Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 669

Volume 1 Chapter 669 Beach

"Haru, come on!"

Sakura was in her pink bikini shouting his name and laid on the beach bench lazily. They were quite crazy last night and her body was quite tired She looked at him and wondered whether he was satisfied with her since she often slept first since she couldn't fight him in terms of stamina. 'And the size....' She shuddered a bit when she thought about last night biting her lower lips while looking at him.

Haru sighed and said, "I bring a lot of things, you know." He had brought a BBQ grill and an icebox filled with ingredients. "Sorry about this, Hayato."

"No problem, I'm also waiting to eat your food," Hayato said while bringing an icebox filled with a beverage. He looked around and whispered. "So you really date Kirishima-san?"

"Yeah...." Haru nodded.

Emile looked at Haru and said, "I didn't think that you'd choose that girl."

"Who do you think that I'll choose?" Haru asked.

"Prez? Since her b.o.o.b.s are very big," Emile said.


Haru and Hayato looked at each other and said, "You pervert."


Emile understood Hayato said that since Hayato didn't know that she was a girl, but for Haru who was perverted to say that made her very annoyed since Haru was the biggest pervert here.

"You bastard!!!"


Sakura looked at Haru, Hayato, and Emile who argued with each other and laid down lazily.

"U - Umm... Sakura-san..."

"What's wrong, Karen-chan?" Sakura looked at Karen.

"A - Are you really dating Haru?" Karen asked with a nervous expression. Even though Sakura was her idol, for this matter it was different.


Sakura looked at Karen and asked, "Do you like him?"

Karen blushed but didn't deny it.


Sakura understood how sinful her man was. She thought for a while and said, "Well, we're dating."


Karen was clearly depressed when she heard it. "T - Then please take care of him." She could only say that with a bitter smile.

"Sakura...." Miharu who was Karen's nurse could see that Karen was very sad.

Sakura looked at Karen then looked at Claire who was resting not far from her location.

Claire often bothered them, especially when they were in the bedroom.

Sakura knew that there were two girls or more, who liked her boyfriend. 'Sharing him.....?' She thought for a while and wasn't sure what to think at this moment.


Playing on the beach, from swimming, volleyball, etc, they started to feel hungry and started with BBQ.

Haru brought a unique grill with a shape that was a bit similar to a helmet.

"What is this?" Emile asked.

"Genghis Khan BBQ," Haru said simply and placed onion, mutton meat, and lamb meat.

*Sizzle!* *Sizzle!*

The fat from the meat dripped to the fire blow caused a wave of delicious fragrance in the surrounding area.


The onion on the side also caused the aroma to give a delicate aroma to increase their appetite.

"Get your sauce first," Haru said.

They nodded and took their own plate then placed their sauce to dip the meat later.

Claire and Karen who were in a low mood didn't want to join but smelled such a delicious fragrance caused them to hesitate for a bit.


Haru placed the meat on each of the plates.


They didn't hesitate and ate the meat directly to the mouth.


The meat was so juicy that it burst out a lot of fat on their mouths.

Their sweat dripped from their forehead, but then they took a cold drink from the icebox gulping it down.


They had a smile on their faces and seemed very satisfied.

Haru also wanted to eat, but his hand was pulled by someone.


Sakura smiled then pulled him somewhere, and also fixed her underwear somehow.

Haru didn't need to say anything since he had guessed what this girl wanted to do.

Their departure didn't cause attention to everyone since they were fully focussed on the BBQ, but Claire and Karen noticed them.

Karen and Claire looked at each other and nodded and followed them silently.


Haru had carried Sakura on his back then noticed both Karen and Claire who peeked at them. He didn't intend to say anything to them, but Sakura also noticed them. She pondered for a while before she smiled at both of them.

Karen and Claire, who had seen what had happened, were blushing, but the smile which was shown by Sakura earlier was quite strange for them. It was as if telling them that Haru was her which made them quite bitter since they were the first ones who had met him.

Returning to the beach, there was a helicopter that appeared on the beach, and there was one guy who had joined the BBQ together with Hayato, and everyone.

"Oh, you're Kasugano Haruka?"

The male seemed quite beautiful with long blond hair and his appearance was somehow similar to someone else's.


Claire, who had also come back, was surprised when she saw her older brother.

"Claire, it has been a while since we have met each other and you have become more beautiful," Judar said.

"Enough with pleasantries, what are you doing here?" Claire asked and her expression showed hostility.

"Hmm... Well, there is some matter, but this BBQ is very delicious." Judar used a chopstick and ate the meat and chewed it slowly on his mouth. His eyes brightened and looked at Haru. "Kasugano-kun, your food is very delicious, I can tell that you have chosen special meat and the cutting on each meat is also very delicate. I can feel the love in each meat."


They were speechless and weren't sure what to say for a moment.

"Thank you...." Haru said, wondering whether this guy was Claire's older brother. 'Somehow he's not a good brother.' He felt that a guy who couldn't take care of his little sister wasn't a good guy.

Judar then greeted each of them one by one, especially Haru, Hayato, and Emile clearly showing an interest in the three of them.

"Then, Claire, I'll take you back to the Little Garden with my helicopter." Judar turned and said, "Come with me."

"It seems something is up..." Claire looked at her brother's back. She followed her brother after saying goodbye to everyone.


Haru was in his room and Sakura was also in his room.

Sakura had decided to join Little Garden just a few days ago and spent most of her time in his room.

Haru thought about creating music for his girlfriend in this world.

Sakura who was sucking her private microphone then looked at Haru who was writing something. "What are you writing?"

"Song," Haru answered.

"Song? Really?!" Sakura was surprised and sat beside him. "Can you write a song?"

"Just an interest I have taken, tell me what you think?" Haru said and showed the lyrics and melody from the song that he had created.

"Love Call?" Sakura took his PDA then curiously looked at the song that he had made.

(BGM: Kanon Nakagawa - Love Call).

"What do you think?" Haru asked.

Sakura's hands trembled and said in excitement. "Haru, this song is awesome!" She hugged him and said, "Can you play the instrument? I'll sing it here!"

"Sure." Haru took the guitar to the side and started to play it.

Sakura nodded then started to sing.

"In the darkness of nothingness, I found a glimmer of light...."

Haru looked at Sakura and understood why this girl was called the best singer in the world, but suddenly his PDA vibrated and saw that he had gotten a notice from Claire telling him to gather in the student council room.

"I need to go out first," Haru said.

Sakura nodded and said, "Be careful."

"You should play with Karen since she is your fan," Haru said.

Sakura nodded and asked, "Alright, but is it alright to not do it until your anaconda is satisfied?" She looked at his standing anaconda that seemed unsatisfied.


Sakura giggled and did her job.


"You're late," Clare said, clearly annoyed.

"I'm in the bathroom earlier." Haru was calm and said, "What's wrong?" He saw that Hayato, Emile, Fritz, and Reitia were also gathered there.

Claire nodded and told them what had happened.

"An anti-savage cleanup operation?"

"Yes, this operation will be performed under the guidance of the UN's joint operations task force, the Peacekeeping Army," Liddy said.

"So Little Garden is sending members from the Selections," Erica said.

Hayato and Emile had joined the Selections a few days ago since their strength had increased dramatically.

Haru who saw their training by himself knew that Hayato was the main character of this story.

But Fritz and Reitia looked at each other in confusion.

"Um, why were we called being here too?" Fritz asked.

"You're going officially join the Selections, and participate in this operation!" Claire said.

Fritz and Reitia were surprised, but they were very happy when they heard it.

After that announcement, they went out to prepare themselves.

Claire who saw Haru also went out wanted to say something, but she sighed.


Walking along with everyone, Haru was called by someone.

"Kasugano Haruka-kun?

Haru stopped and looked at Judar. "Claire's older brother?"

"Just call me Judar, can I borrow you for a while?" Judar asked.

Haru nodded and said, "Why not?" He was curious about what this guy wanted to tell him since it seemed that it was something secretive.