Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 663

Volume 1 Chapter 663 Bodyguard

All of the first years were in the Colosseum doing battle training.

Haru was dodging Hayato who was swinging his sword toward him.


Powerful swing blasted the ground, but all of them were missed.

But this time, Emile, who turned her Hundred into a floating cannon, shot out a volley of beams.


Emile thought that her attack would hit, but none of her attacks even hit him.

The people around also looked at the battle of the three of them and couldn't help but feel surprised because of the difference in power.

The attack on Hayato was so powerful that he could even shoot out a powerful Energy Blast that destroyed the ground.

Emile's Hundred was very versatile since it could change into any shape as long as she wanted to be. From the bow, gun, dagger, katana, and a lot more as long as she wished she could change it into anything.

But even though both of them were very powerful, none of their attacks even caused a scratch on Haru's body.

"How are you able to dodge our attack?" Hayato stopped and tried to regain his breath.

"It's cheating!"

Emile complained and said, "Don't dodge! Fight me head-on!" She thought that she would fight against him if they fought the head-on battle.

"Are you sure? Your Variable Suit might be shredded showing what shouldn't be showing," Haru teased.


Emile turned silent when she heard it and looked at Haru angrily.

'This damn guy!'

The only thing that made her relieved was that Haru didn't use that weakness to blackmail her to do something that they shouldn't do, which also made her question her charm.

"What's wrong?" Hayato asked.

"N - Nothing!"

Emile was quite fl.u.s.tered, but she couldn't be swayed since Hayato was her only man!

Haru sighed and said, "I'm going to take a rest first."

They nodded and continued their battle training.

Haru thought that his speed to finish this quest was too slow. He was only able to defeat two Savages and he also didn't get a sample of Variant.

'Who's Variant?'

Haru looked at Hayato and wondered whether this guy was a Variant. 'Or Emile?' He thought that it was possible for Emile to be a Variant. He had done the other quest and the only thing that he needed to think about was who would be invited to the Group Chat.

'Charlotte, Hayato, Emile, Claire?'

Haru thought that those fours were quite suitable, especially both Hayato and Charlotte. He was sure that Hayato was the main character and it would be very easy to become stronger. The only thing that worried him was Hayato's righteous character might be quite troublesome to join the Group Chat since most of the people on the "group chat" were quite weird.

Charlotte was good since she was a scientist and her mind was very bright and made it possible to join the Group Chat.

Claire was a leader of Little Garden and there were a lot of things easier to be done in this world with her identity.

Emile.... how to say...

Emile was good, but he wasn't sure.

'Well, I'm not in a hurry.'

Haru looked at the battle and saw the fight between Hayato and Emile against Reitia and Fritz.

"Kasugano Haruka."

Suddenly there was an announcement inside the Colosseum.

Haru turned and saw Erica standing on the side of the Colosseum calling him.

"Claire-sama calls for you. You have a Selections mission," Erica said.

Haru nodded and said, "I'll go out first."

"Hey, can we also join Selections?" Emile asked since she also saw Haru's fight against Savage.

"You should ask Prez. I'm just a member after all," Haru said.

"Just ask her for us later," Emile said.

Hayato also nodded since he was also eager to join Selections.

Haru only nodded and told them that he would tell Claire later.


"A bodyguard for Kirishima Sakura?"

Haru was confused.

"She supposedly requested you by herself," Claire said, facing him backward. "She'd like to be there for the concert on the Zwei Islands next weekend."

"Why me?" Haru asked.

"I didn't get the exact answer for that." Claire turned toward him and said, "But so long as the Savage may still be lurking on the Zwei Islands chain, all the VIPs there need protection."

"And in fact, we detected seven Savages during our action last month."

Erica pressed her PDA and showed a video of the meteorite dropping from space to earth on the hologram screen within the room.

Haru knew that Savage was coming from a meteorite, but looking at this video he felt that this was done deliberately and he felt that someone was controlling those Savages or controlled the meteorite which dropped from space. He could also do the same and wonder whether he should go out to space to hunt down Savage.

"There are only three of them on Zwei Island before," Haru said.

"That's correct."

Erica nodded and said, "The other four were said to have been shot down before they made landfall. However, we found the remains of only one of them."

"So they might still be up there, huh?" Haru felt that it was necessary to go to Zwei Island.

"It could be a dangerous mission." Claire looked at him and asked, "Kasugano Haruka, what do you intend to do?"

"Before I accept this mission, can I ask you something?" Haru asked.

Claire nodded, but her mind was in a mess and thought that Haru would ask him about the matter in the aircraft, but when she thought about a lot of things.

"Who is Kirishima Sakura?"


It seemed that they didn't need to worry too much about the incident which happened on the aircraft.


Liddy and Haru were standing next to each other waiting for Kirishima Sakura.

"Kasugano Haruka, are you ready?" Liddy asked. During a mission, she would always be serious since she didn't want a mistake to happen.

Haru was looking at the airplane which was moving slowly toward them. Hearing Liddy's question, he answered, "Yes, I've got my tracer and N-tranquilizers." He showed the gun he kept within his blazer.

"This will be your first bodyguard mission. Stay alert," Liddy said.


Liddy looked at him and said, "You're free after the mission is over?"

Haru maintained his serious expression and asked, "Depends what we're doing?"

"Let's continue where we have played before,' Liddy said.

"Only playing a game?" Haru raised his eyebrow.

"Well, what do you want to do?" Liddy asked, but she stopped when she saw the door of the airplane was open. "Let's talk about this later."

"Good." Haru also agreed since it would be troublesome if their conversation was heard.

Some of the readers might think something perverted, but both of them didn't do such a thing since they were only playing a game together in his dorm room before.

Haru looked at a group of people in a black suit then looked at Kirishima Sakura who waved her hand toward the group of the reporter and her fans. He was wondering how an idol could be this popular since, in his original world, an idol was usually at the bottom place of the entertainer. He thought that Kirishima Sakura was more suitable to be described as a singer rather than an idol.


Facing each other, Haru was looking at Sakura who was talking with Liddy and also Sakura's manager who seemed to be a beautiful mature woman. Then he continued with his job and maintained his professional attitude.

Sakura is a beautiful young woman with pink hair and matching eyes that go along with her name, which means cherry blossom.

Looking at how beautiful Sakura was, Haru could understand why a lot of people would become her fans.

"Nice to meet you, I'm the Vice-President of the Little Garden. Liddy Steinberg," Liddy said.

"I'm Kirishima Sakura," Sakura said while giving her a hand.

Shaking their hands together, they said some pleasantries before Sakura looked at him curiously.

"You're Kasugano Haruka-san, right?" Sakura asked and also gave her hand to him.

Haru held her hand firmly and nodded. "Nice to meet you."

Sakura smiled and thought that this guy was quite interesting.