Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 665

Volume 1 Chapter 665 It's Not Fair..

Early in the morning, Haru would have never thought that he would meet a stripper.

Claire laid on her stomach wearing a bikini with Erica helping her apply sunscreen on her back.

Liddy was swimming in the pool and seemed to be trying to do a workout.


Haru looked at Claire's side b.r.e.a.s.t which was pressed on the pool bench trying to tempt him.

"So do you want to tempt me or something?"

Claire blushed when Haru asked this question directly and said, "Isn't it normal to wear swimwear in the pool?"

"Well....." Haru only nodded and didn't think too much. "That's true."

"Or do you have an interest in my body?" Claire glanced at his nether region to see whether there was a reaction since she knew that if that anaconda stood up then it would be visible from his pants.


'No reaction?'

Claire thought that she needed to be more provocative. "Since you want to see it then let me show you." She raised her body then stood up showing her well-developed body.

Haru had to admit that Claire's b.r.e.a.s.ts might not lose to Esdeath and it might be that he had pent up for a long time that it started to react.

"C - Claire-sama! You can't stand up so suddenly!"

Erica hurriedly used her hands to hide two bountiful chests. She didn't expect for Claire to stand up when Claire didn't wear her bikini which somehow also made her panicked.

Claire also realized it and hugged her b.r.e.a.s.ts to hide it.


Liddy, who was inside the pool, heard the commotion. "Kasugano Haruka, what are you doing to Claire-sama!" Then she looked at both of them showing that Haru was the culprit.

"Now, you finally show your true form and attack Claire-sama?! I can't forgive you!"

Liddy was quite annoyed since she had tempted him several times, but the result was ignored.


Haru sighed and thought that this morning was quite troublesome.


The misunderstanding was solved and everyone had gathered on the side of the pool.

"We received a report from HQ yesterday. It was said during the Savage attack last month that a Variable Stone was stolen from the concert venue amid all of the chaos," Claire said.

"Variable Stone, huh?" Haru thought that he could use this thief to become his scapegoat somehow.

"Kirishima Sakura was planning on using it during her performance," Erica said.

"And they only reported it now...." Claire sighed and said, "I keep telling the HQ to share all their intel with Little Garden, but they never listen."

"Variable Stone is an incredibly rare ore. There's no guarantee that the thieves won't come back looking for more," Liddy said.

"We don't know who could be hiding where." Claire looked at Haru and said, "Kasugano Haruka, make sure you keep your eyes peeled. We're counting on you to guard Kirishima Sakura."

"I understand...." Haru nodded.

"Now, in private business."


"Kasugano Haruka, I want a rematch! We're having a swimming contest!"


"You invite me to play?" Haru asked.

"It's not a play! But we're going to do a competition! I'm going to defeat you in a swimming match!" Claire said proudly while pointing her finger.


Haru thought that this girl wanted to commit suicide by asking for a swimming match against him. "I don't mind, but I don't bring swimwear."

"Don't worry, I have prepared you something," Claire said and snapped her fingers.


Chris suddenly appeared while carrying a red tight speedo.


"You know that it won't fit, right?" Haru said with a frown.


They looked at the speedo and thought that it would be very dangerous to see him wear this. They had seen the real thing and they also didn't think that such a tight speedo would be able to contain the anaconda in his nether region.

"Chris, is there a short here?" Haru asked.

"Well, there's...." Chris nodded and guided him to the changing room while also giving a short rather than a speedo.


Coming out of the changing room, Haru decided to play together with everyone.

But Claire, Erica, Chris, and Liddy were attracted by Haru's muscle.

Haru's muscle wasn't an exaggerated muscle which someone built from a gym, but it was rather quite slim giving a natural feeling. The streamline on his muscle gave a powerful feeling, and when people saw him, they would feel that they were seeing God of War had descended to the earth. The big bulge couldn't be hidden from his wet shorts made everyone blush.

"Haru, how can you build this muscle?" Liddy asked curiously while touching Haru's muscle.

"Ah, Liddy!" Claire was jealous when she saw Liddy could touch him.

"Claire-sama, you can touch me too," Erica said, but she was being ignored then looked at Haru hatefully.

"I wonder when I can grow up like you," Chris said while looking at Haru's body with longing.

"Eat a lot, exercise a lot, and sleep a lot," Haru said while patting Chris's head.

They talked to each other and also played together in the pool.

It was a very fun morning until there was news that Sakura had disappeared from her hotel.


"I need to go back to work first," Haru said and came out from the pool.

They wanted to play again, but they knew that would work first since they could play later. However, they couldn't look away from Haru's ass.


Sakura was thinking of going around the city to see the scenery around. She thought to bring Haru, but that guy had disappeared in the morning. Then she thought to escape from the hotel and that way she was sure that Haru would search for her.

"You sure love to cause trouble."


Sakura was startled then turned to see Haru who suddenly appeared on her back. "How come that you're here?!" She didn't expect him to be this fast to find her.



Sakura pouted and asked, "Do you want me to go back?"

Haru rubbed his chin and said, "I have never walked around this place, how about we go out together?"

"Yes!" Sakura nodded with a smile and agreed with his invitation.

Walking around the store area in Zwei Islands, Haru and Sakura went out together.

Haru also bought some souvenirs later and also Christmas gifts.

Sakura was annoyed when this guy was thinking about other girls who were on a date. She pulled him and brought him somewhere making him fully focus on her.

At this moment Emile and Hayato also went out together and didn't expect to see Haru and Sakura.

"That guy is on a date!" Emile was shocked.

"Yeah, but who is the girl?" Hayato asked since he had never seen Sakura.

They didn't know, but they knew that they needed to ask him about this matter since there was a chance that Haru would become their brother-in-law in the future. They loved Karen and they didn't want him to play with Karen.


Claire who received information that Haru had found Sakura was happy and thought that he would come back, but she didn't expect that Sakura would take him away to go out. She knew very well about Haru's charm and knew that Sakura was a threat to her, but she could do nothing since Sakura was a client of Little Garden. She could only eat a rice cracker with an annoying feeling making the people around her unable to say anything only silently waiting for her.


They wanted to shout out and strangled Haru's neck at this moment, especially when they saw him go on a date with Sakura.


Through a journey, Haru and Sakura had arrived in the big ravine with a lot of beautiful scenery around them.

Haru took his PDA and took a picture of the scenery.

"What do you think?" Sakura asked.

"It's awesome," Haru said.

"Hehehe, I'm glad that you like it." Sakura looked at the ravine and said, "It's Zwei Grand Canyon."

Haru wanted to say something but decided to refrain since he might tell Sakura about his real identity.

Sakura started to tell him how grateful she was since Haru had protected this place since it was precious that her mother had shown her.

"Then, do you want to give me something," Haru asked with a smile.

"Oh, do you want something?" Sakura asked.

"How about a kiss?" Haru asked.

Sakura blushed and said, "I know that you're a pervert!"

"Isn't that normal? You're a beautiful girl, and it'll be weird for me to not have thought about you," Haru said.

Blushing, Sakura didn't expect Haru to be this frank, but she didn't hate it. She thought for a while and said, "Alright, but on the cheek, alright? You should be grateful that you receive a kiss from a diva like me!"

"Yes, yes," Haru answered plainly.

"Ahh! What's with that tone!" Sakura complained.

"Then, what should I do?" Haru asked.

"You create a good atmosphere!" Sakura said.

"It's very troublesome," Haru said.

Sakura was mad when she heard it. "I'm a beautiful girl! You should treat me better!" She snorted and said, "Lower your head a bit."

Haru nodded and lowered his head since no one would reject a kiss from a beautiful girl.

Sakura moved very swiftly and kissed his cheek. She parted her lips and smiled. "How is it?"

Haru caressed his cheek for a while and thought that it was wonderful, but it would be terrible if Sakura knew that he had a wife and girlfriends in another world.

"T - That's my first kiss! You should be grateful, alright!" Sakura said with a blush.

Haru held her hand gently and said, "That's the best kiss I have ever received."


Looking away from the embarrassment, Sakura suddenly realized something and became angry while asking him, "Then have you ever received a kiss from another person?!" She felt that she had been cheated by this bad guy.


Oh, he and his mouth...


On the way back, Sakura was in a bad mood after she heard that he had a girlfriend and didn't even talk to him.


Haru also didn't say anything since it was better to say it now rather than playing around. He put on earphones and sat in a relaxed manner.

They were using a common bus to go back since there weren't any taxis on the way back.

Sitting on the back seat while looking at the scenery that passed through on the way, both of them were quiet, but it was strangely comfortable.

Sakura looked at Haru who was wearing earphones and pulled one of them from his ear. "What did you hear?"


Sakura didn't listen to him and put the earphones on her ear, then she was surprised when she heard that it was her song. "I - It's my song?"

"Your song is pretty good," Haru said.


Sakura was silent when she heard it then looked at him intently. "It's not fair...." She felt that her heart was beating very fast and it was impossible to give up.


"It's not fair! Why do yo----"

Sakura didn't end her words since she was hugged by him and it made her fl.u.s.tered. "Huh!? Haru?! W - What are you d----" She didn't receive an answer from him since the bus was thrown away by something.


The bus was thrown and hit the electric pole making the machine bust.


Sakura started to panic until she heard this voice.

"Don't worry, I'm here."


The bus was being turned by something and then there was also something that stabbed right inside the bus.