Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 667

Volume 1 Chapter 667 Three Kids

Three small figures stood on top of Savage which was slain by Haru.

A dark-skinned petite young woman with dark brown hair tied in twintails and black eyes. She was holding a pair of sharp black chakrams.

A dark-skinned young woman with short dark brown hair that looks almost like animal ears, she also wears an eyepatch that covers her. The eyepatch that covered her eye was a bit unique that gave her a mysterious feeling.

Lastly, a dark-skinned young man at least a little younger compared to Hayato with dark brown unkempt hair and tied in the back and black eyes. He was holding an enormous black twin-blade linked to one another via their pommel.

Three of them were wearing the same jet-black Variable suit looking at both Haru and Sakura.

"Who are they?"

Sakura asked Haru. She didn't feel that afraid against this group of kids since their appearance wasn't that scary, but she knew from the tone of the kid earlier, they might not know each other or the three of them weren't even a member of Little Garden.

"I'm not sure," Haru said, but he suddenly thought that they were a group of thieves who had stolen a Variable Stone. He thought that he could use them as a scapegoat to get the Variable Stone. "Kids, shouldn't you go back to sleep? If you want to grow big then you need to sleep early."

".........." 3x

The three of them didn't expect that Haru would mock them directly. They showed hostility and thought to teach this big brother a lesson or two.

"H - Haru!!!" Sakura was startled by Haru's words and the hostility of the three children.

"Well, let me handle this guy."

The little girl with a pair of chakrams threw out her chakram at Haru. "HORAAA!!!!"


The pair of chakram moved swiftly toward Haru and Sakura.

Haru looked at the girl who was wearing an eyepatch.

"Trace On!"

The little girl in the eyepatch suddenly created a similar dagger to him.


Haru thought then waved his hand and made the pair of chakram to change its direction hitting the hill beside them.



The little girl was surprised when she saw how easily this guy deflected her weapon.

"Nee-chan, let me handle this."

The young man looked at the eyepatch girl and said, "Nakri, get the Variable Stone as soon as possible."

The eyepatch girl nodded in response and started with her work.

Haru was wondering where they had gotten their courage to steal from him. "Kid, let me remind you to go back quickly or you'll feel sorry."

"Ha? Say that after you've won against me!"

The young man swung his enormous twin-blade then charged toward Haru at a very fast speed.


"Sakura, stand behind me," Haru said.

Sakura only suddenly moved behind him then saw Haru blocked the enormous blade with his dagger.


"You're very strong!" The young man grinned and started to swing down his enormous blade several times.

*Clank!* *Clank!* *Clank!*

But Haru could easily block his attack and redirected the enormous blade swinging toward the ground beside him.


The young man was startled when that dagger could easily block him then also changed the direction of his attack. He wanted to attack again, but suddenly he received a powerful attack on his stomach.


The young man was thrown away very fast then hit the boulder.



The young man coughed blood after slamming into the boulder.


Two young girls were startled when they saw Haru could defeat the young man easily.

Sakura looked at Haru and said, "You're bullying them!"


Haru looked at Sakura while rolling his eyes since the one who had attacked him first was the three of them.

"Alright, I'll give you a chance, hurry up and go, or..." Haru didn't end his words since the young man stood up shakily with his weapon talking as if he was the victim.

"W - We won't run! F - For our freedom, we need this Variable Stone!"


Haru could feel Sakura staring at him. He sighed and said, "I'll give you one of them." He also only needed one since his quest only told him to bring one. He also started to feel like a bad guy somehow.

Sakura nodded with a smile.

They wanted to say something, but they saw him walking toward them. They unconsciously moved back when they saw him get into one of the Savages then took the Variable Stone inside.


Haru took one of them then heard a noise of helicopters. "Go back and sleep or do you want to be caught?"

They also noticed a group of people along with helicopters moving in their direction. They gritted their teeth and took one of the Variable Stone besides ran away.

Haru was quite pitiful at three kids in front of him and could feel that they weren't that bad since it was normal for a kid to be quite mischievous.

Sakura also walked toward him and said, "I wonder why they're doing this."

"Keep this secret," Haru said.

Sakura made a gesture closing a zipper in her mouth with a smile since she thought that this guy was quite gentle since he let the three kids escape even though he could catch them. She didn't know the reason why the three kids stole the Variable Stone, but she knew that they must have their own reason.

The helicopters landed at a nearby location, then Liddy and Erica came out one by one and ran toward him.

Hayato, Emile, Reitia, and Fritz also came out of the helicopters and ran in his direction.

"Haru, are you alright?!" 4x

"You're late," Haru said with a sigh.

They started when they saw his dangling left arm, which was full of blood, then looked at two corpses of Savage on the ground. Then notice the missing Variable Stone inside the Savage.

"Let me check your wound," Charlotte said.

Haru also thought that it was necessary to check his wound since it was wounded by Savage. He was wondering what the virus from Savage did to his body later.