Sis Con With Dimensional Chat Group Book 1 Chapter 670

Volume 1 Chapter 670 Liza

Walking into a very deserted passage, they entered a lift at the same time.

Haru folded his arms and had never been here before, but he had a feeling that Judar was going to tell him about a secret. "Judar, are you going to tell me a secret within the Little Garden?"

Judar smiled and said, "Yes, I'm surprised that you can tell."

"In the novel, this kind of thing is often happening, under a beautiful and safe place, there must be some darkness," Haru said.

"It isn't something as exaggerated as that, but well, it depends on each other's view." Judar smiled and asked, "Kasugano-kun, do you know what the power source of Little Garden is?"

"It's not a nuclear fusion reactor?" Haru asked.

The lift stopped and the door was opened, in front of them was a dark passage with only a red light that brightened this place giving an eerie feeling.

Walking along the long passage, Judar started to tell him about the power source of this place.

"The power source for this massive academy city ship, the power source for all of our research...

"Little Garden requires a massive amount of energy. It's more than you can get out of a fusion reactor," Judar said.

They arrived in front of a steel door then Judar entered a password to enter this place.

"So what is the source power of Little Garden?" Judar asked.

"If I'm not wrong then it should be Sense Energy?" Haru looked at Judar and said, "Is there someone who is capable of becoming an energy source of this place?"

"You are really sharp!" Judar was surprised and said, "Yes, there is someone who is capable enough to do that." He looked at him and said, "I have a feeling that both of us are the same kind of people."

"We're different, I wouldn't treat my cute little sister that differently," Haru said.

Judar laughed and said, "That might be so." He smiled at him and said, "If you're me then you might not be able to treat your little sister like me."

The door was opened then showed a wide room with something in the middle of this room.

Haru observed this thing and it had the shape of an egg with a lot of things surrounding it. He squinted his eyes and noticed something inside that device in the shape of an egg. "Who is inside?"

"My little sister." Judar walked beside him and said, "She is the source of the power of Little Garden and the highest commander of Little Garden, LiZA."

"LiZA?" Haru thought that it was artificial intelligence, but that wasn't the case.

"The first Slayer and Variant was created by mankind," Judar said.

"Liza Harvey. She is my and Claire's little sister"



Suddenly they heard a voice behind them.

Haru had noticed her, but he didn't say anything.

Claire aimed a gun toward Judar.


"Why did you bring Kasugano Haruka here?" Claire asked.

Judar raised his arms and said, "Good grief, I'm sure if LiZA woke up and saw you pointed that out at me, she'd be very shocked."

"She'd say that Claire has turned into a tomboy."

"Answer my question!"

Judar smiled and said, "I'm certain in the future that he is going to become the best Slayers in Warslan."

"Best? Your words are a bit exaggerated," Haru said.

"Exaggerated? No. I have seen all of the videos when you have slain a Savage, and personally. I have never seen someone as strong as you in just a short time." Judar smiled and said, "What do you think of Claire? Do you want to marry my little sister and join our family?"


Claire blushed when she heard Judar's words.

"See? My little sister also likes you and she doesn't seem to mind if you also date Kirishima Sakura," Judar said.


"Judar, answer my question...."

Claire was very fl.u.s.tered at that moment.

Judar raised his hands and said, "He is going to become the strongest and I want him to know what is something that needs to be protected no matter what inside the Little Garden. Something that could even change the very power balance of the world, and who is better than me to tell him?"


"Would you please not call my little sister a thing?" Claire was angry.

"Well, calm down, another reason why I have called him here is that I feel that he can wake her up," Judar said.

"Wake her up?" Claire was surprised.

"It's time for you to awaken the Sleeping Beauty from her eternal slumber." Judar gave him a gesture 'to do it' and said, "Now, give her a wake-up kiss."

Haru walked and said, "I only need to kiss her, right?"

"K - Kasugano Haruka?!" Claire blushed.

"Well, that's a joke, right?" Haru said.

"Claire, you should calm yourself a bit. This way, you won't be able to steal him from Kirishima Sakura," Judar said. His tone was very serious and he told his little sister to date Haru as soon as possible.


"Well, I was joking. Kissing is a last resort. For now, just touch the capsule and release your energy," Judar said.

"Try it."

Haru looked at Judar and felt that it was too cheap for him to be used like this, but at the same time, it was very easy to work with such a guy since what matters the most was an interest. He didn't think much and thought about getting it later. He touched the capsule and pumped his energy into it.

The blue energy released from his body was then absorbed by the little girl inside the capsule.

"!!!" 2x

Judar and Claire didn't expect that the energy would be released from Haru so much that it caused shockwaves in their surroundings and a blinding light from the capsule.

Being injected by a large amount of energy, LiZA who was sleeping on the capsule opened her eyes slowly.

"O - Ohhh.....!!!!!" Judar marveled when he saw that LiZA had woken up.

"Liza!!!" Claire was excited when she saw the thing that had just happened.

Haru stopped and patted Judar's shoulder several times before going out.

Judar nodded then looked at Claire. He really hoped for his little sister to be able to marry him into a family.

"K - Kasugano Haruka!" Claire chased after Haru first.

"What's wrong, Prez?" Haru asked.

Claire wanted to say something, but words couldn't come out from her mouth. She didn't know, but she felt that he would miss him if she didn't say anything.

"Thank you! Thank you for helping my little sister," Claire said.

"You don't need to worry about this," Haru said.


"Do you have something to say to me?" Haru asked.


Claire took a deep breath and said, "I'll give you something later."

Haru nodded and said, "You should go to look at your little sister since it has been a while since you met her."

Claire nodded, but she was quite reluctant to leave him.

Haru walked out and thought that most of his mission had ended then he would go back soon.