Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 668

Volume 1 Chapter 668 Kirishima Sakura

Inside a helicopter, Haru was inside the infirmary while looking at Charlotte who had taken his blood.

"How is it?"

Haru looked at Charlotte who had placed his blood on the device.

"Let me check it out first," Charlotte said.

"Do you think that I'll become a Variant?" Haru asked. He wasn't worried about his blood showing a strange reaction or anything since besides his body function which was healthier and stronger than normal. He wasn't that different from a normal human, but what he was curious about was whether he would become a Variant after he had received a wound from Savage.

Charlotte looked at the data on the computer and said, "Hmm..... I can see that you're very healthy..." She looked at the data and twitched her lips since Haru was as fit as a bull. She understood that this guy would be very strong in that area too.

"For now, I'm not sure what kind of effect this wound will cause on you, but I can tell that it won't harm you."

"Well, if you say so...." Haru looked at Charlotte and thought that he should invite this girl to the Group Chat.

Then the door opened so suddenly.

"Haru, are you alright?!" Sakura asked with a worried expression.

"There's nothing to worry about." Charlotte looked at Sakura and knew that this girl had been charmed. "This guy is as fit as a bull in heat."


Haru and Sakura were silent when they heard Charlotte's words.

Hayato, Emile, Liddy, Fritz, and Reitia also came asking him what had happened.

Haru told them to not worry and he would tell them later after he had reported this matter to Claire.


Inside the student council room of Little Garden, Claire, Liddy, Erica, Emile, Hayato, Fritz, and Reitia listened to Haru's story.

Haru told them what had happened during the fight and when his hand was wounded three kids came to steal the core inside Savage. Of course, he didn't tell them that he had kept one of Savage's cores on his zipper since he needed to complete his quest.

The rest of the quest, he only needed to get a sample of Variant, killing Savage, and invite one person from this world.

"You probably ran into poachers, Hunters," Claire said.


"Slayers who are part of illegal organizations that don't necessarily follow the law," Erica said.

Chris pressed the remote and the screen on the side was turned on showing a picture of Savage.

"The corpse of the remaining single unknown Savage was found in the wastelands."

"The core was removed as well."

"Did they do that too?"

"Most likely."

"But why the cores?" Emile asked.

"That's because the molecular structure of Savage cores is almost the same as a Variable Stone," Charlotte explained.

"Wait!!" Claire stood up from her seat and said, "You can't tell the student that!"

"There's no point hiding it from them. Or are you trying to say that kids don't need to know about that much like your father or brother do?" Charlotte asked.

"So does Savage's core have the same function as Variable Stone?"

"Yes, in practice, Savage's core has the same value as Variable Stone." Charlotte nodded and said, "Monetarily, as well."

Haru was wondering how much Savage's core price was.

"It could also change the power balance of the country."

"Anyway, this conversation is to be considered top-secret."

Claire looked at Haru and smiled. "But I'm glad that you're alright." Her body moved slightly and caused her b.r.e.a.s.ts to "jiggle".

Haru's eyes followed the movement of her b.r.e.a.s.ts then noticed that Emile was looking at him with a cold gaze.


Haru had thought to get back but suddenly received a call from Sakura. He said goodbye to them and went back to meet with Sakura who had called him.


"Where do you think he is going?" Fritz asked.

"Maybe that idol?" Reitia said.


Claire's mood suddenly became gloomy when she heard it.

Everyone in the room looked at Claire and knew that Haru would have a lot of trouble tomorrow.


Rustling sounds could be heard within the beach, and the moon was shining beautifully.

Haru could see the water on the beach had reflected the moon in the sky and there was a beautiful girl who was barefoot walking around the beach freely and seemed to be waiting for someone.

"Is your body alright?" Sakura asked him with a smile.

"I can continue to become your bodyguard tonight if you want," Haru said.

"Just bodyguard?"

"What do you want? Do you want me to warm your blanket or something?"

Sakura blushed and said, "W - Well, that's not a bad idea...."

Haru raised his eyebrow and said, "We should go back to the hotel then since the wind at night isn't good for your body." He took his blazer and put it on her body.

Feeling warm, Sakura looked at him straight and asked, "Haru, do you have time?"


"I want you to listen to the story about Kirishima Sakura," Sakura said with a smile.


Haru didn't know how a bench suddenly appeared on the beach, but both of them sat down together then Sakura started to tell him about her life.

Sakura told him that after she had lost her mother in the Guttenberg Kingdom. She went with her father to whom she had never met before, but suddenly she received a strange disease. Her father decided to sell her to Vitaly Tynyanov and because of that, she was injected by virus then became an artificial Variant.

"So you're Variants?"

"Yes." Sakura looked at him to see whether there was a change in his expression. "Do you not feel anything?"

"Well, it is my first time seeing such a cute Variant," Haru said.


Sakura was speechless then laughed. She rested her head on his shoulder and said, "It's good to have someone beside me."

"But it's not the only reason why you have called me here, right?" Haru looked at her.

Sakura looked at Haru and said, "Now, I understand why you have a girlfriend."

Haru rubbed his nose and asked, "Why do you have to mention it now?"

"Who is she?" Sakura asked.

'She's in another world.'

Haru couldn't say that and only answered, "She is not here."


"You might not be able to find her in this world," Haru said.


Haru told the truth, but for Sakura, she thought that his girlfriend had died somehow.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

Sakura thought that Haru couldn't forget about his girlfriend that had left this world and thought that she should do something about this then made him fall in love with her.


Haru thought that she had misunderstood something, but he decided to not say anything.

"Don't you need to go rest for your concert tomorrow?"

Sakura suddenly turned melancholy when she heard it. "Haru, do you like my song?"

"If I have to say that I like it," Haru said.

Sakura smiled and said, "Everyone says they like my songs. Kirishima Sakura's songs reach deep into their hearts. But that isn't the case.

"The reason why my songs affect everyone is because I'm not your normal singer."

Sakura looked at him and said, "It's because I'm Variant."


Haru looked at Sakura and asked, "Is it something bad?"

Sakura was a bit startled and asked, "Don't you think that I'm cheating? I don't use my own ability to sing! My own singing is just deception!" She started to cry and said, "My songs aren't reaching anyone. My actual singing is....."

"So you think that your singing is so bad and it is because you're Variants that your song can reach everyone?" Haru asked.


Sakura was silent since what Haru had said was true.

"Don't be stupid! Is your song a deception? Your song can't reach everyone? Did you think that your fans are stupid enough to not able to discern a bad and good song?" Haru said.


"I like your song, and I can guarantee that it is your own ability, not your Variants' ability or anything," Haru said.

"How can you be so sure? How can you be sure that it isn't my Variants' ability?" Sakura asked in tears.

Haru wasn't sure how to answer this question since he didn't have that much information about the virus from Savage.

"I'm not sure."

Sakura was shocked when she heard him answer without hesitation. "Y - You're not sure?"

"Yes, but I can assure you that Variant's ability isn't that strong, and....."


"And I've become one of your fans. There's no way that I'll like a crap singer. Don't be too pessimistic, your ability is the real deal," Haru said.


Sakura laughed again and sighed.

"What should I do?"


"I fell for you."


Haru looked at her and said, "I have a girlfriend."

"I don't care! I'll make you mine!" Sakura said then looked at him with a deep gaze.

Under this moonlight, they were looking at each other.

Haru moved his head forward toward her lips.

Sakura received him and hugged his neck.

Licking her lips slowly then inserting his tongue inside.

Sakura, who was a beginner, was quite startled by an intense kiss, but then she started to learn more and enjoyed it. She thought that this guy must have practiced it a lot with his girlfriends to be this skillful.

Their lips parted, creating a crystal string of liquid.


Sakura couldn't contain the emotion on her heart and hugged him tightly.

Haru hugged her while sighing inwardly. He kissed her forehead and said, "Do your best at your concert tomorrow."


Sakura kept hugging him.

"Let's go back."

"Wait!" Sakura hugged his neck tighter.

"I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" Haru tapped Sakura's arm.

"Don't you have something to say to me?" Sakura looked at him while waiting.

Haru would have never thought that this spunky girl would be the first girl in this world. "Sakura, I'm happy with your feeling...." He thought for a while then looked at Sakura who was looking at him nervously. He was wondering what made him unable to accept this girl so quickly.

Is it his guilty feeling?

Haru had always felt that feeling, especially toward Megumi who he had confessed to before. He couldn't count how many times he had betrayed Megumi and this time when he was about to have a Christmas eve date with her. He decided to go on a quest then also got a girl to fall for him.

"Haru....." Sakura's eyes started to brim with tears when he didn't answer her.

Haru sighed and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"I like you, Sakura. Be mine."

Sakura smiled then hugged him tightly. "I want to have a wedding in Zwei Islands then have three kids, then two dogs, and also a big white house with a beach on the side....."


Haru thought that this girl was too hasty. "Then do you want to have a kid now?"


Sakura blushed.


Haru was in the concert together with Hayato, Emile, Karen, Fritz, and Reitia watching Sakura who was singing and dancing on the stage.

Everyone was marveled by her, especially when they saw an illusion that was created by her Hundred.

Haru looked at Sakura and wondered whether she was alright.

"Nii-san, Haru..."

"What's wrong, Karen?" Hayato asked.

"Is it only me or is Sakura's movement a bit stiff for some reason," Karen said curiously.


Haru didn't answer and only focussed on the concert.


After the concert was over, Sakura and Souffle would need to come back.

Sakura was surprised when she knew that Karen and Hayato were two people that she had met in the past, especially since she was very close to Karen since both of them loved to sing.

Everyone was moved by the encounter between Sakura and Karen.

Claire, Liddy, and Erica were also with them to say goodbye to Sakura.

It was at this moment, then suddenly Sakura took Haru then kissed his lips and even inserted her tongue.


Everyone was stunned.

"I'll go back soon! Really soon!" Sakura said since she really wanted to be in his arms again.

"I'm waiting."

Sakura looked at the group of girls and stuck out her tongue before running toward the airplane.


Everyone was still in shock, even Charlotte and Souffle, and everyone was the same.

"K - Kasugano Haruka, what the hell is happening?!"



Haru looked at Sakura who gave him a mischievous smile and knew that this girl had left him with a lot of trouble, but he didn't regret his choice.