them relieved was that Haru hadn't regained consciousness at this moment.

"What should we do?" Erica asked, but she couldn't look away.

Claire also couldn't look away and knew that the situation had turned bad.

"D - Don't you think that this is dangerous?" Liddy suddenly said.

"Huh!?" 2x

Claire and Erica looked at Liddy telling her to continue

"I've read a book in the past saying that when a gentleman is in this state then we need to help him let things inside that anaconda," Liddy said.


Liddy thought for a while and shook her head. "I don't know, but can we try to touch it?"

"T - Touch it?! Liddy, are you out of your mind?!" Erica was fl.u.s.tered.

"There's nothing wrong, you can see that anaconda seems angry," Liddy said while looking at the big thing in his nether region. She understood why it would be seen through the Variable Suit.


They nodded and thought that it was really anaconda. If they continued to stare at it any longer they were afraid that they would be eaten.

"I'll go first," Claire said.


"He has helped me, it is something that I need to do right now. He might be in danger and I can't let that happen," Claire said with a voice that was full of righteousness.


"No, Claire-sama. I'm afraid that you're not good enough to do it alone." Liddy held Claire's shoulder and said, "Let me help you." Her expression was also serious since she could see the determination in Claire's eyes.

Erica looked at both of them and didn't know what to do for a while.

Noblesse Oblige, the one with power, should help someone who doesn't have that power. Haru, who was laying on the bed didn't have the power to take care of the anaconda in his nether region and that was why they were going to help him.

Claire was quite dissatisfied, but she knew that she didn't have too much experience in this area and she was too embarrassed to say that she wanted to monopolize him.

"Let's do it together....."

In the end, Claire decided to compromise.

Liddy nodded and wanted to touch it, but suddenly they heard a voice from Haru.


They hurriedly looked at Haru and could see that he was about to wake up. They looked at each other in a panic then decided to take a blanket then covered his body before running away.


Haru opened his eyes and sighed wondering why the girls in this world were perverted.


On the other side of the room, they sighed in relief and tried to calm themselves.

"Huh? Why am I half-n.a.k.e.d?"


Hearing a voice from inside, Claire, Liddy, and Erica looked at each other.

"Let's keep this a secret."

They nodded and decided to keep it a secret until their death.


Arriving in the Little Garden, Haru looked at Claire, Liddy, and Erica.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing!" 3

Three of them looked at his nether region.

Haru had changed into his uniform and felt a gaze from three of them, but he decided to ask Claire. "Is there something wrong, Prez?"

Claire blushed and ran away.

"Claire-sama!" Erica chased after her.

"What's wrong with her?" Haru asked.

"Well, there's a lot that matters," Liddy said.

Haru looked at Liddy and knew that this girl was the most curious one. He sighed inwardly and wondered whether his decision to wake up earlier was wrong or right.

"I have heard that you're the one who bakes the cake that was eaten by Claire-sama last night?" Liddy asked.

"Yes, do you want to eat together? I'll cook you something," Haru said.

"Is that alright?" Liddy asked since she was curious.

"Well, eating alone is pretty lonely. If you're alright, then let's go to my dorm," Haru said.

Liddy nodded and said, "Good, let's go."

Whether there was something that happened after that was another matter.


After the battle in Zwei Island was over, there was a video about a hero who had saved Zwei Island. The thing that surprised them was how strong this Slayer was since it could kill Savage with one attack.

Everyone was curious and some of them were more cornered about the big bulge on his Variable Suit.

But one thing for sure, Haru had become famous because of this battle.


Inside the airplane, there was a beautiful girl watching the video of Haru who defeated the Trenta-class Savage easily before her mouth turned into a curved smile.