Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 664

Volume 1 Chapter 664 Diva

Haru who had done his research about Sakura before his mission seemed to underestimate her popularity since she was more popular than he had thought.

Loud cheers greeted them as they walked from the airport.

Clearing the way, Haru led them to the car to go to the hotel directly.

Liddy became the driver and Haru was sitting next to Sakura in the backseat.

Haru looked at Sakura with a curious expression and got her attention.

"What's the matter?" Sakura asked.

"No, I'm just curious why you have chosen me as your bodyguard," Haru said.

Liddy who was the driver also listened since she was curious.

Sakura smiled and said, "It's a secret."

"...." 2x

"Kasugano-san, do you have a favorite song of mine?" Sakura asked.

"I'm sorry. I don't know very much about music," Haru said with an apologized expression. He didn't have time to research the entertainment in this world since he was fully focused on research on Sense Energy, Hundred, Savage, and a lot more. He lacked information and even if he wanted to have entertainment it was better to spend time with beautiful girls rather than listening to music.

"I see....."

Sakura sighed then said, "Then, how about I sing you a song here?" She thought that it was normal for such a hot-blooded man to be very rare to do entertainment and would spend his time training. Then as a good idol, she thought to give him some entertainment during a trip.


"Here?" Har asked.

"Yes, wait let me sing...." Sakura coughed then started to sing.


Haru was wondering whether an idol had such big confidence in her singing ability, but he needed to stop her.


Sakura was surprised and asked, "Why do you want me to stop? Don't you want to hear me singing?"

"I want to hear it, but we're on the street. No one knows what will happen and it might also cause a distraction for Liddy," Haru said.

"So you're telling me that my song is a distraction?" Sakura was annoyed.

Haru knew that it would lead to trouble and said patiently, "Miss Kirishima, I'm your bodyguard and my job is to protect your safety. I will listen to your song as much as you want later, but for now, please listen to my instructions."

"Hmph! You're boring!" Sakura sulked and looked away.

Liddy shook her head in the front seat and wondered why Haru was a bit different.

Haru didn't know much about what Liddy and Sakura were thinking since he was thinking who was the one who sent out the Savage into the earth and what was their intention.


Arriving in the hotel, Haru received a key from the staff and helped Sakura to bring her luggage.

Sakura looked around then looked at Haru's back. She could see that his back seemed very tough and his sharp contour made him similar to a soldier. Then she kept walking until she hit something.


"Miss Kirishima, we have arrived," Haru said.

Sakura rubbed her nose and said, "Why did you stop so suddenly!"

Haru shook his head and knew how unreasonable a girl was and it had always been a rule that a man would never win against a woman in an argument.

"I'm sorry."


"Be careful, next time, alright!" Sakura said.

"I understand."

Haru placed the card on the door and said, "Please wait for a while." He entered the check the room to see whether there was an eavesdropping device, camera, or anything since it wouldn't be surprising if paparazzi dared to do such a thing. He had checked everything and said, "Please enter."

Sakura nodded and felt that such a man with discipline was really a hero who was able to save Zwei Island from Savage. The only problem was this man didn't even know about her song and that was why she had decided to make him love her song before she ended her job.

Entering the room, Sakura looked around in satisfaction then opened the curtain. She looked at Haru and said, "Looks like we're finally getting some time together."


Haru, who wanted to go to the kitchen, stopped when he heard Sakura.

"Hey, Kasugano-kun..."

Sakura turned and asked, "Wanna get married?"


Haru was wondering why this girl wanted to marry him even though he had made a bad impression on her. He walked toward her and placed his hand on her forehead.

Sakura was blushing with his sudden action and thought that he wanted to kiss her.

"You're not sick." Haru sighed in relief.


Sakura was annoyed and said, "I'm not sick!" She took her PDA and showed him a video. "This is you, right?" She smiled as if she had gotten a grand prize.

Haru watched his fighting video on Zwei Island. "It's a good video."

"......" Sakura was speechless since this guy really disturbed her pace.

"I was joking, where did you get that video?" Haru asked.

Sakura nodded in satisfaction and said, "I found it on the Cybernet." She placed her PDA on the table then walked as if she had owned everything. "Thought, it's been erased now." She looked at him and said, "I saw this and took an interest in you...."

"The hero who saved the Zwei Islands."

Sakura looked at him and said, "You're a little different from what I expected."

"You're a pretty serious guy, not that I hate it, though." Sakura smiled and walked toward him. "Hey, do you want to go out? With the intention of getting married, of course."

"Don't joke around," Haru said.

"I'm not joking!" Sakura said annoyedly.

"We have only met each other for an hour and you want me to take you seriously?" Haru asked.

Sakura raised her nose and said, "I'm not joking!"

"Then why do you want to marry me?" Haru asked.

"It's good that you ask that question!" Sakura smiled and said, "The Miracle Couple: the Diva of the World and the Genius Slayer, wouldn't that be great?"

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "You want attention from the media?"

"Of course!" Sakura walked toward the mirror and said, "We're going to hold a press conference then also use the Zwei Islands as the location since it is the location where we have met each other. I'd also wanted a ring worth three months of your pay..."


Sakura didn't listen to him and kept talking from the clothes that they would wear during a wedding, then also kids, houses, pets, and a lot more.

Haru knew that this girl wouldn't stop talking and moved forward.

"Let's do it."

"Really?" Sakura was surprised, but she was also happy.

Haru pushed Sakura to the wall and said, "Yes, but how about we seal our deal with a kiss?"

"Huh?!" Sakura was fl.u.s.tered. She looked at him from a close distance and from his expression she could tell that he was serious. "W - Wait....!!!"

"Too late..." Haru whispered with a deep voice and said, "If you're nervous then just close your eyes..." He pinched her chin raised her mouth upward looking at her deeply.

Sakura's eyes started to dodgy, but she didn't hate it, however, at the same time, she wasn't ready. "W - Wait!!!" She ran away and said, "I - I don't have much time to get ready. So I'm going to stop teasing you and go to take a bath." Her face was hot and she was blushing, but at the same time, she realized that this guy was indeed her type.

Haru shook his head and went to the kitchen to make coffee.

'How cute...'


Listening to the hum which was created by Sakura, Haru sipped his coffee slowly and thought that he had spent quite a long time in this world.

"Hmm... Hmm... Hmm...."

"Well, her voice is good."

Haru thought and also thought about how to get the Savage Cores.

"Haru, can you get me my PDA? I want to write those melodies down," Sakura shouted through the bathroom.

"Wait, there," Haru said and entered her room. He sighed when he saw the room since it was quite messy and made him remember Sora who was often quite lazy at home. He shook his head and searched for the PDA, then found bear motif panties on the floor making him laugh.

"What makes you so long?"

Sakura opened the door and saw him looking at her bear panties. She blushed and said, "N - No, I don't usually wear these panties! I - It's not like I like these panties!!!" She took the panties and ran to the bathroom before slipping, but she was caught by him.

"Be careful, you shouldn't be running inside the bathroom," Haru said and looked at her body for a short moment, but he remembered everything from her cute b.r.e.a.s.ts to smooth lower body. Somehow Sakura reminded him of Mine.

Sakura noticed his gaze and looked away in blush. "W - Well, thank you." Then she suddenly remembered something and threw him out. "Go out!!!"

Haru shook his head and thought that it was a normal cliche harem scene. "I'll place your PDA here." He went out and closed the door.

Sakura looked at Haru's back then his thick arms. She shuddered when she thought that she was hugged by those arms.


"W - What am I thinking?!"


The day continued and Haru was by Sakura's side protecting her while also following her job.

Haru had to admit that being an idol was a tough job, but he could see that this girl really loved her job. He learned the name of Sakura's manager and thought that she was quite cute "Souffle...."

Souffle laughed while talking with him.


Sakura who was talking with a lot of big-shots at the party seemed quite annoyed when she saw her manager seemed to be very close to Haru.

They spent the entire day with a lot of meetings and appointments then decided to visit the stage where Sakura would perform a few days later.


Looking at the huge stage, Haru could see that a lot of people would come.


Haru turned and saw Sakura who was in tight pink Variable Suit.


Sakura suddenly blushed when she saw him looking at her intently. "W - What?"

"Well, I have to admit that you're beautiful," Haru said. He had to admit that such a body would cause a lot of people to fall in love with her. He sighed inwardly when he thought that the girls in this world didn't have that much sense of shame, especially when they always wore such a tight Variable Suit.

Well, the only thing which was quite disappointing might be her small chest or that might be her advantage? He guessed that depend on the type of each people.


Sakura seemed to be proud when she received praise. Then she started to use Hundred creating four wings on her back flying around the stage beautifully.


Haru understood why this girl could become popular in this world and was known as Diva.

Sakura, who had had enough with training, landed back on the stage and hugged him. She looked at him and asked, "What do you think?" She had to admit that his body was as hard as a rock, but it didn't make her uncomfortable rather she was curiously touching him.

"Amazing, that's what I can say when I see you," Haru said.

"That's good!" Sakura smiled happily when he sincerely praised her.

After confirming everything was alright, they decided to go back to the hotel since it was quite late.


Sakura, who was writing her own lyrics, didn't expect her bodyguard to be able to cook. She sniffed a delicious smell and decided to walk toward the kitchen then saw him cooking. She opened her mouth wide since the scene in front of her was similar to art.

It was the same as singing, the cooking that was done by Haru was also an art.

Haru noticed her and asked, "The dinner is almost done."

Sakura nodded and said, "I'm surprised that you can cook."

"Just one of my craft." Haru felt that his PDA vibrated and finished the finishing touch of his food. "I'll take a phone first, you can eat first."

Sakura nodded and tried his craft while also telling him that she wanted to go out tomorrow.

Haru only nodded and took his phone since it was Claire who called him.

They talked for a bit while reporting about his activity.

"Do you have something to do tomorrow?" Claire asked.

"No, but Miss Kirishima wants to go out," Haru said.

"Then tomorrow morning, you need to come to my summer home. There's something that I need to talk about with you," Claire said.

"Alright, see you tomorrow," Haru said.

They continued to talk for a while before the phone ended.

Haru entered Sakura's room again and saw that the portion of his food had been eaten by Sakura.

Sakura blushed and said, "Y - You should be grateful that your food is being eaten by a Diva like me!"